Grant Swank
Israelis squeezed between truth and Obama
By Grant Swank
January 31, 2010

Grassroots Israelis true to their own heritage are angry with their politicians playing up to Barack Hussein Obama.

These Israeli leaders in recent days changed their rhetoric not to offend Muslims so as not to offend Muslim Obama. Now they are slowly changing their vernacular due to pressure from the citizenry.

Three cheers for the citizenry, many who say that it would be healthy for Jews to be loyal to Jews and forget the pro-Islam US Oval Office.

Does that sound reasonable? Does that sound patriotic in the Israeli definition? Seems so to me.

It's similar to politically correct media in America bowing and scraping before the anointed one. FoxNews plays the truth track. Thank God there is someone out there who won't bend for the opportunists flattening America and Israel.

Obama wants Israeli leadership to hand over to Muslims Judea and Samaria. Why? It's all so crazy. The Israeli grassroots is barking at leadership to forget it and play smart.

Now Israeli governmental officials are saying the are going to try again to make sense with Palestinian Authority crooks and liars. That's like patriots in America trying to make sense of the Obama corruption.

It won't work in Israel. It won't work in DC.

Actually, peace will only come to the Middle East when Christ returns. At the close of the Church Age, Christ will return as Lord of Lords and King of Kings — religious and political venues.

He will rule from Jerusalem after His two feet touch down on the Mount of Olives, splitting it in half to indicate His power come to Earth.

Ruling from the Holy City, the redeemed of all time will rule with him as "kings and priests," to use New Testament terms. Such reign will last one thousand years — the millennium.

Until Christ returns, the Middle East will always be unsettled, humans trying to bring peace in their own fractured selves. The Holy One has the means by which to usher in the age of peace, and He alone.

Israel in particular is very significant to the God of the Bible. He placed the father of the faithful, Abraham, there to establish a base from which holiness could flow throughout the then-known world.

Though Abraham's descendants disobeyed God more than followed His projections, God has remained fond of the Holy Land. That strip of land is only the size of New Jersey; yet it is in keeping with God to have a high regard for the small. Throughout Scripture, God has bestowed honor upon the little and insignificant.

Israel is the navel of the planet. The globe spins upon its happenings. Therefore, the interplay going on today regarding Israel and the PA plus Obama's nasty input is simply another chapter preceding the coming of the Christ.

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