Grant Swank
When Anti-Christ controls the internet
By Grant Swank
January 2, 2009

Already the United Nations has put out its bid to control the Internet. Other countries say that the US should not have front seat.

But within the US there is already the move to oust conservative, biblical posts and sites. Google search engine, the largest in the Internet, has now scooped out numerous sites giving forth truth about Islam, the Koran, Mohammed, and the inroad of Muslim implanting in nation after nation.

Google is run by pro-liberal Democrats. Fill in the blanks.

The day will come when the Anti-Christ political leader will snuff out all sane, Christian-moral based sites on the Internet. When the Book of Revelation speaks of the Anti-Christ prohibiting Christians from buying and selling, that could very well be interpreted as Christians "buying and selling" on the Internet as well as merchandising at the local mart.

The Anti-Christ, controlled solely by Satan, will attack all genuine believers, killing many. Now this is happening because of the "spirit of Anti-Christ" set loose, the latter predicted in John's three short letters in the New Testament. The "spirit of Anti-Christ" precedes the actual appearance of the demon-dominated mortal known in the Book of Revelation as the "beast" — the Anti-Christ in person.

Many of my posts on sites have dealt with Islam and its demonic presence. I have written openly about the biblical data supporting the truth that Islam is a killing cult, Mohammed being a false prophet, the Koran being satanic pornography, the Koran's deity — Allah — being the devil. I have detailed biblical chapter and verse in numerous posts while at the same time providing voluminous quotations directly from the Koran, the latter supporting the killing, maiming verses.

How interesting that in Islam the chief means of killing the enemy is beheading. How likewise interesting is the word "beheaded" mentioned when it comes to Christian martyrs detailed in the Book of Revelation. God's revealed prophecies speak specifically of the Christians being beheaded for their faith in the End Times. Is this coincidental wording? I don't think so.. I think the beheading passages point directly to the Islamic determination to rule the world by beheading all non-Muslims.

Thus far the Christian community has been pleased to have the Internet as a news feed for getting out the gospel. Will the day come when that will be cut out by the secular powers-that-be? Very well could happen.

What is occurring right now via Google is shocking to many site webmasters. They are up in arms. They are now sliced from the major search engine on the worldwide Internet. One webmaster explained to me that his readers have diminished from thousands per day to mere hundreds per day because Google cut him out of their search engine.

And what was in the Google letter explaining why they did what they did? Google stated they had received complaints against the site because it posted "hate speech." Now that which is truth is called "hate speech." That which is Judeo-Christian moored is referred to as "hate speech." Can Christians see clearly now what is ahead for their getting out the truth?

While typing this post, I wonder what sites will post it. There are sites that have heretofore been friendly to my submissions which now don't post such articles as this one. They simply refuse to print this kind of truth. Therefore, they are playing into Google's agenda and like trends to delete truth-telling via Christian writers.

Where will it end?

© Grant Swank


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