Grant Swank
Jakarta teaches America how to rip Muslim Obama
By Grant Swank
August 5, 2010

America should learn from Jakarta's protesters how to clog the streets with cries of imploding the Oval Office imposter.

Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama is beheading America by throwing our money into the downdrains.

He's a liar. He breaks his promises. He plays dictator. His crook and liar cronies stand to right and left of his every move. His wife is team member with him.

There is no doubt that Obama is using every means possible to wipe out this Republic. That is the prime purpose of any Muslim — eliminate the infidels. Beheading is the favorite modus operandi. But if one can behead without shedding blood, so much the cleaner.


Obama is working night and day to shred this nation from coast to coast. This is most evident with the Obamangst "care" bill ram-jammed down our throats.

Reasonable newsfeeds don't know how to word their coverage of this insanity. Fox Newscasters in particular are stymied when trying to figure out logical ways to communicate this crazy scene from the White House.

Every day they grope for new verbiage by which to state that the present administration is killing our democracy and no one seems to know how to stop it.

Well, in Jakarta, protesters fill the air with cries that Obama is not to arrive there because he is not Muslim enough. There you have it. In America, Muslim Obama is Muslim Number One. In Jakarta Obama is not Muslim enough.

And that Islamic devotee on Pennsylvania Avenue thought that once in office the Islamic world would fall at his feet, worshiping the anointed one. Not so.

Now this brings us to the spiritual analysis. God is at work through this whole mess. Why? Because of the righteous remnant at the time of America's start and at the present moment. Those prayers match up before heaven's throne. God answers those sincere petitions.

Satan is also at work, evidently. Satan wants to destroy America because it is the only country begun with a Christian stand. America is the Christian-heritage nation of the planet.

God wants that to continue. The sincere believers pray that that will continue.

At times the spiritual battle will become increasingly severe. However, in the end, God and His grace children will prevail. We must keep faith strong.

We must not try to play God. We must let God guide us socially, spiritually and politically — which He will do.

Watch how God moves in the future to rescue America from the Marxist Muslim schemes to rid the world of the Christian-heritage United States of America.

Jakarta is an example of how to protest Obama at the moment. Other protestations will show up on life's screen. In each of these, God will work His move.

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