Laurie Roth
Americans run back to God now
By Laurie Roth
August 24, 2016

Recently, a Pew study found that 49% of Americans have simply walked away from God, the church and religion. They sighted everything from drifting away in College when hearing about Evolution to lack of evidence for miracles, lack of common sense, hypocrisy in Christians, lack of logic to believe in God, his plan and promises. Belief in God is the 'opiate' of the people. Faith is a drug and they want to get off it.

Half the country is leaving Church, God and faith in America. They apparently have a better plan and know how to solve their own pain and problems – figuring that they will figure out why they are here. Naturally, many believe they were evolved from a primordial ooze with no purpose or plan in mind. That makes so much more sense than belief in a loving and creative God who has a plan for His creation.

Apparently being the stupid, woman of faith I am I just have a simple question for the non-believing crowd who knows all. If I were to take all the parts of my watch and throw them all over the table, how many years would it take before they all came together and started working again without the help of a master craftsman? If high caliber ooze will put it together, then why should we build and create anything? Skyscrapers and cars will just explode into place won't they? Who cares if we tear up all we hate anyway. They have no purpose do they?

When we look at the most complicated, miraculous and amazing creation in existence, the human body and mind – billions of cells and parts, translating into emotion, sexuality, hopes, dreams, personality and a desire to live and not die...all come together for nothing and by no one. Really?

How is it that every created thing has a purpose for being created and a master craftsman except for a human being who just exploded into place for no reason? I think the 'stupid meter' is leaning heavily on the non believing anti God runner.

Everyone has their own story and reason for believing or not. I respect that freedom to choose. I know without my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ I am disconnected to any real power pack and purpose. I have seen miracles, power, love and help all over my life. A big part of why I see power and miracles in my life is simply because I believe in Him as God and trust Him. He has proven Himself for thousands of years to millions of lives who have found hope, love and purpose for their lives.

I know miracles are true and God helps those who trust and believe in Him. On August 25th, 2005 (My 11th anniversary is upon me) I made regional and national news when a Deer hit my motorcycle when riding down from Mount Spokane. I crashed on my face and received many severe brain injuries. I am told from first responders who intubated me at the scene and many others who added up all that had to happen to just keep me alive, God was there and miracles surrounded me. Just a few things that magically or 'miraculously' fell into place:

*I road my motorcycle alone 99% of the time. For some reason, that day I asked a friend to ride her bike with me. If I hadn't I would have died.

*Cell phones didn't work in the Mountains where my wreck occurred. My friend Karen started screaming for help when her cell phone couldn't get reception. Two builders several miles down the road heard the faint and desperate screams of my friend and drove up there from their building site. Magically, (or miraculously) they had just put in a land line phone at their building site the day before. They quickly drove back to their site and called Med Star – the Helicopter and first responders. If they hadn't put in a phone the day before, I would have died.

*It took the Helicopter and first responders 43 minutes to get to me and start life- saving procedures. They told me later when they got to me I only had 2 minutes to live. I had severed an artery in the back of my throat and was drowning in my own blood. If they had gotten to me only 2 minutes later, I would have died.

*When they had landed at the hospital and were rushing me into the emergency doors, the most famous and successful head injury Doctor in the region was walking out the door as his shift ended. He turned around and followed me into the ICU. He told all around 'She needs me. I will handle this." He started another long shift working to keep me alive. He just happened to see me as he was starting to walk to his car and go home....really?

*Doctors told my Husband that I would never do radio, TV or sing again due to such severe brain injuries. 10 months later, I started my 3 hour a day nationally syndicated radio show again and did it for another 10 years before my network failed. I continued to write for the last 11 years on my dreamt about TV crime drama I intend to act the lead in. It is finally scheduled to start this Fall. I have a major record producer who is working on my comeback album and will cross promote it with the TV show. He has produced many platinum records. "She will never do radio or TV again...certainly she will never sing."

Try running back to God and look up the many promises, power and love he offers to those who trust Him. Read Psalm 91, Jeremiah 30"17, Deuteronomy 28, Phil: 4:13...there are hundreds more peppered all through the Holy Bible and I asure you, they ain't fiction or make believe.

Pray for this election and trust God to answer our prayers. He will build back America if all of us get off our rumps and vote right. Hark....rump rhymes with...If you are running away from God and faith naturally you think rump rhymes with Hillary.

Americans...Give it up to God, don't give up on God.

© Laurie Roth


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