Grant Swank
Obama = quintessential spoiled brat
By Grant Swank
July 30, 2010

Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama typify this nation's typical spoiled brat couple. It is disgusting and should never be the profile of an American president and spouse.

This country is in dire need of honest, able leadership. Obama provides just the opposite. He is dishonest. Those in the know may fill in the blanks on that one. He is not able. Those realizing that his background includes being a community planner and Chicago crook then understand his void.

Obama parties practically every night. Partying. Partying. Partying. Spoiled couples delight in fantasizing life's sphere rather than confronting reality's challenges. Obamas lead the way.

Obama vacations with family at every whim. The nation cries out for an executive who knows his place and is worth his title; yet Obama is a disgrace to his position.

Obama conveniently compartmentalizes his brain so as to block out necessities, another typical mode of the spoiled brat. That which should demand immediate, in-depth attention is sidelined for the frivolous.

Not only is Obama a Marxist Muslim, but he is an inept US head. When bringing together his weaknesses, one wonders how the nation is gaining at any point. Actually, on most crucial agendas we are slipping further and further into the obvious black hole.

Obama's ties to Muslims are legion. His left-of-left political philosophy has been well-documented so as to lop him out of any American traditional mold. His anti-Christian ambition is evident with his recent hosting of atheists with flare at the White House.

Obama goes on blithely, keeping his corruption is intact, no matter the truth-tellers' daily spreading his nasty rule by way of conservative media.

Those Americans who have lived lives of sacrifice, frugality and reason are appalled at the state our nation has fallen in to chiefly because of the Islamic persona seated on Pennsylvania Avenue.

America as has been accepted for over two hundred years is being replaced with the rotting self-centered regime consciously spawned by Barack Hussein Obama and crew.

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