Grant Swank
Muslim Brit Univ student blows up 20+
By Grant Swank
February 17, 2009

He was born in Somalia. He was reared in Britain. He was enrolled as a student at Oxford Brookes University.

He left Britain to return to Somalia. There he slid into a suicide bomber outfit, cranked it and blew up 20+ solders in the southern Somali town of Baidoa, per Daily Mail.

He was a business major. But democracy and academia obviously were not enough for this young adult. Allah was his all-in-all. Devotion to the satanic enticement of the Koran set him aglow, reminding me of B. Hussein Obama's report to media that the Koran cadence inspired him.

Also, it reminds me that Prince Charles informed the press that he reads the Koran for his devotions.

Also, it reminds me of Queen Elizabeth's annual address promising to recognize Islam as one of Britain's acceptable religions.

Oh, and Prince Charles proclaimed that henceforth he should not be known as simply the Defender of the Faith (Christianity) but Defender of the Faiths — plural.

Such insanity seems bloody silly when taking in this Brit student turned killer of soldiers.

"A member of al-Shabaab, a youth militia fighting to impose Islamic Sharia law, the man from Ealing, recorded a martyrdom video before his trip imploring fellow British Somalis to follow his example.

"In the video he says: 'Oh my people, know that I am doing this martyrdom operation for the sake of Allah.

"'I advise you to migrate to Somalia and wage war against your enemies. Death in honour is better than life in humiliation.'"

That's the power of the cult's brainwashing techniques, even taking in the supposed sophisticated academic professionals such as Brit doctors plotting blow-ups of Americans. Read "45 Muslim doctors planned US terror attacks" at

"The killings come amid warnings that dozens of Islamic extremists have returned to Britain from terror training camps in Somalia."

Somalia is the hotbed for Allah devotees to train for murdering Brits on their own soil.

At the same time, Muslim killer cells are aplenty throughout the US. Read 35 MUSLIM KILLER CELLS IN USA at

Read "Revealed: British Muslim student killed 20 in suicide bomb attack in Somalia" at

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