Grant Swank
I'm in love with Intelligent Design
By Grant Swank
June 25, 2010

I am in love with Intelligent Design.

Is that not a hoot?

You see, there is much debate going on in the so-called intellectual circles about how the world began. There are those who are pro-God. And of course there are those anti-God.

Those pro-God have to walk on eggs because they are considered dumb if they use the word "God." Therefore, they have coined Intelligent Design in hopes of squeezing in various nitches.

As for myself, I have fallen in love with Intelligent Design so that He has secreted to me His real name. It is "God."

Therefore, since God is God and whatever God secrets is paramount, even above the nay-sayers, I broadcast most enthusiastically my love for this Intelligent Design known to me personally as God.

I have come to know this love through this Intelligent Design's death for me. He died on a cross outside Jerusalem over two thousand years ago. This Intelligent Design holy sacrifice in my stead permits me to tell Him that I repent of my sins in His name, plead for His divine mercy and so received freely His salvation gift.

Why then would I now want to tell everyone that I am in love with Him?

Further, I have discovered this Intelligent Design to design my own personal life. Over more than half a century I have trusted in His knowledge. In doing so, I have found that His knowledge is far above mortal knowledge I have read about or come upon in real time.

In addition, I have come upon His love for me in that design. At times I have been so distraught with the difficulties of every day that I have wondered about His love for me. But as I let time pass by I then discover His work in the difficulties.

I have found this experiment to be reliable time and again. It impresses me so much that I have committed my future to Intelligent Design. I have also surrendered my last moment on the planet to His care.

In that, Intelligent Design has told me that I need not worry about leaving this sphere for He will welcome me into the next. He will be there at the door. And what I found to be difficulties in this sphere will disappear. In their place will be His perfection.

I have tried to tell others about this partnership. Some have listened to me. Others have looked at me as if I have lost my mind.

But either way, I have done my part. I have relayed to another what I have concluded about Intelligent Design being the God who died on the cross outside the Holy City.

I love to convey to another mind this discovery for it increases my love for this Intelligent Design. I have purpose in the telling. I find confirmation in it as well.

For those who have accepted my conclusion, they have responded to me that they also have come upon this Intelligent Design to be personal and loving and directing.

I know that on university campuses there is scoffing about all this. That does not matter. There has always been scoffing. It goes with this territory.

And at this time in planetary history — with so much angst concerning the world's future — I feel that telling others about my love for Intelligent Design is more urgent than ever.

Time may be short in giving out the good news.

© Grant Swank


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