Ellis Washington
Obama and ISIS, O'Reilly and Da Capo
By Ellis Washington
March 31, 2016

Opening Monologue

I generally like Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and usually glean something useful from watching his weekday show, "The O'Reilly Factor" which I've watched from its inception in October 1996. My favorite part of his show is the opening monologue, "Talking Points Memo." The reason why I like this part of the show the best is because we get Bill O'Reilly at his best – alone, focused, under time constraints, not distracted, not being too-cute- by-half, not cracking lame jokes, and especially my pet peeve, not repeatedly interrupting his guests by talking over them. I hate that and all TV shows do it now. It's like lobbing a hand grenade in the middle of Shakespeare – Hamlet's Soliloquy.

The underlying theme or leitmotiv for O'Reilly's monologue, What We've Learned from the Terror Attack in Brussels, can be reduced to the question – Do the Socialist-Progressive fascist currently ruling over all the nations of Europe and America prefer to return to their Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions which governed these nations for hundreds or thousands of years, or rather to form a treasonous Socialist-Islamist Axis designed to kill God, destroy His Church, and all its derivative institutions forever?

O'Reilly meets Sonata-Allegro Form

Thus, Bill O'Reilly in his Talking Points monologue is best able to do what classical music composers have done for over 400 years following the Da Capo opera or later Sonata-Allegro forms – A-B-A; A-B-B-A; A-B-A-B-A, etc. – (1) Tell the listener what you will say, (2) tell them why you stated it and (3) restate (or summarize) what you stated in the beginning. The genius of the Da Capo and Sonata Allegro forms that many of the world greatest classical masters – from Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Corelli, to Telemann, Handel, Bach to Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, Chopin, Berlioz, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Mahler – and many, many other Classical geniuses who used this form well into the modern age, is in a word its Simplicity.

Da Capo or D.C., (literally from the head or beginning) is a Baroque Period (1600-1750) musical form usually found in opera arias (i.e., "Da Capo Aria") where the repeated section is improvised or ornamented with grace notes. It is a composer or publisher's musical form of abbreviation and is generally often applied to save space. The subsequent structure of the composition is commonly in 3-part or ternary form (A-B-A). A standard Da Capo aria is G. F. Handel's "Furibondo spira il vento" from his opera, Partenope (1730).

Sonata Form (also Sonata-Allegro Form or First Movement Form) is a Classical Period (1750-1820) dominant musical form used extensively since the middle of the end of the Baroque Period (1700-50). Sonata form contains of three primary divisions: Exposition, Development, and a Recapitulation which for musical analysis purposes are usually delineated as A-B-A. Sonata-Allegro Form is based on the following general principles:

Simplest sonata form pattern and its relation to binary form.

Perfect Sonata Form: Sonata for Two Pianos in D, K. 448 by W. A. Mozart. Standard Sonata Form = A-B-A (w/ Coda or ending section).

The Mozart Effect

The idea of the "Mozart Effect" was first designated by French researcher Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis in his 1991 book Pourquoi Mozart? (Why Mozart?). According to the British Epilepsy Organization, extensive scientific analysis has proposed that Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D, K. 448 is the most demonstrative classical music composition yet discovered that possess the "Mozart Effect," in that there is strong scientific evidence that proves that listening to this piano sonata enhanced spatial reasoning abilities and lessened the occurrence of seizures in patients with epilepsy.

This is the Classical Sonata format of virtually all of Bill's talking points monologues. I don't know if Bill ever studied classical music, but his monologues all possess a form, a tonality, a lyricism, a predictability that follows ancient classical art forms that have endured for centuries.

O'Reilly Monologue: March 24th

Exposition – For example, O'Reilly begins is March 24th monologue, What We've Learned from the Terror Attack in Brussels, in this manner: "Number one thing: President Obama will not engage the ISIS savages in a meaningful way. He simply believes that getting involved in a shooting war with Islamic terrorists is bad for the USA. No matter what happens, short of another 9/11, the president is not going to change his opinion. O'Reilly point here reminds me of a 2007 essay I wrote regarding Harvard University and their forgotten intellectual forefathers – The Puritans, where I paraphrased a quote by conservative intellectual Ann Coulter, "There's always a conflict of interest when people who don't really like America are called upon to teach about its history." Thus, this is the existential, contradictory dualism of the Socialist-Progressive Revolution – They want to dominate America and Europe, yet ignore, deconstruct, or destroy the very Judeo-Christian intellectual foundations that created America and Europe from antiquity.

Development – O'Reilly then quoted President Obama who last Thursday was on vacation in Argentina when he said this: OBAMA: "Groups like ISIL can't destroy us. They can't defeat us. They can't produce anything. They're not an existential threat to us... We defeat them in part by saying you are not strong, you are weak." Remember the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time, thus in order to perpetrate the eternal lie of liberal fascism, Obama (and the Democrat and Republican Socialist Party) must constantly lie, conflate, or otherwise pervert the truth which is the enemy of the Socialist-Progressive Revolution.

Recapitulation – "So to recap," (e.g., 'Da Capo' – Italian. From the beginning) O'Reilly said that "the president just said that we can defeat ISIS in part by telling them they are weak. Now if I had told you that without showing you the tape, you would have mocked me. At least the far-left would have. So to repeat, (e.g., 'Da capo') the president is not going to use American resources to defeat ISIS." Once again O'Reilly is demonstrating Obama's phony war against ISIS which America is losing while ISIS grows stronger, gaining new territories all over the world.

Development – "Second thing we've learned: Europe is in chaos. As you know, millions of mostly Islamic refugees are pouring into Western Europe. Nobody knows who they are, nobody knows what they're doing. In Belgium where the bombers struck this week intelligence agents cannot tap telephones, they cannot look into computers, and police are restrained from raiding private homes from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.," O'Reilly contends. Can you imagine how stupid ISIS thinks the leaders of Belgium are to fight terrorism like a conventional police action without having a nightshift of policemen to guard the people? "And Belgium wonders why it is a terror target? The incredible laxity on immigration and the ultra-liberal policing have made Europe the easiest target in the world for ISIS. And believe me if the far left had its way here, we'd be just like Belgium," O'Reilly states. This treason by Obama and the appeasement leaders of Socialist Europe is in part the reason why only until March 2016 did Obama finally succumb to logic and pressure to call ISIS atrocities against Christians, Yazidis, and Muslims, Genocide.

Recapitulation – "The third thing we've learned is that there is still no cohesive strategy at the federal level to neutralize terror acts or to secure the border of the USA. Even liberal broadcasters understand there is no leadership in place to defeat ISIS," O'Reilly then plays a clip by TOM BROKAW: "We have got to put together some kind of a bulletproof syndicate to deal with all of this. There's a real urgency about it. And he has got to convey that not just to the American people, but to the world. I think it was Mike Hayden who said earlier, he is the leader of the free world and this is the time to be the leader."

O'Reilly says that, "Mr. Brokaw referring to President Obama and I'm not exactly sure what a bulletproof syndicate means. We asked Mr. Brokaw for clarification; we did not get it. But the point is that even some liberal Americans understand the danger posed by the jihad. And they also understand little is being done about it."

FrontPageMag.com writer Raymond Ibrahim cited a review of the Obama administration's many anti-Christian biases which demonstrates their psychotic resistance to the word "genocide" where Christians are concerned follows a tragic pattern:
  • "Although Obama repeatedly claimed when he was running for office that if elected president he would recognize the Armenian Genocide – another instance when Muslims (Turks) sought to eradicate Christians (Armenians)he has failed to keep his word.

  • When asked about the plight of Christians under ISIS, Colonel Steve Warren said, "We've seen no specific evidence of a specific targeting toward Christians."

  • Although Christians number 10% of Syria's population, only 2% of refugees accepted into the U.S. from there are Christian. (The majority of refugees – almost 98% – are Sunni Muslims, the same sect to which ISIS belongs and thus are not persecuted for their religious identity.)

  • When inviting scores of Muslim representatives, the State Department has repeatedly denied visas to solitary Christian representatives.

  • When a few persecuted Iraqi Christians crossed the border into the U.S., they were thrown in prison for several months and then sent back to the war zone."

  • When persecuted Coptic Christians planned on joining Egypt's anti-Muslim Brotherhood revolution of 2013, the Obama administration, in the person of Ambassador Anne Patterson, counseled them not to.

  • And when persecuted Iraqi and Syrian Christians asked for arms to join the opposition fighting ISIS, D.C. refused."
Da Capo ('from the beginning')

Recapitulation – [Coda = ending] Talking Points is again going on the record, as we told you last night, there is a likelihood of ISIS attacking with weapons of mass destruction. The longer the USA dithers, the worse we are going to suffer down the road. And there is no question we are dithering. And that's the memo."

Here like with virtually all of O'Reilly's monologues, on a micro level it is the A-Section of the entire show which are variations or developments of this initial theme which returns at the end of the show – A-B-A-B-A or A-B-C-B-A, etc...

As a fitting coda to what O'Reilly postulated in his outstanding monologue, What We've Learned from the Terror Attack in Brussels, radio host Rush Limbaugh demonstrated how the Democrat Socialist Party media keeps us blind to what's really going on in the world by giving obsessive and thus misleading coverage over a singular incident like the recent terrorist bombings in Brussels, Belgium. As a corollary Rush Limbaugh cited the an excellent and informative blog called TheReligionofPeace.com [TROP], particularly a "List of Islamic Terror: Last 30 Days:
    This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by TheReligionofPeace.com.

    During this time ONE MONTH period (02/27-03/27/2016, there were 147 Islamic attacks in 25 countries, in which 1165 people were killed and 3221 injured.

    (TROP does not chronicle all Islamists attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted. For example, the 03/28/2016 D.C. shooting of a guard at the U.S. Capitol Visitor's Center).

*N.B.: This excerpt represents only a fraction [7 days] of global Islamic genocide.

Coda (ending)

All of this blood, mayhem and genocide has come from the appeasement political policies of one man – Barack Obama and one woman – Hillary Clinton, Obama's Secretary of State for four years (2009-13). Thus the question of ultimate concern is this: Why does the Obama media complex constantly lie to We the People that "Isis is contained" that "ISIS is the JV (junior varsity)? Why does the Obama administration constantly use misleading worlds like ISIL (e.g., Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), or the Arabic acronym Secretary of State John Kerry uses at every opportunity – Daesh, instead of ISIS, watching baseball with Communist dictators Fidel and Raul Castro in Cuba, dancing the tango in Argentina while to date four Americans were causalities of the ISIS bombings in Brussels while Obama would not shorten his vacation junket by one day? The reason is the same reason propaganda has been used throughout the Ages – to deceive, to confuse, to lie, to obfuscate, to shift the blame to a tyrant's political enemies.

The underlying theme or leitmotiv for O'Reilly's monologue What We've Learned from the Terror Attack in Brussels, can be reduced the question – Do the Socialist-Progressive fascist currently ruling over all the nations of Europe and America prefer to return to their Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions which governed these nations for hundreds and thousands of years, or would rather form a treasonous Socialist-Islamist Axis designed to kill God, the Church and its derivative institutions forever?

*N.B.: Notes on Da Capo and Sonata-Allegro Forms were referenced in Wikipedia articles. As a supplement to offset the Socialist-Progressive propaganda of the public schools, I strongly recommend parents regularly review with their school-aged children (even in college and beyond), Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points monologues. Bill O'Reilly's Archives can be found here.

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