Grant Swank
B. Hussein elevates atheists
By Grant Swank
February 12, 2009

In his inaugural address, B. Hussein Obama lifted atheists on the level of Christians.

He spoke of the nation having Christians, of course. But then he stated that alongside them are "nonbelievers." As if we did not know that.

However, what is devilishly significant is that B. Hussein, Marxist Muslim, even mentioned atheists with such significance in an inaugural speech. That is unbelievable. It is unpatriotic. It is totally against America's Christian heritage.

Further, B. Hussein knew that. That is exactly why B. Hussein mentioned atheists in that prominent address. He is bound to erase the Christian backdrop to the USA. He will give every nerve to see that it happens.

B. Hussein calls himself "Christian.." He is not, naturally. He is part of the spreading spirit of AntiChrist mentioned in the New Testament.

John wrote in his short letters about the "spirit of AntiChrist" prevalent in the End Times. B.. Hussein leads the pack. ("But every spirit who does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist. You have heard that he is coming, and now he is already in the world." I John 4:3)

The spirit of Antichrist is all over B. Hussein. He exudes it.

All the more, atheists in our Republic will now have an ally in the Oval Office. He has invited them to act. He has given them status by which to ploy their schemes to overthrow our biblical heritage.

Already, B. Hussein's stimulus bill is slicing through Christianity. For instance, just in one point he stated that universities and colleges needing federal funds for rebirthing their edifices and so forth will not receive moneys if they allow any semblance of religion.

That means that Christian groups and Bible forums will be blocked out of such institutions if the institutions request grants.

B. Hussein will appear as religious, even as Christian. But he, like his United Church of Christ, is bound to bring all religions into one, baptize abortion and sodomy as biblically blessed to further the work of Satan.

In that inaugural speech, B. Hussein bowed to atheists in our nation, giving them the White House invitation to express themselves with legitimacy — and power.


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