Grant Swank
What to do about UN pro-homosexual resolution
By Grant Swank
December 19, 2008

Can it be that biblical believers and Muslims agree?

At the UN there are those countries proposing that discrimination against homosexuals cease. There are some countries — Muslim, in particular — where homosexuals are put to death.

Now those nations proposing open doors for homosexuals are in conflict with those who consider homosexuality illegitimate.

Biblical believers hold to divine revelation — the Bible — that states God's abhorrence regarding practicing homosexual relations.

Muslims hold that Allah is against homosexuality as an active lifestyle. Allah dictates homosexuals be slain.

Can it ever be proposed that biblical believers and Koran-adhering Muslims actually agree on this point? It appears so. Or maybe not.

At the same time, biblical believers would not propose homosexuals — either open or in the closet — be put to death. Christ's commandment that love is His supreme ethic for disciples would not allow homosexuals being slain by Christ disciples.

However, biblical believers would not go all the way with liberal propositions at the UN that offer anything goes for homosexuals, especially when signing papers proclaiming active homosexuality as equal to heterosexual relations within the bond of marriage.

What an interesting configuration then that we have at the UN these days.

Biblical believers opposed to sodomy.

Muslims opposed to sodomy, even demanding death to those who practice sodomy.

Biblical believers opposed to Muslims' decree of death to homosexuals.

And then the liberal propositions that homosexuals and their open practice be acceptable to all global societies.

Interesting world we live in.

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