Grant Swank
Obama's lies
By Grant Swank
November 24, 2009

This Barack Hussein Obama lies.

It is unfortunately believed by the uninformed. That is utterly abominable but once again underlines that Obama plants deceit in every corner of his oversight.

Obama lies regarding statistics on numerous levels. Obama has been asked to fix the site. He refuses to fix the site. He will not attempt to fix that site.

How can this be? Can be tolerated?

The answer is that Muslims are taught to lie for it furthers Islam World Rule. Allah instructs via the Koran to outsmart the enemy. Lying then is an Islamic virtue.

To Christians, lying is a sin. Therefore, Christians in the nation expect people to tell the truth. Of course, Christians know there are liars out there. But when these liars are caught, Christians expect them to be exposed. Sometimes they are penalized or disciplined in some manner.

However, a Marxist Muslim President gets away with lying because the liberal media will not expose him. His own lying team, naturally, will not expose him. And so he twists the honest citizenry once again in the wind.

There are plenty of Dems in Congress who are not Muslims; but since their leader lies, they take on his mantle. And countless get by with it.

Hopefully in the next elections, these liars will be spanked out of Congressional halls. Of course, some more liars will no doubt take some of their places; but let's pray that enough liars are sent into oblivion that truthful individuals sit in their seats.

Obama lied from years back. Demented Jeremiah Wright preached for twenty years to Obama.

In that cultic mentoring Obama was taught how artfully to lie. Michelle was as well. Now these two sit in the White House, screwing up our Republic.

Obama's czars and shadow government plot through sessions to refine their lies. Then when they are caught, for instance, in Congressional question-and-answer sessions, at times the query gets the cat out of the bag. is symbolic of the prime motive spinning Obama's lying machine. Like Wright's cultic warehouse where hate and deceit were a membership requirement, Obama's lying machine builds on to Wright's creedal teachings in political environs.

Back to the bottom line regarding It is laden with lies because it is overseen by a socialist Muslim who honors Islam's warped ethic that condones lying as a moral good.

From, one can extrapolate to whatever Obama considers his political mission, schemes that lie, such being a fundamental quotient. That includes his health care plan. Also his stand on abortion. That includes his (mis)management of Afghanistan as well as his projections for job increase, stimulus policy substance, international relations, basic freedoms regarding religion and speech, and so forth.

Obama plans on destroying America through the power of the lie. Of course, history reveals indeed how tremendously powerful the lie is.

The lie is the given in Obama's religion. It is the absolute in his speeches, his dealing with other nations, and his empty promises laid on America.

In other words, Obama cannot be believed in anything he says. He cannot be believed in anything. is an in-your-face example.

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