Laurie Roth
Be ready for the blood, lies, and set ups, but impeach Obama anyway
By Laurie Roth
July 2, 2014

Is Impeachment the way to go with Obama?

I have heard every concern, angle, and position you can imagine on my show. Some say we cannot impeach the president, because he is not even eligible to be president, and it would validate him as president to impeach him. Others say that impeaching Obama before the 2014 election cycle would simply embolden the Democrat base to get out the vote, and they would end up winning in 2014 and 2016. Rage and the race card would be fomented, and millions more would vote who might have just stayed home in disgust.

The "caution" crowd, and there are many of you, say impeachment would ruin everything and ensure our loss in both elections. They say the plan should be to let the next president – hopefully a conservative patriot – and a conservative House and Senate follow up somehow with a formal investigation and charges.

What about delaying action?

This would surely be banking way into the future, putting our courage on a plate and flinging it as far as we could throw away from any heat or fight we are in right now. Would all these delays make things right in the future? Do we think we, as American grasshoppers, cannot take on the Obama and progressive giants in the land? Fear and caution to face the enemy have caused huge losses before. Numbers 13:33: "And we were in our own site as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." The Israelites saw the giants in Canaan and were terrified because they viewed themselves as so small, not because the giants were so big.

So what will it be? We are in the fight of our lives, but we are loved by our Lord, and are not just worms or grasshoppers. Let us act like it then and stand up tall in the face of Obama and his rampant evil and crimes. Regardless of the upcoming fights and the name-calling schemes that will never go away, we must impeach and convict him. Regardless of other crimes, avoidance games, and fomented persecution that the media lifts up, we must impeach and convict him.

Republicans, Democrats, and other political flavors can argue over endless issues another time. This is not about liberal and conservative, women's rights, or gay rights. Do you get it yet? This is about a tyrannical and lying dictator shredding all of our freedoms, forcing us to have his version of compromised health care, or we are all punished. This is about a president breaking every law he can, bypassing Congress through regulations and executive orders, and punishing his enemies at every turn.

This is about a president who uses the NSA as his SS to listen in on our phone calls and internet action, while using his IRS to smear and attack his enemies even further. BLM, EPA, NSA, IRS...all branches of government are weapons to Obama.

This is a president who hates law, America, our Constitution, and the God of the Holy Bible. His actions enforce that in every way and have done so from the beginning of his bogus rule. Never listen to Obama's smooth-tongued words; they are always lies and manipulations in the spirit of Adolph Hitler.

It is time to risk and stand up all the way. Impeach and convict Obama and start the process before the 2014 election, but be smart, knowing what will come. Be ahead of the media message, and make it clear to all why you are impeaching and why that is so crucial to us all. I cannot believe, no matter who Obama thinks he owns and controls, that all Blacks, Hispanics, gay folks, and women will vote for anything attached to his lying, un-American, high-taxation, punishing agenda. Keep ahead of the media message on a weekly, wide basis. Don't react – act.

Republicans and conservatives are hardly the choice many of you would have picked to help save our country and freedom. Is there any other item for sale in the store that we can get? No, there is not. We must have a complete shift to conservative in the House, Senate, and then White House to save the patient – the United States of America.

The progressive Democrats and Obama have done nothing but betray our freedoms, laws, and Constitution, and crush our reputation. We must clean house with a formal impeachment, then get enough decent Senators voted in to convict him. Let him cry and play the race card. Let him cry persecution and call names. That is all he and the progressives do anyway. Impeach and convict.

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