Laurie Roth
Obamacare fine and tax punishment begins April 2015 -- Don't pay it
By Laurie Roth
January 21, 2015

While the House and Senate are busy compromising – funding amnesty and Obamacare with the Cromnibus Bill and putting Speaker Boehner back in for a 3rd term, America is facing intense Obama punishment by April 2015.

We all know by now, thanks to Gruber's revelations and the actual details of Obamacare itself as it unfolded, that it is saturated with lies, taxes, regulations, and fines. We were all told in the beginning of this tyrannical nightmare that if we didn't sign up for Obamacare-approved insurance by a certain time (that kept changing) we would get fined. Though Obama wanted a large fine left in, with threat of jail time even, there was a legal and constitutional fight that pushed back the Obamacare punishment fine to $95 and that it was to be taken out from our tax return.

Many of us, not able to afford compromised health care, made the decision to pay the $95 fine instead. Millions of us, given the horrible economy and other struggles, couldn't afford a monthly health insurance bill with a $5,000 deductible.

Those who have thrown themselves on the Obamacare system (once the computer system began to work at all) and got the supposed government-paid health care have found that they are also stuck in a cesspool of lies. Even H&R Block has said Obamacare taxes and forms are so complicated that no one can figure them out. At the very least, this is putting those who signed up not only in massive waiting lines for care, having a $5,000 deductible, meaning no one is paying any health care except them anyway and getting lost in "tax complication land." To add the cherry on the cake, a needy person with Obamacare will now have to pay hundreds of dollars to have a tax professional complete their forms...or else they will be fined and charged.

The rest of us who couldn't or wouldn't comply and didn't sign up for forced health insurance are now facing on April 15th a fine of $95 or 1% of our annual household income. So, if you only pull in $30,000 total income, you must pay $300 in a fine since it is more than the $95 fine or you will no doubt be threatened with more fines and penalties as only the IRS can do. Obamacare and Obama have the nation over a national, unconstitutional, and illegal rape barrel. Grab your ankles and take it, he says.

This is what is facing us all in just a few months. House and Senate, what are you going to do with this? This is unconstitutional and criminal at best. We know you like to talk about committees and budgets in between parties and compromised votes. We also know you will be distracted by the 2016 presidential elections coming up and no doubt will start weighing things accordingly.

America needs real leadership, vision, and courage now to undo the Obamacare list of fines, penalties, and threats that will hit law-abiding Americans hard in April. People with and without the imposed Obamacare will taste the $5,000 deductibles, endless lines, complicated taxes and forms, thus tax preparation bills they didn't count on. The rest of us will have 1% of our income stolen, and that is this year. What will Obama demand from the dissenters next year? 2%...5% of our income? Jail time or seizing our assets? If our House and Senate do nothing and "plays pretend" in the sandbox, this will lead to massive uprisings and will cause our nation to bleed out. Wake up now, House and Senate.

State leadership and conservative governors, listen up. Stand on your 10th Amendment rights and forbid Obamacare fines and taxes to be imposed on the people in your state. It is criminal and unconstitutional, so why would this be allowed in any state against the people?

American citizens, you listen up as well. It is high time to draw our lines in the sand now all across the country. I challenge all Americans to stand together and refuse to pay the $95-dollar fine or 1% fine of our annual income. If you and I walk down this Obama cattle chute, it will be our end and the beginning of tax orgies and increases year after year with fines. Those compliant Americans who will just grimace and obey...are you going to be so submissive when the fine goes to 2%, 5%, or 10% of your income? Will you go to jail for 6 months?

I have drawn my line and call all real Americans to stand with me. Our national "godfather" Obama does not have the right to storm into our businesses and homes demanding protection and health care money or else. If we all stand together and demand with calls, faxes, and emails that our House and Senate push back hard with the Obamacare taxes and fines, Obama and his evil Obamacare will be forced back and will break apart.

Stand with me. Make a mess and get loud. Join with others and protest. Do not pay a dime of Obama-extortion money this April because you didn't buy the compromised health products Obama demanded.

I am a sincere Christian and American, as many of you are. I want my response to be appropriate and here it is, godfather Obama and his IRS. "Kiss my American Grits." Bring it – because you will get nothing from me and I believe millions of real Americans will join me. Our neighborhood and businesses don't need your forced protection. We protect our own and always have. Stand, Americans!

© Laurie Roth


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