Grant Swank
Can Obama be as dumb as Bush?
By Grant Swank
April 7, 2009

"We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country," Obama said per AP.

Obama was speaking to the Turkish parliament.

When I read those words coming from the President of the United States, I could not help but conclude that Obama has not read the Koran.

Of course, the truth is that he knows the Koran front to back. He was schooled in it as a child. He was tutored in it by his Muslim relatives.

Once again, Marxist Muslim Obama lies for the sake of Allah who approves of lying to further Islam World Rule.

Obama is The Terrorist.

Then I thought of George W. Bush and his relationship to the Koran.

It was President Bush who placed the Koran in the White House library for the very first time. He did this at a Ramadan dinner for Muslim men and women in America.

When he did that, Bush chucked his so-called evangelical faith and sent tremors up and down genuine biblical believers' spines. In fact, he quaked their souls' depths.

One does not give allegiance to the Bible as God's Word while at the same time lifting high the bloody verses located in the Koran.

So we have had a President who espoused the Koran as "holy writ."

We now have a President who tells Muslims worldwide that Islam is the godly faith that has brought humanitarian kindness throughout the planet.

Is there ever a time when insanity sits high upon the throne?

Both Obama and Bush committed the horrific act of lauding Islam. Obama does it as a lie to further Allah's power hold. Bush did it out of stupidity.

Either way, the God of the Bible is not pleased.

Read the Koran at

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