Grant Swank
Obama's pro-Muslim words
By Grant Swank
November 22, 2009

Let Barack Hussein Obama speak for himself:

"The person who made me proudest of all though was my (half-brother), Roy. He was converted to Islam." (DREAMS OF MY FATHER)

"In Indonesia, I spent two years at a Muslim school. . .I studied the Koran." (DREAMS OF MY FATHER)

"Lolo (Obama's stepfather) followed Islam. . .I looked to Lolo for guidance." (AUDACITY OF HOPE)

" I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds of war shift in any ugly direction. . ." (AUDACITY OF HOPE)

"We are no longer just a Christian nation. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers." (INAUGURAL SPEECH)

What Obama does not understand, or perhaps he does but discards it, is that America was founded on a decidedly Christian base.

Naturally not all early settlers were biblical believers. But those seeking religious freedom in the New World were by and large Christians. They held to the Scriptures as the Word of God. In doing so, they tried to live out its morals, believe in Jesus as Savior, and prayed to Him.

They taught their children the Christian way, keeping Sunday s a holy day, even using Scripture verses in school texts by which to instruct pupils in the proper way to live.

Obama now wants for America, not merely the European secularization, but Islam World Rule. That is why he has circling him czars in a shadow government who are known as "devout Muslims."

He had the same in his Senatorial office in Illinois. He used them in his political campaign. Now he has them to right and left making policy and wielding untold power.

This nation surely has its spiritual faults. But it has a Christian heritage that cannot be denied, though Obama would erase it as quickly as possible. He does not want the next generations learning of the facts. He wants an Islamic theocracy in the United States.

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