Laurie Roth
Church of Wells recruitment: Focuses on young victims--will threaten, punish, and seduce to get their prey
By Laurie Roth
May 13, 2014

The assault weapon message of Church of Wells...

"You wanna be close to Jesus and hear his REAL message? Then drop everything and come to the Church of Wells – submit all and join them. Family, job, your money, and assets are all in the way. Submit all to Church of Wells' authority and you will be submitting to Jesus. All other churches are cults and evil, only ours is the right path."

"First, it will take the breaking of your ego, will, and lusts by putting you in the locked prayer closet and denying you pleasure and freedom. You must die to self and submit to the Lord through the elders' directives, who see on higher spiritual planes than you do, so they say." You must trust or be completely lost.

Once the nave and impressionable young Christian is caught in their web, fearing they were following the wrong message and will burn in hell, they desperately come to Wells seeking the real Jesus Christ and teachings. What they don't know is as they come into town is that they have just entered Frankenstein's laboratory where body parts of family, personal history, church, belief, and tradition are ripped away. New and foreign body parts creating a submissive and dependent robot, answering only to the elders and Church of Wells emerge. Now, the arrogant elders have another robot prey that will work for 1 or 2 bucks an hour in one of their tax-free work schemes, and turn over all other money to the elders. They will marry whom elders order them to marry, whether they know or love the person or not. They will do whatever they are ordered to do with fear of hell if they don't. They are completely caught while thinking in their violated mind that they are the only ones in the right.

Elders will pull in all they can seduce and trip up. They verbally assaulted children on a Head Start float in a Wells, Texas parade, screaming they were going to hell. They approach and attend Christian youth events, Christian concerts, and any place they can find a gullible person online. Truly, they act as a religious trafficker, building slaves to sex, marriage, labor, assets, and work. The elders dictate in the name of Jesus, and it happens.

People in Wells, Texas continue to make stands against this nightmare in their midst. They have to protect in bold fashion their youth events and schools from these evil predators pretending to be Christians and know God.

Their denial of John 3:16, 17, and 18, forced and locked prayer closets, dictating of marriages, stealing of income and assets, using scripture completely out of context to control minds and lives, and creating theology from the pit of hell reveal them all to be who they really are...demon spawn.

All in Wells, Texas, parents who care about their children, pastors who really know God's word and can lead instead of trail along, and all citizens who want their freedom and safety back must stand against the Church of Wells and their elders and pressure them to leave. You cannot just look the other way and be mildly annoyed anymore. Church of Wells is spreading like a terminal cancer, exploiting and using the name of Jesus to do endless damage on countless lives and families.

You are in growing danger, and you CAN GET OUT NOW. You can walk to The Methodist or Baptist church in town and get help now. You can also call or email for help: Call: 206-984-6859, Email: Leave a message that you want out, and we will help you. Remember, you can also walk to the Methodist or Baptist church in town and get help also. Do it!

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