Grant Swank
Leftist Obama lures public school students
By Grant Swank
September 2, 2009

On September 8, Marxist Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama will address public school students.

I don't want this left of left celeb-won via mob hysteriacs speaking to any of my relatives or friends.

What Obama is up to is luring the young to his mesmerizing bait. He did that in the campaign and got them salivating, enough to hoist him into the Oval Office.

Enough is enough.

Obama knows his strategy has nothing to do with education. It's that he has a ready-made audience of young people throughout America who will be forced to listen to his smooth voice, his winsome smile and then fall for his line.

Not only his line, but his destructive persona. Obama wants to be Pied Piper of the USA, having already accomplished much of that design in his winning the White House. Mob hysteriacs don't think. They work on emotion.

Children are working on emotion much of the time. Their reasoning abilities are just starting to take hold on the major levels. Obama knows that.

Obama, championing killing womb babies, wants all boys and girls throughout this Republic to follow his example. Those who choose pro-life must protest this killer voice intruding into the heads of our young.

Obama, endorsing same-gender 'marriage,' is wooing our students. There will be those so won over that they will follow suit with his evil agendas.

Obama has already let it be known during his campaign that he wants a youth corps throughout America that will be willing to surrender to this program and that agenda, even allocate a certain time frame to whatever he projects.

This is Hitler all over again.

Now his addressing students on September 8 should give every thinking citizen the freak-out major.

Once Obama gets into the classrooms via this venue, he will do it again and again and again. Once it is baptized as legitimate, he will pull this string till there is no fabric left to what we have known prior as America.

Obama is a dictator. He is a Marxist. He is a Muslim. He presents as otherwise; but those Americans knowledgeable of his underhanded background, anti-democracy plans hold to truth.

Read "President Obama's Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009" at

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