Grant Swank
Obama: show your birth papers
By Grant Swank
February 7, 2010

Isn't this what makes patriots distrust Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama all the more? In his address to the National Prayer Breakfast, he inserted this:

"'. . .surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith, or, for that matter, my citizenship.'"

Everyone should continue to press this man to the wall concerning his "faith" and his "citizenship."

His faith is Muslim for he said "my Muslim faith" when interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. His Protestant papers are a mask for his commitment to the Koran's Allah.

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And for his citizenship, every thinking American not biased to Dems simply says to the President: Show us your birth certificate.

Anyone else who values his integrity would have shown his birth certificate long ago in order to settle that matter once and for all.

Yet to this day, that issue continues to remain unwrapped because Obama hides truth, even thinking that by mentioning it in his speech he will convince the public to accept his honesty. Not going to happen.

Those familiar with Islam know that Islamics are commissioned by their deity to lie. Lying is a virtue to Muslims. Therefore, we have a lying person in the Oval Office. He has been caught in so many lies that it is laborious to list them all.

And if making promises and then not keeping most of those promises can be regarded as lying, add that to his lying lifestyle and one has an arch-deceiver in the White House.

There simply has to come the moment when some American-loyal judge demands the obvious — Obama's birth certificate. This waiting game is a travesty, a slap in the face to Liberty.

Grassroots Americans remaining true to the U. S. Constitution, their pledge of allegiance to the American flag, and working hard to keep our freedoms secure deserve a leader who is at least that much in line with the core of the nation.

However, we don't.

All the more then that Obama's faith and citizenship be questioned until this lying personage coughs up facts to the satisfaction of every honest American.

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