Stanley Zir
Putin's Iranian United Nations World Peace Coalition: the black hole
By Stanley Zir
September 26, 2013

Last week President Obama delivered the sovereignty of United States of America, to Putin's Iranian United Nations World Peace Coalition. Now whom do we have to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic now the Obama has joined their coalition

For sake of God and Country someone will have to make the case directly to the American people. that the business of our nation was established over 200 years ago when our founders crossed the bridge to freedom to launch in America the quest to forever lock the door on any and all who would release tyranny's deadly venom into the hearts of mankind.

It was our founder's stance against tyranny that defines America's protocol and what makes us exceptional among the nations of the world. Yet, our nation's just purpose may be erased from history's accounting now that the Putin's Obama Peace Coalition owns our soul.

Now any further demands for the immediate destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities, or keeping Jerusalem under the sovereignty of Israel, will be sucked into the black hole of this Coalition where victory for tyranny can be the only outcome.

Congress must take action to dismantle this coalition. In order to ensure that this offense succeeds the leaders of Jewish and Christian organizations, media outlets and radio talk-show hosts, and their followers, must to take the lead. These generals hold the key to pressure Obama and force him to change course, for they have it within their power to create a sense of urgency to unleash millions of calls and visits to Congress that will spur our Congressional leaders into action.

Unfortunately the endless after-effect analyses of Obama's failed policies have relegated our Jewish leadership to a reactive posture. The assessments by the most intelligent among us have been nothing more than a ceaseless accounting of our demise, for they offer no counter offensive to end Obama's sharia enabling foreign policy, one that green lights the creation of a nuclear armed Iranian terrorist state. Ladies and gentlemen there is nothing left to analyze, six million voices must now be heard.

If we are to be victorious we must take the initiative out of the hands of these pundits who claim they have Israel and America's back, before Iran becomes just another one of their talking points, when Iran is the only talking point.

When Putin said America is not exceptional in the world, and then claimed America's belief in their own exceptionalism is the cause of world conflicts, he was echoing the essence of Obama's Appeasement doctrine. It was only natural that they would form this new coalition.

Democracies are supposed to be hated by fascists and tyrannies. If not, the President of the United States is not doing his job/ Our enemies should fear our resolve, not vice versa, as Putin's Obama Iranian United Nations World Peace Coalition would now have us believe.

Why was John McCain in such an uproar when Putin was attacking the nobility of America's just cause? While his assessment was correct, the problem was and still is Obama. It was Obama who had joined the G8 with Putin to stop Iran, but for years on end he never terminated that relationship, while Putin supported Iran's quest to become a nuclear power and supported Iran's ally Assad

No wonder the enemies of freedom in the Middle East never feared America's resolve. In fact, Obama's lack of resolve was the catalyst that gave free reign to the spread of Islamofascism throughout the Mid-East via the Arab Spring.

Now that Obama have joined forces with Putin's Iranian United Nations Peace Coalition, what is the message in all of this?

The message belies the fact that Obama is willing to give Iran the use of nuclear power in exchange for their promise of not creating nuclear weapons, through the monitoring of their nuclear plants by United Nation's inspectors. This always works out well for freedom loving people doesn't it, especially when homicidal maniacs, radical Islamic savages, have the power of veto bestowed on them by secular totalitarian barbarians.

Obama said "In my view if you have both a credible threat of force, combined with a rigorous diplomatic effort, that, in fact you can... strike a deal,' That might be true when you are dealing with civilized people, but when confronting Religious fanatics there is only one result that is credible, unconditional surrender through the use of force.

It then follows, would you have offered Hitler nuclear power if he had promised to end his foreign policy of aggression? Then why would you offer Hassan Rouhani, the new president of Iran, the use of nuclear power when his mandate from the mullahs is the destruction of Israel and the downfall of America. Like the Oslo Accords, any agreement made with Hassan Rouhani of Iran is not worth the paper it is written on.

How could it be otherwise? Fascism is the ultimate expression of absolute power; deception and the absence of accountability are its greatest allies. Since lies are the tools that fascists use to complete their circuitry of deceit, any statements issued from the leaders of these governments or their supporters can be never be believed or validated. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of people's inalienable rights.

Furthermore to Obama's consternation, along comes some of his recovering peaceniks to set the record straight. Robert Gates, who served under Obama as Secretary of Defense, was asked recently if Obama could trust Putin, he said "you must be kidding." One must question why it is as the Secretary of Defense that Gates did not say the same thing about Ahmandinejad? What were all the gestures of support for dialogue with the fascists of Iran that Gates acquiesced to while serving under Obama. Is he kidding?

As I remember Gates was sent to Israel to stop them from attacking Iran.You can verify this in the article: Obama Vetoed Israeli Strike on Iran.

Even Leon Panetta got into the recovery act saying, "Once the US sets a red line it must act or we have no credibility." in reference to Syria. , this from a Secretary of Defense who said "America's red line with Iran is when Iran creates an atomic bomb." Someone should ask Panetta where was the credibility of the United States after he made such an asinine statement. I'm sure the mullahs in Iran could not believe what they are hearing.

It is important to note that neither of these fine gentlemen demand that America must launch a military strike against Iran, now that Obama has joined together with the Putin Iranian United Peace Colation, that is determined to give Iran access to nuclear power.

It is all so simple, Americans and the Israelis are the good guys, Putin, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, and Syria and all other secular and religious tyrannies are the bad guys. Good guys use their land to promote peace among the nations. Bad guys use their land to subjugate humanity to the dictates of absolute power. Good guys are willing to sacrifice their lives to preserve our freedoms, bad guys are willing to sacrifice their lives to end all peoples freedom.

We don't need political pundits who claim to be experts on foreign policy to sit around a table and analyze the meaning of the obvious. If you cannot get it then you need to sit on Putin's couch and let him explain it to you. I hear his rates are reasonable like Comrade Obama's Obamacare, are pennies on your dollar. Right!

I still believe that anything can change at a moment's notice but someone must take up America's just purpose and noble cause and challenge Obama's foreign policy at its core. Towards that end, I would suggest our pundits must address the question whether it is Obamacare or Iran's existential threat to our nation that must take top priority

Unfortunately it seems that the Republicans cannot chew gum and walk at the same time Regardless when it comes to an existential threat which is now imminent, our national security takes preference over domestic concerns. Iran is an imminent threat.

© Stanley Zir


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Stanley Zir

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