Laurie Roth
We MUST do the exact opposite of what Obama and his leftists are saying with guns
By Laurie Roth
December 20, 2012

Buy more and issue guns in schools and other public places

Liberals, communists, and anti-American Obama clones, including most of our sold-out media, China now, and Mayor Bloomberg are demanding immediate gun control as the only elixir to the innocent blood taken with the latest 20-year-old shooter in Connecticut.

I agree with Obama and the left identifying the big problem as violence against children and people, in general. Their solution, however, is playing only into killers and lunatics' hands. Evil people use all kinds of weapons at their disposal. A few classic horror shows come to mind: The sarin gas attack in Tokyo in 1995; Terry Nichols using fertilizer bombs in the Oklahoma City bombing; the nutcase slicing up 22 elementary school children with his knife in Beijing China the day before the Connecticut shooting. I was just reminded on air this week about a guy who bombed an elementary school in the 30s wiping out dozens of children.

The bottom line of all this talk and danger

Evil is growing and it is often acted upon. Evil and Jihad is peppered through out Islam, here and abroad, with the endless 'honor killings, 'jihad attempts to blow up cars, subways and planes. We see the classic insane people misusing their medication and simply acting out

The only way to combat all this madness that ruins our days and sense of safety for our children is to own and carry concealed weapons to work, school, malls, federal buildings — everywhere.

I am all for people getting handgun training and passing background checks who are armed and guarding our schools, but to buy the rhetoric that guns cause the violence instead of choices and evil behavior is to literally take your IQ down to 25 and leave it there. It also is damning you to the stupid and seduced masses who look the other way as a dictator swiftly works to take the last bastion of power and freedom left to Americans — "OWNERSHIP OF HER GUNS AND 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS."

Remember the Obama and progressive left agenda — transform America to big government, Marxist/Fascist regime, submitting in every way to Obama and the UN. That IS the agenda and for that to be successful, Obama needs every excuse he can find to seduce and manipulate people into turning in guns, registering guns, and not being able to get guns. This is the power we must not have that stops Obama.

Bad and evil people, Jihadist and their kind will grab all kinds of weapons to inject evil everywhere they can — chopping of heads, stoning people to death to observe Sharia law, building bombs in their apartment, poisoning people, finding Sarin gas and wiping out a subway, guns, driving cars into playgrounds or flying planes into buildings. Pick your weapon, they are everywhere and behind the weapon is EVIL.

The only solution for Americans is to buy more guns of all kinds, more ammo, get a concealed weapons permit and protect your life and family. Demand armed protection for public schools or get your kids out of schools and home school them.

Making guns harder for us to get is exactly what the Ted Bundys of the world want. Remember in March 1933, Germany legally passed Hitler's enabling act, where he proceeded to take every gun from the German people. This was passed after Hitler falsely created an enemy and source of danger by having his Nazi party destroy the German government building so he could blame it on the Russians.

Now, we have a very real attack on children in Connecticut, not a false flag event as Hitler pulled. However, Obama in his heart and soul IS a dictator as Hitler was and knows he is limited with his American destruction and transformation plan while so many Americans own guns. NEVER REGISTER OR GIVE UP YOUR GUNS NO MATTER WHAT OBAMA, THE HOUSE, SENATE, OR UN TRIES TO PULL.

In fact, this IS the crisis that demands immediate attention as Obama, China, and Bloomberg demand. So, let us get busy and obey. Buy guns and ammo for Christmas and give them as gifts. Get your concealed weapons permit as well, and put pressure on schools in your town to post armed guards and/or allow the teachers to carry concealed weapons.

Obama has attacked just about every freedom and right we have. He is destroying health care and smashing medical privacy rights and freedom to choose health providers. He has crushed our reputation and created trillions more in debt as he demands total control over the fiscal ceiling. The only thing left to complete his transition to complete power is to seduce, threaten, or take guns from the American people, so he and other "assault experts" can roam freely.

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