Stanley Zir
Obama hammers and sickles America
Obama's Coup: The final chapter
By Stanley Zir
December 30, 2012


Bram Stoker's Dracula, gained power because no one believed in his existence. In like manner, evil advances in this world.

In 2010, nearly three months after the November elections. I wrote "Incredibly Mr. Obama is again attempting to replace our free market system of competitive ideas with a Red Chinese American-style, government-controlled economy. That would be fine if the US Communist party would have won the elections, but it did not. It is time to close the curtain on this side show carnie barker, and his cure-all elixir scam."

The Soviet Union was characterized by an economy that replaced competition and free exchange with confiscation and redistribution, which resulted in the destruction of wealth. Their underlining ideologies, achieving their goal of a fair and equitable society through the sacrifice of individual expression was fully exposed with their defeat in the cold war as the nations in the world moved towards greater transparency.

Likewise Obama's domestic initiative: social justice through a fair and equitable society completely exemplifies the Russians erroneous position and will yield the same fate. Obama contends that America's greed, aggressive foreign policy, and exploitation of the masses is responsible for all our economic woes, not freebees from institutions like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that have driven our economy into the ground.

It is Obama who wants to take us off the fiscal cliff and into the abyss. In essence he is using Lincoln's strategy, but for nefarious reasons. Lincoln believed that America needed a fresh start and his solution was to burn down the South in order to erase iniquity slavery from the American psyche.

In a similar fashion, Obama's solution for America's economic failure is to completely destroy our capitalist system and replace it with a Marxist socialist system in which the government plays a central part in the equal distribution of wealth.

General Norman Schwarzkopf, a great patriot and an America hero recently passed away. He left us some great words of encouragement. "There are few things worth fighting and dying for, and one of those is freedom." Our old Republican guard is out of sync, their lack of forthrightness in branding Obama as a communist kept us in Obama's benighted box.

The result of their miscalculation is that people think Congress is at fault because neither party will compromise its position to break the deadlock, in actuality, it is the Republicans' fault because they did not made their position perfectly clear, although they used terms like class warfare in bespeaking of Communism, when speaking of Obama's policies they never sealed the deal.

We must take a different tact, be bold, let the American people know our refusal to compromise with Obama is justified. We are battling a regime changer who aims to destroy the very foundation upon which this republic rests — the Constitution of the United States of America — and replace it with an Obama Manifesto. Hence, if we yield an inch to Obamas demands, America will become a communist state. This is not the time to be politically correct or polite.

If we do not stand up and reclaim our nation America will experience a meltdown of Biblical proportions. She will lose her identity as the advocate for the advancement of freedom and liberty in this world and inherit all that she fought against since the birth of this exceptional nation. Then no tears of regret will undo the carnage that will descend upon our country and the free world and our children in the future, until the very notion of liberty is ripped from the pages of history's accounting. Preventing such a cataclysmic occurrence necessitates replacing the old Republican guard with a new Victorious America initiative.

Obama's Coup: The final chapter

One chapter is missing from this series due to time constraints it will be sent as a post- script to RenewAmerica. It deals with a central element that must be elaborated upon in order to complete this series : Chief Justice John Roberts act of infidelity, compromising the principles upon which our Constitution rest, to save the integrity of the Supreme Court by approving Obamacare. Justice Roberts thought he had to chose between the protecting Constitution or the Supreme Court, he chose to protect the latter over the former, but this can only lead to the destruction of both.

To reiterate, in my article Obama's Coup, My Brief part 2, I explained that Obama had set-up Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) and the American people for a fall. The reason Congress cannot reach a compromise is because Obama is driving a wedge between the two houses which does not allow a solution on the important matters of creating jobs and bringing down the debt.

There is little doubt that Obama set out to create the illusion that the lack of compromise lies not only with the Republicans but Congress. Case in point:

recently Obama evoked the Christmas spirit to spur the Democrats and Republicans to compromise when they return to Washington after the holidays.

This is Obama's MO — he creates the schism and then he takes himself out of the equation. He says the House and the Senate must work together, meanwhile it is Obama who has set the negative tone saying he will never compromise his positions on taxes and never reveals how he will spend new revenues to bring down down the debt. At the same time he is asking for 1.4 trillion dollars for his new budget and a stimulus bill. All to go into effect after we pass his new budget. Isn't this Nancy Pelosi's style of legislation — just pass the new budget and trust him, then you will find out how he intends to spend your money. But we already know.

Obama's anti-Colonialist Marxist tirades pitted his pro-left Democrat Party against the free market capitalists Republicans, thus dividing both Congressional houses along ideological lines. The gridlock occurred when the GOP could not find a way to compromise with Obama and his leftist minions because their agenda was the transfer of America's wealth to a government-controlled mandate. And we are suppose to trust him with the people's hard earned money.

I'm outraged that on the conservative Fox News network, Greta van Susteren continues to ask "What's wrong with Congress? Both sides are holding up the country. Can't they learn to compromise?" amazing she is a lawyer. Even the most astute of our fine and brilliant political analysts have never understood that Obama is orchestrating a coup. Case in point, Senator Joe Lieberman recently said "Congress has to get it together, we cannot go over the fiscal cliff. They have an obligation to the American people. This is a colossal act of congressional irresponsibility. " On another occasion he showed his lack of intellectual prowess when he said " If Obama Can Use Executive Order to 'Do Something' About Guns, "God Bless Him"

Lieberman, like many Republican colleagues, have unknowingly become Obama's mouthpiece. They are giving Obama the ammunition he needs to say, if we go over the fiscal cliff, "Congress does not work." Therefore he can state as the president, "I am going to issue executive orders to make sure that our economy is protected because Congress lacks the will to make carry out the business of the people."

What the American people have failed to understand is that the gridlock in Congress has been created because there is an ideological war being waged in both houses whose outcome will determine America's future. Our founding fathers set up two house to put a check on any who would try to take over our government. In Obama's case through executive orders and excessive regulations. What is occurring is not gridlock, it is a fight for the soul of our nation.

This following section is from Obama's Coup, My Brief: Destroying faith in our Founding Fathers' Constitutional government.

In this op-ed I wrote the final blow will come when Obama will challenges both Houses of Congress. He will ask "How long would it take them to create jobs with all their bickering?" A Super Congress was set up to break the gridlock, but in actually it was a red herring. Why? It gave the impression that some sort of effort was being made to reach a consensus and it was promoted as the last chance to do the job of the people. However, it was doomed to failure, because Obama had other plans for our republic and compromise was not part of that agenda. There never is when a banana republic is being created.

The one thing that was left unnoticed was that the Super Congress was unconstitutional. Who bestowed upon them the power which belongs to Congress to set penalties to be enforced by law? This in itself is outrageous. They threw a monkey wrench into the very process that secures the integrity of the Congress, thus opening the door for Obama to manipulate the foundation upon which our constitution rest.

The Super Congress was given until November 29th to devise a plan to reduce the debt for a sustainable future, then make their recommendations to Congress. The one stipulation was that if Congress failed to reach a consensus by December 31st to bring down the debt, a series of stipulations (called Sequester) were put into place that would trigger a set of actions to insure the debt would come down,

Under the Budget Control Act of 2011 (the Act), sequestration is the automatic reduction of spending triggered if Congress does not reach its goals. Approximately $1.1 trillion of these reductions will come from reductions in both Department of Defense (DoD) and non-DoD program expenditures.

If the Congress fails to reach a consensus, the call will come from the White House and all media outlets that neither the Congress nor a Super Congress can conduct the business of this nation. Then Obama can claim that our system of governance must be revamped. Thus the ball advances further down the road where a bloodless coup, dismantling our Consittuiotional government lies in wait, a "Yes, we can," win-win situation for Obama and a lose-lose proposition for America and freedom.

On the other hand, if the House and Senate reaches consensus, following the suggestion of the Super Congress, then Obama can make the case that a large body of lawmakers is unnecessary — only a few are needed to run the government in order to prevent gridlock. Thus, planting the seed for the dismantling of our Constitutional form of governance, and replacing it with a politburo whose selected intelligentsia will make decisions as to what is best for the people of our nation. He is already bypassing the will of Congress, the Senate and the people's House, and placing himself and his cronies, the czars, at the head of his new Communist America.

There is a way to fight back — if the Congress fails in getting their message out to the people, then "We the People" must stop Obama and his agenda. It is time to see if the Tea Party are a 'give me liberty or give me death,' party, or if they are just summertime soldiers. Obama claims that 98% of the American people are on his side regarding raising taxes — but that is just another lie because 47% oppose him. Simply, if Congress caves, the answer is very simple — We the People should refuse to pay our federal taxes, like we refused when the King of England ruled.

In actuality this time is no different but for one factor, our tax money will go to support a communist enterprise. If we take such an action or threaten to do so, what can Obama do? Lock up half the nation? We must let Obama know that we are Americans and will not invest our lives, fortunes, and our sacred trust to any that, violates the very principles upon which our Constitution rests, the cornerstone of our Republic


After working for more than 20 years in the slums of New York City, I find it easy to spot a con artist, and have learned that you always have to stay three or four steps ahead of the con, to keep that person's scam under wraps.

The Obama Con is always on. He is an eloquent speaker who uses words to trick us. He manipulates the facts and keeps us off balance. He knows how to cover the tracks of his failed policies and push his Marxist agenda forward. He is a master of deception — a chameleon in stealth mode — co-opting our founders' dream for a more perfect Union as if they were born to fulfill his dream. He knows just what to say, so even the so-called intelligent among us are left spellbound, gasping for breath after his speeches.

Obama's remarks on the status of the fiscal cliff after meeting with congressional leaders during the afternoon on Dec. 28, proves this point.

Obama: For the past couple of months, I've been working with leaders of both parties to try and forge an agreement that would grow our economy and shrink the deficit; a balanced plan that would cut spending in a responsible way. (You can stop right here — he never met with anyone. This is a fabrication.) But if you want to see his final attack on the American people and Congress in order to establish his coup look what he says at the end of his speech:

Obama: So the American people are watching what we do here. Obviously, their patience is already thin. This is deja vu all over again. Americans wonders why it is that in this town for some reason you can't get stuff done in an organized timetable, why everything always has to wait until the last minute, well we're now at the last minute and the American people are not going to have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy, not right now (what nerve, what a hypocrite he arrives at the last minute to steal the show).

In Obama coup I wrote "If we lose this election, this is what Obama has in store for us: The Greater Good." Take heed

The tyrannical Soviet brainstorm fostered a government-controlled society that would lead to the stagnation and eventual collapse of their economic and political system, and leave them morally bankrupt. By putting everything under the banner of equal distribution of wealth in order to create a fair and equitable society (serving the proletariat working class/masses), the Soviet hierarchy was able to encourage the majority to cultivate an absolute allegiance to the state.

Who would dare question the viability of the people's collective utopia that promises to secure jobs and work for the well-being of all? Heaven help those who questioned the wisdom of the ruling elitists who have granted themselves the right to hunt down, murder, or imprison any "enemies of the state" who threatened the continuance of the Greater Good.

Thus, with leading intellectual elitists' determining the Greater Good for all, the market place of competitive ideas that produces the entrepreneurs and innovations essential to a nation's prosperity and progress, will be put under the restricted seal of governmental approval.

It is this same Communist political ideology that proclaims it serves some higher ideal, that also uses threats of violence in suppressing individual rights (e.g. the free press) to secure an iron-clad unity among the masses, in order to protect and support national goals. While Communists claim that these goals are collectively in the best interest of all, the individuals, in actuality, are denied recourse, an essential component that protects our freedoms from the tyranny of the state. This ultimately designated the Soviet Union as the darling of the Darwin Dodos in the Post-Constitutional era.

This tyrannical ordinance by the State is the prototype of deception used by all oppressive regimes in order to hide their true agenda from the people they claim to serve. This formula coerces allegiance to the State over allegiance to protecting the inalienable rights of all. The "Greater Good" would emerge as the most successful tool for an Islamic government to justify 1400 years of the subjugation of the human spirit — by defending some higher ideal (Allah).

When people's freedoms and democratic ideals are suspended for the sake of the State or G-d, or for achieving "world peace," that is not glory, but tyranny. When people are led to relinquish their fellow citizens' inalienable rights for the sake of equality and uniformity, that is Communism. Is this change we voted for?

Thus the storyline in these nations is always the same and the outcome is guaranteed. Giving credence to the use of absolute power under the banner of preserving the order and protecting the Greater Good is nothing less than putting the welfare of the people in the hands of a tyrant. If we do not stand up and fight this is what our children will inherit.

© Stanley Zir


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