Laurie Roth
We live in the culture of presidential threats, assassination plays, and violence
By Laurie Roth
June 15, 2017

We are being forced to live in a current siege by most Democrats and leftists, hiding behind the sold out traitorous coat tails of our self-deitized media. Things are far from what they used to be...tit for tat, arguments in media over policy, pro-abortion vs. prolife, picketing, marching and protesting over gay issues, women's rights, illegal alien and Muslim issues.... We are all used to this ship of absurdity and opinions challenging our Constitution, Holy Bible, laws and simple decency.

Now, since President Donald Trump has been miraculously voted into office by the masses of fed up Americans and God's intervention, the cabal of leftist, America, God and Constitution haters is exposing themselves for the treacherous liars, criminals, sell out thugs they really are. The truth has always been known and we are seeing it in technicolor today. The is no opinion, law or freedom allowed accept for those who are in bed with the anti-God, anti-law and anti-American movement.

What is daily being allowed now against Trump and conservatives is dangerous, illegal, vial and unheard of in American history. An assassination play – Shakespeare in the Park, Production by Julius Caesar by Public Theatre, backed by the New York Times, showing us a nude version of Obama, knifed to death by a bunch of Senators, would have led to a swift and vicious response by Obama. We would have seen swift media attack, arrests, social media undoing. The New York Times and Advertising supporters would be reduced to a shattered and dirty light bulb that had fallen from the sky and split apart on the side walk.

Yet now, we saw the same Shakespeare in the Park, Trump assassination play mocked Trump, display him nude before an audience then knifing him to death. So many on the left and media are stuck on stupid as they focus on the 'nothing stories' of what Sessions may have said to Russians, Trumps in your face tweets and other made up rubbish.

The whole time America has looked the other way on the Trump Assassination play, we have been forced to endure the constant verbal threats by Madana, Rosie O'Donnell, Sarah Silverman, all who apparently get to say any kind of threats they want to because they are known. Then there was Snoop Dogg, shooting Trump with a clown face on in one of his viral videos. They were just expressing themselves in the current climate of crime we live in. Anything goes against conservatives and Trump.

America today is in a moral and legal civil war. Trump, God and the American freedom lovers and conservatives are on one side and liberals, most Democrats and media is on the other side. This growing war translates to freedom of speech being redefined to include threats and violence displayed against our President and Conservatives in power. Hark, there was just another shooting at a ballgame practice at a Virginia baseball field against GOP Politicians sitting in a line. 6 were shot, including Rep. Scalise, 3rd in power for Republicans. The way the media works today, the shooter will have had good reason to shoot and maim his victims. Maybe a new play will come out soon celebrating Scalise and others being shot.

Trump and his leadership team must come out strong against these ongoing threats, violent displays of criminal speech – not free speech. these ongoing displays are designed to lead to real assassination attempts, shootings and other assaults. Trump will always be attacked by the media and leftists because with God's help and mainstream Americans he is taking out the trash, cleaning up the field and turning the lights back on in our nation again.

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Laurie Roth

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