Grant Swank
God nixes mortals' plans
By Grant Swank
December 7, 2009

There is a God Almighty. He is the Bible's deity. All other deities are false gods.

This biblical deity created the universe; He is the ultimate authority. That is why there is a Judgment Seat. It where every mortal will appear upon death to give an account of his earthly sojourn.

There is no detouring the Judgment Seat. There is no opting out.

A lot of devilment goes on on this spiritually fallen planet; but lastly every human will meet up with the Judge Christ. He is the Word. He is also the Last Word. That why the Bible pronounces Christ as the "Alpha and Omega" — the start and the finish.

Therefore, though mortals play games with their politics and ego schemes, is the biblical deity who gets the final say. Congress will not get the final sentence. Barack Hussein Obama will not write the concluding chapter. Nor will China or Russia or Iran.

"The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing. He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect. The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations" (Psalm 33:10-11).

Nothing. Zip. A Big Fat Zero. "He brings the counsel of the nations to nothing."

How far into the future? ". . .to all generations." Every generation thinks it is It. Not. Every fresh generation is under the surveillance of the God of Scripture.

There it is. Believe it or not. But at least read it and decide. If you do not believe it, that is your right as a free will agent. But if it is indeed fact, you will pay severe consequences for mastering your own existence separate from God.

Believe it and you will acknowledge God in all that you do, leaning not on your own understanding, but permitting this God to direct all your ways. In that, you will discover life and wisdom.

Marxist Obama and mob hysetriacs who crowned him the Anointed One will come to nothing. Absolutely nothing. The future has that written upon it. God will see to it.

This Islamic devotee plotting Islam World Rule with colleague Muslims worldwide will come to absolutely nothing at all in the close. Allah will not win. The Bible's God will overrule just as He always has.

The little baby in the manger is the incarnate God. He matured, ministered, then was murdered. He rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven to be our Intercessor. One day He will return to Earth to rule as King of Kings.

Allah, the Koran, and the false, demonic prophet Mohammed all will be judged as agents of the Pit.

Therefore, now acknowledge the biblical God in all that you do — everything — and so let Him guide your ways. He will speak to you daily, moment by moment. He will instruct in paying your bills. He will lead you to your job. He will counsel your conversations.

This God will remove fears and implant His peace. He will comfort you with His biblical promises. He will never be late or forgetful of your place in this world.

This God in Christ has been forever faithful, not like the false gods of other world religions, the New Age, or Oprah's phony deity. There are countless gods clamoring for mortals' souls. They are there to damn and ruin.

"The Lord will bring the counsel of the nations to nothing. He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect."

Then take heart, biblical believer, your God knows the sins and cruelties of this damaged sphere; but He also has promised His grace children a Way that has been opened wide by Christ's resurrection might.

© Grant Swank


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