Grant Swank
Congress: moral convictions await
By Grant Swank
February 11, 2010

This "reaching across the aisle" business has got to stop.

In other words, bi-partisanship must be passe.

There is no Congress worth listening to, let alone voting for, that lacks moral convictions.

Scott Brown got elected because voters sensed in him a person of moral conviction. He was not swayed one way or another by political opportunism.

Brown was not beholding even to DC Republicans for he said that he got no practical help from them during the campaign. He worked hard with close friends assisting. His DC Party was out to lunch.

Therefore, Brown is not going to bow and scrape before Republican power heads in Congress. He will continue to win on his own inner strength, just as he did in Massachusetts.

Sarah Palin is another personage of moral convictions. She knows what values are supreme. She has an ethical might that is defined by Scripture. She has total faith in the God of the Bible.

Therefore, Palin wakes up each morning, not driven by political opportunism, but what she considers to be God's will for that day. If she does not sense it to be providentially directed, she doesn't touch it.

This kind of conviction base is what the grassroots is hankering for. There is no doubt about it. These upright citizens are clamoring. They are organizing.

To put it negatively, America's patriots are so angry at officials revealing their egocentric opportunism that patriots are ready to wipe the current slate clean.

To put it positively, America's patriots are scouring the landscape, vetting the personages, and determining ballot choices on campaigners who are proven true. The candidates must be real just as the grassroots defines itself as "real America."

One of the main benefits of the Tea Party Nation is its demand that those running for elections be "real America." If they are phonies, Tea Party enthusiasts flip them into the nearest dumpsters. Tea Baggers are adamant. They will will strip naked the fakes.

Liberals have convictions. But they are those based on moral relativism and situation ethics. Anything goes, in other words. They have convictions based on anti-God, anti-Bible foundering.

Conservatives are well aware of the liberal convictions for they are antithetical to the conservatives' moral convictions. These right-wing voters know their ethical moorings. They are well aware of what they hold dear, what they would die for.

Consequently, these moralists will stretch this nation from coast to coast with the stipulation that candidates be morally based. They cannot be merely cute or charismatic. They must be morally grounded.

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