Grant Swank
Bible not the whole Word of God?
By Grant Swank
November 16, 2009

Bible not the whole Word of God?

That is correct.

Site overseers such as NazNet Manager Scott Cudliff and Moderator Hans Deventer champion those who doubt the Bible as a reliable revelation from the Christian God. (See footnote for further detail at NAZNET DISTORTS .)

Yet the Bible states in 2 Timothy 3:16-17: "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto good works."

"All Scripture. . .is profitable for doctrine. . ."

When God inspired those words, He meant it. Not just what is convenient Scripture or that which is pleasant to you, but all Scripture. Not just what liberals pronounce as condoned, but all Scripture. That means from Genesis to Revelation, all Scripture is God's infallible communication.

Does NazNet's deity have flawed communication skills? Obviously, for Cudliff and Deventer applaud same. NazNet Founder and Moderator Dave McClung must go along with this heresy for he never disciplines his overseers or counters their anti-God views.

By the way, McClung is not a theologian. He is a successful businessman.

Why then does he found and head a primarily religious site, advertising it as Church of the Nazarene-friendly? He is not doctrinally astute. He is not theologically trained. Yet he is forming a seminary-on-Internet and Internet competitive "denomination" against the holiness Nazarene history.

McClung delights in his ego aggrandizement in watching particularly the young follow his Pied Piper musical dance into God's wrath. McClung is proud. He is conceited. That is why he has molded this NazNet grouse that entices the unknowing into his dark web.

Yet all along he boasts that NazNet is a support system for the Wesleyan holiness Church of the Nazarene. It is just the opposite.

For instance, Cudliff states on NazNet that he is mesmerized by C. S. Cowles' address regarding the emerging church. In that address, Cowles esteems a liberal theologian who destroys faith in the Bible for ongoing doubt.

Cudliff lifts high that quote from Cowles and states for the world to read that such an heretical view encourages Cudliff's "Wesleyan perspective."

That is a lie. It cannot be. Cowles' quote has nothing to do with endorsing Wesleyan theology and the holiness interpretation of the Word. In fact, that quote enables atheism, not Wesleyan doctrine.

Time and again, such deceit weaves its way through the discussion slides on NazNet. There is much there that is cotton candy; but there is enough to damn. And McClung knows that; but he is so enthralled with his own ego enlargement by this site that he continues to "gospel" lies.

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. . ."

That includes the flood in Noah's day. That flood is scuttled by Cowles and thereby by Cudliff by the latter's own confession on NazNet.

That divine inspiration includes the slaying of various peoples in the Old Testament period. Such is submerged by Cowles and therby Cudliff.

What these liberals do is to transplant their own divine personality mold upon the Bible — mostly sugary sweet deity images. If the Bible does not support that persona, the biblical verses are scrapped. Of course, Psalm 23 is left. And I Corinthians 13. However, the more difficult passages are yanked out as logically and theologically unsound.

However, God has stated: "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. . ." It is not there for us to scissor out at our whim. Scripture is not provided for us to critique. It is there by "inspiration of God." God!

Therefore, if you cannot stomach that God, don't claim Him.

However, the likes of Cowles, Cudliff, McClung and Deventer want to claim Him to get to heaven; but they disown His ability to give us a responsible revelation. Such hubris. Yet it is there on NazNet while that site witnesses to being a companion to the Church of the Nazarene.

Will the General Superintendents do anything about this?

I don't know. But I have emailed to them various NazNet samplings to let them know the facts about that site.

If they do nothing, then they have no spines. They are mandated by Christ to tell the truth, defend the truth, and particularly care for the holiness biblical trust of the Church of the Nazarene. Time will tell what they do about such demonic inroads as NazNet.

Some time ago, I wrote about the difficult sections of Scripture in the light of God's persona. I did not have to slide God off the charts. I instead discovered in the study of those venues that this God I serve is most respectable. It is because of his just and merciful holy nature.

What the rebels such as overseers on NazNet have done is to overweigh God on the love side of His persona and neglect His justice side. One cannot do that.

Holy God is the eternal, perfect balance of justice and mercy. When realizing that truth in both Old and New Testaments, one comes upon a perfect deity, in no need of NazNet's surgical knives.



© Grant Swank


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