Maureen Scott
The Dems keep's our party and we'll cry all we want to...
By Maureen Scott
September 11, 2012

A braggart claimed he could do
More than others had done,
While he promised to get right to it.
He said to have hope, 'cause he was "The One;"
Who could calm the seas, and harness the sun.
But change was work, it was not just fun
And soon it was clear to most everyone
That when it came to doing what had to be done,
The braggart just couldn't do it.

At the Democrat convention last week their theme — Whine and make excuses — came through loud and clear.

Of course, Sandra Fluke led the pack of cry-babies as she continually bemoaned the criticism she sustained when suggesting that women are unduly suffering because they cannot afford to protect themselves from pregnancy. This contrived ploy to garner votes from the female population is a slap in the face of any intelligent, self-disciplined, and independent woman who values herself and is capable of being accountable for her own actions and decisions.

Obviously, Fluke assumes that women are either unwilling or incapable of convincing their sexual partners to pitch in and pay (at least) one-half of the cost of a box of condoms. Really — what hardship it is to share this expense which is, on average, $9.00 per month? Yet Fluke insults thinking Americans by suggesting that no woman can afford at least $4.50 per month in order to satisfy her sexual desires without the worry of pregnancy. (Or, in the case, of birth control pills, that no woman can pay an average of $15.00 per month while her sexual partner foots the other half of the cost.)

Fluke, who claims to support equality, must certainly believe that women are capable, successful, responsible members of society. But, by her outrageous demand, she has degraded women, lowering them to depths of dependency and making them appear helpless damsels in distress who need to be rescued by Big Daddy Government because they don't have the gumption to get their partners to man-up and split the bill.

If the women Fluke knows are such weaklings that they find it impossible to ask the men in their lives to share in the purchase of something that benefits both, then Heaven help America when these women need to address the truly big issues that confront us. How much whining and crying will we hear from these women then? Fluke has set the feminist's movement back more than 50 years by depicting women as needy and spineless; who are so pitiful they can't even establish ground rules for equality in their own personal relationships.

However, the biggest drummed-up whining excuse of the night was offered by Bill Clinton who tried to garner sympathy for the overly-challenged Obama — while pretending to support the claim that his leadership has been successful and worthy of being continued.

In his revealing reflection on Obama's efforts, Clinton stated that " one...not me...not any of my predecessors...could have fixed the economy..." Yet, even though that was offered as a rationalization, albeit a poor one, for Obama's ineffectiveness, what Clinton skillfully served up was a very disparaging comment on Obama's performance. And the audience so hungry to have someone protect their under-achiever didn't catch the irony of that left-handed compliment.

Remember, according to the Democrats and the media, Obama was the man they promoted as having superior intelligence...almost amazing powers attributable to no other mortal...who could solve any problems in the land. Yet, at the DNC, in just a few, short minutes and before an audience of millions, the ever clever Clinton dispelled that carefully constructed fairytale that has been years in the making, as he laid before America what was really a mockery and admission of Obama's abject failure at problem-solving. The hidden innuendo was pure Clintonian.

Still the crazed Obama supporters applauded; totally unable to see the sardonicism in Clinton's statement. It was surprising that tissues were not passed out to the audience.

What is even more pathetic is that Democrats are more than willing to accept Obama's own "incomplete" grade that he gave himself. Incomplete is not an acclamation. Incomplete does not pass. Like the apathetic dunce in the corner who didn't finish his assignment, Obama is the only one accountable for his own neglectful management. He shouldn't be excused, or praised for his lackadaisical manner and lackluster performance.

Americans should not reward a person whose administrative term has been riddled with ineffective decisions, unproductive policies, and never ending finger pointing and ridicule of others. We don't want a leader who tells us that his first effort was not successful because the job was too hard, or more difficult than anticipated, or he couldn't get cooperation, or the myriad of whining justifications offered to shroud his failures.

Leaders are presumed to be up to the role they assume. They are expected to surmount the challenges, handle the hard work, solve the problems, and find ways to achieve cooperation and resolve differences. Or they are not good, effective leaders. There is no successful business, corporation, or organization that tolerates a person at the helm who continually faults his predecessors or situations as the cause of his own inept execution of his duties. Respect is never given to the person who constantly wants to settle for sympathy.

The time for making allowances for a president who is still in the "on the job training" phase is long over. Four years ago we didn't need an apprentice in the White House, but Obama wanted the job and, to the dismay of half of America, he was given a chance. Now, with this country in far worse condition, we surely don't need to give him more time to continue with his devastating mandates and failed policies while he flounders with the complexities of the task.

Obama served his apprenticeship and proved he wasn't capable of delivering constructive, insightful and intuitive leadership. November 2012 won't be soon enough for him to hear the words...."Barack Obama, you're fired," and for us to stop hearing the pitiful sob stories offered to excuse the faults of a man who couldn't step up to the level of his pay grade.

© Maureen Scott


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Maureen Scott

P. Maureen Scott is an ardent American patriot who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and retired to Richmond, VA, in 2000. Free from the nine-to-five grind of writing for employers and clients, she began writing political commentary to please herself and express her convictions... (more)


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