Stanley Zir
Obama's Final Solution Tour: It's now or never for America and Israel
By Stanley Zir
May 16, 2013

I wrote this essay to end any doubt about the purpose of America's existance. Once clarified, we will know the actions we must take to protect, honor, and secure our sacred covenant of freedom from those who are now determined to bring darkness upon the earth

We have arrived at that moment in history where our battle to forever short circuit the never ending cycle of religious and secular oppression initiated by nations who have used G-d's name and/or the State to promote their mandate of absolute power, is now in progress.

In years past people had become so complacent they ignored the line where tyranny begins and democracy ends thus creating an after-the-fact society in our response to evil. This is the era that demands our total sobriety – a time when our finger must always be on the pulse of an anomaly that now assailed us, without missing a single beat lest in the face of economic instability and social unrest we panic and abandon our open market of free ideas to seek protection in a global enterprise – one which mandates we accept agreements from criminal enterprises in exchange for financial security and the false promise of peace an ideological road map that is guaranteed to bankrupt liberty's trust fund in the process.

Now, America and Israel find themselves at war with Radical Islamic savages and their secular-totalitarian counterpart, whose cultures both embrace constitutional laws devoid of the morality embodied in the laws that frame our constitution With our liberties in the balance we must summon up our courage to conduct the business of our nation we cannot embrace the wrong strategy or make a wrong turn lest we find ourselves on the wrong battlefield. We must enter the war of victory for freedom and democracy over global tyranny that is now being waged against us.

This is the point of reference America and Israel must adopt in order to expose to all free people, those who have fabricated the lie that western imperialism is the cause of anti-Americanism and the worldwide economic crisis/not the ill-conceived ideologies of our enemies, of those who that have divided us against ourselves at a time when we must all unite in order to defeat the enemy of deceit which now knocks on liberty's front door. It is the spread of Islamic tyranny, the black plague of the 21 first century that must be exhumed by the armies of the righteous or this plague of death and repression will consume us all.

To be victorious we must lift the cloud of confusion that prevents the people of the Free World from recognizing that the Arab-Israeli dispute represents much more than a regional conflict. The fact is this conflict is part and parcel of a much greater battle in which not only the survival of Israel lays in the balance, but where survival of democracy, itself is on the line.

This essay will expose the full extent of the carnage that will result from President Obama's foreign policy if We the People do not rise up in one voice and short circuit his hidden agenda, his final solution for the Jewish state and America.

Part One

Recently Obama made an urgent request to the Arab world to recognize the Jewish state, while it seemed that Obama had the best of intentions, in actually it would be a game changer that would put Israel's back to the wall.

Why do Jewish people think that they can get a good night's sleep if only they could get a promise from both Hamas and the PLO that they will recognize the existence of the nation of Israel based on signatures placed on a worthless piece of paper? How did this preposterous assertion gain traction among the leaders of Israel?

The demand from Israeli leadership that the Arab world recognize the state of Israel puts her in the most vulnerable position. What can the leaders of Israel say when Obama counters "why are you still not willing to make concessions, that are no longer life threatening to the nation of Israel, since the PLO now recognizes the Jewish state. What more do you want?"

It matters not that terrorists recognize Israel; it matters greatly that America and Israel never recognize terrorists and their supporters. Free people must never honor despotism's hunger for conquest and bloodshed, those who endorse and embrace hate were, and are, not victims, they are perpetrators of violence and should not be coddled, but vanquished. Such is the case not only for the PLO and Hamas, but Ahmadinejad who is moments away from achieving an Iranian nuclear terrorist empire.

Obama's Failure to Confront Iran, Radicalized the Middle East

Obama's failure to stand up, confront, and eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat, radicalized the Middle East. Under his tutelage there is now rampant anti-Americanism and turmoil throughout the region The nations of Islam are not deterred by Obama's All options are on the table hyperbole, they thrive on it, as Obama's empty rhetoric green light their attacks on America and Israel.

What happened in Benghazi was all too predictable, clearly it was the direct result of Obama's pro-Islamic Social Justice mandate. In his apology tours Obama paints America, the defender of freedom, as though she is one of its greatest offenders. He treats the people of the nations of the Islamic world as though they were the victims of both tyrannies and America's aggression, as if they now need some special consideration – as if invasion, conquest, and nation building with the goal of global jihad are somehow a defensive posture, an appropriate response to America's foreign policy.

When there is an outcry from concerned Americans to directly confront outlaw nations like Iran that threaten our existence, our Commander-in-Chief prefers making the United Nations the go-to-group. As the defender of freedom America is the nation among all nations to lead the world to peace, not the global assassins who gather at the United Nations in order to determine our destiny. We must not let Obama disgrace our nation with a foreign policy that does not represent our ideals or we will be defeated by those who will rob us of our freedom

Mr. Social Justice is Determined to Bring America to Justice

Yet, the GOP mistakenly claims that Obama is leading from behind, when in fact he is stoucking America in the b*#*#. It is not the religious and secular totalitarian nations that have forgotten their mission, but the leader of the Free World.

America's Constitution is Liberty's first and last stance against the advancement of tyranny. Thus whomever takes the helm of Liberty's ship must use the Constitution as their sextant, for they are commissioned by the people to steer them on sure course, through the storms of tyranny and deception. Without using this sextant, no matter how well-intended the leadership of our country seems to be, we will be taken off course and shipwrecked on the shores of tyranny, where only the whip of repression reigns.

Yet, there is no doubt Obama has abandoned his pledge to defend our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. The fact is Mr. Social Justice is determined to bring America to justice. Obama seems to believe the Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranians, and even his fellow citizens are victims of American imperialism. As he promotes this delusional agenda, it makes you wonder ,? if he embraces this malicious lie, then with whom does he stand? Has Obama forgotten that under Islam, 240 million people were murdered before the birth of our nation some 200 years ago.

Obama's attack on American exceptionalism is all encompassing. While we are now being devoured whole by the insidious nature of his foreign policy, we must not underestimate the negative impact of his's domestic policy. This is a policy which now has the Islamic world, believing, and rightfully so, that the American people are no longer willing to make the necessary sacrifices to defend liberty's just cause for fear of economic ruin. Since when has America ever gone broke stopping the spread of fascism and tryanny? Since when has America ever backed down from those who threatened our allies with nuclear extinction? only since Obama became president.

With Obama in charge, Americans across the spectrum are questioning what is the mission of America among the nations of the world. When there is no clear vision for the future, there is no hope for the people and they give into despair. Take away people's identity you take away their purpose and their hope for a brighter future. Obama's quest to establish America as a has-been nation has robbed us of our identity, our pride, and our nation's just purpose and noble cause. Obama's endless pursuit of peace with the nations of Islam at any cost, has put all Americans in harm's way.

During Obama's Recent Trip to Israel

During Obama's recent trip to Israel it would become more than obvious that his pro-Islamic social justice mandate was set in stone. Once there he made it perfectly clear that he had no intention of honoring his commitment to protect our ally Israel, as he maneuvered his way around Israel's leadership before presenting the youth of Israel with a peace-scam – a plan that honors homicidal maniacs, radical Islamic savages, secular totalitarian barbarians – the Palestinian partners for peace, all of whom gather at the United Nations to execute the final solution for the Jewish state and the downfall of America.

The mainstream media's lack of forth rightness in denouncing the onslaught of negative propaganda against Israel has permitted Muslims and terrorists alike to use the United Nations to assert that if not for Israel's occupation there would be harmony and economic prosperity between the Islamic world and the West, thus avoiding the possibility of a world conflict – and they are winning the PR war because Obama along with the international community is focusing on Israel as the problem.

Case in point, Obama had the audacity to tell the youth of Israel at the Student's Conference in Jerusalem on his recent visit: How unjust it was for the Palestinians to have restricted movement and the Israelis should put themselves in their shoes." Yet he ignores the fact that terrorist attacks continuously come from Palestinian quarters where unending hatred for the Jews trumps any of their claims of legitimacy, a fact that is continuously overlooked, by that edifice that calls out for justice and peace, the United Nations.

Yet Obama, with a straight face, said: "Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas."

Has Obama conveniently forgotten that the Grand Mufti (Arafat's mentor) visited the SS in Germany to discuss the final solution for the Jews long before Israel was officially recognized as a state in the modern era. It was the demonic master/disciple relationship of the Grand Mufti and Arafat which produced Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat's hand-picked successor. It was Mahmoud Abbas, Obama's choice of a peace partner for Israel, who funded the terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich in 1972.

If Obama says he has Israel's back, why is his position like that of Mahmoud Abbas and the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) who insist that Israel's "illegal occupation" is fanning the flames of hatred in the Islamic world against the Jews and her ally America. But the fact is, it is the Islamic world's hateful edicts that are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide and has put Israel under siege. Ignoring this simple truth Obama has enabled Abbas and the BDS crowds to drive a wedge between Israel and the international community who's fear of reprisal (economic and otherwise), conveniently pretends peace can be achieved with populations who openly give their allegiance to religious tyrannical mandates.

Negotiating with Fascists in Good Faith?

But there is no doubt that Obama has a place in his heart for the Jews, for he contends that negotiating with fascists in good faith is the only way to guarantee the survival of Israel. As Obama says, "the only way for Israel to endure and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state is through the realization of a viable independent Palestinian state. In the same breath, he contends, the only way to truly protect the Israeli people is through the absence of war." The absence of war?

Is it Obama's contention that we can avoid conflicts, create peace, keep our freedoms, when confronted by nations whose people are willing to die to end them. This is ludicrous. Obama is a false prophet of peace and the greatest threat to all our liberties.

Of course people want peace, especially the youth of Israel, but peace with people and nations who praise G-d though acts of murder and the subjugation of the human spirit, can only be achieved through unconditional victory over their demented objectives. It is the absence of those who would stand up to fight against any who would bring down a reign of tyranny on mankind that is the greatest threat to Israel and all our liberties. When dealing with nations and people who embrace religious fanaticism and hatred, negotiations and sanctions are not agents of peace, they are a prescription for disaster.

Unfortunately it has become s more than obvious that standing up and confronting Islamo-fascism has never been, and never will be, the mindset of Obama, especially when it comes to standing up for Israel, as he unilaterally rejects the hypothesis that the Palestinians and their partners for peace are all terrorists who are determined to murder the Jews. Therefore Israel is being forced to honor self-destructive concessions because Obama says the number who have gathered to support the downfall of Israel with the rise of the Arab Spring is now spinning out of control.

Arabs are Determined to Kill Israelis Either Way

The Jewish people spent 2000 years in exile from their homeland, during which time they were unable to adequately protect themselves from those who persecuted them, who murdered them individually and collectively for being Jewish. Now Israel has the one of the finest military, if not the finest, in the world. Do you seriously think Israel should wave the white flag of surrender to Islam by giving up their lands to terrorist because Obama says they are hopelessly outnumbered, and that this could insure their survival, when in fact the Arabs are determined to kill the Israelis either way, whether they give up lands or not.

Still Obama refuses to acknowledge this single most crucial truth. Instead of putting the fear of G-d into any nation that threatens to eliminate the Jews through a nuclear holocaust or otherwise, he uses his peace agenda as a weapon to create a false sense of security for the people of Israel, that peace can be achieved by those who are determined to kill them, because Obama claims he has Israel's back. This canard is the final solution for the Jewish problem, that Russia, the Arab league, and Muslims world wide seem to be keen on. Unfortunately too many leaders in Israel and America have swallowed Obama's Reichstag-ian peace policy – hook, line, and sinker.

Nuts! What the Youth in Israel Should have Said to Obama's Peace Scam

Nuts! that is what the youth in Israel should have said to Obama's peace plan which asked them to surrender because they were outnumbered, oblivious to the fact Israel is a never-again-state willingly giving their lives if necessary to defend their freedom, unlike their enemies in the Islamic world who willingly give their lives to end all people's freedom.

But Obama seems all too willing to forsake his responsibility, his obligation to stand by Israel, as a bigger brother stands by a smaller brother. As Obama says in his own words: Given the changes sweeping the Arab World. . . As more governments respond to popular will, the days when Israel could seek peace with a handful of autocratic leaders are over. Peace must be made among peoples, not just governments.

What Obama skillfully omitted is that the popular will of the changing times since the Arab Spring is that the Death to Israel and Death to America campaign has reached a feverish pitch. This is a direct result of Obama's foreign policy that honors nations who wish to annihilate the Jews and destroy America, as viable partners for peace.

Obama's Veiled Threat

This was not the first time Obama told Israel that she must not isolate herself from the will of the international community, that embraces the Palestinians as victims and Israelis as the aggressors. How could this anomaly been overlooked by our political geniuses, as it could not have been more clearly expressed than in the words Obama used when he addressed AIPAC in 2011.

There he attempted to frighten the Jewish people into submission, telling them that Israel would become increasingly defenseless against a world-supported UN mandate that expected a Palestinian state post haste. These are Obama's exact words:

Just as the context has changed in the Middle East, so too has it been changing in the international community over the last several years. There's a reason why the Palestinians are pursuing their interests at the United Nations. They recognize that there is impatience with the peace process, or the absence of one, not just in the Arab World, but in Latin America, in Asia, and in Europe. And that impatience is growing, and it's already manifesting itself in capitals around the world.

Obama made his intentions known then, as he does now, as he told the youth in Jerusalem two years later: You can be the generation that permanently secures the Zionist dream, or you can face a growing challenge to its future Given the frustration in the international community, Israel must reverse an undertow of isolation . . . because no wall is high enough, and no Iron Dome is strong enough, to stop every enemy from inflicting harm.

Here Obama finally shows his true colors – it is he who is on the front line of the offensive with those who have declared war on the Jewish state, and promote global tyranny. It is Obama's suicidal peace directive that would leave Israel defenseless against those who would murder her citizens, for he is demanding Israel make concessions to those who support and condone the objectives of terrorists.

Why did Obama Come to Israel?

To let the leaders of Israel know that if they do not make the concessions needed to create a Palestinian state he cannot get the cooperation he needs from the international community and the nations of the Arab League to protect Israel in the future, and the coalition that he claims will stop Iran and stomp out the al-Qaeda terrorists. He sent his henchmen John Kerry, Secretary of State, and Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, to shore up the deal. Kerry would ask Israel to release Palestinian prisoners as a gesture of good faith to Mahmoud Abbas, Hagel demanded Israel not act unilaterally against Iran in the face of nuclear holocaust because it is not in the best interest of America.

Bottom line – Obama is putting Israel on the chopping block, he is offering her as a sacrificial lamb to the Arab League and Russia hoping that this gesture of good faith to the enemies of Israel will bring peace and stability to the Middle East and secure a new global enterprise, one freed from the overreach of a Judeo-Christian Covenant. This Sacred Covenant is the obstruction that Obama is determined to remove to achieve his Final Solution for the Jewish State and the downfall of America, the country he has betrayed.

Remember Obama's words and etch them in your memory: impatience is growing in the international community in the absence of a peace process. What is the generic name of a peace process that claims the international community is losing patience with Israel, because for more than 40 years she will not sign agreements that would set up an Islamic terrorist state in Israel in the West Bank? HOLOCAUST.

© Stanley Zir


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