Stanley Zir
"Never Again" is dead
By Stanley Zir
May 4, 2016

Never Again, two simple words, was once the proud refrain that united all levels of Jews around the globe: Orthodox, Conservatives, Reforms, Chassidim, Ashkenazis, Sephardic, Culturalists, Nationalists, Philosophical believers, non-believers, observant and non – traditionalists; Brothers and Sisters in Solidarity determined that no one, no country, no Head of State, no group force would ever again have the power to overthrow our people and place us under the crushing thumb of anti-Semitism, the ultimate Jewish hatred and threaten our existence and right to live on this Earth.

Re-establishing Israel as our legitimate home, our Divine birthright, announced to the world and reinforced the notion that no Jew would ever again feel isolated or abandoned. Never again.

On September 17th, when Tennessee's Republican Senator Bob Corker stood in the well of the Senate, painfully aware that there were not enough votes to stop Obama's Iranian deal and conceded victory to the Democrats, Never Again was dealt its fatal blow. The GOP leader cut his response short, left the chambers, and apparently, the rest of the Pro-Zionist movements, those strong outspoken advocates who once boldly rallied to Israel's side, abandoned their stances and chose to do the same.

Instead of gaining a renewed commitment from this deadly blow, Zionist groups responded "Well, what else could we do?" In essence, they folded their tents, waived the white flag of surrender to Iran and left the Never Again battlefield to be silent ever since..Never Again is Dead

In 1943, the world failed to do anything substantive to stop the European Holocaust. Not that there was any real excuse, but back then people just could not fathom that such despicable horrors could possibly take place, even as pictures appeared in the newspapers. What kind of demonic animal could possibly dream up such torture and persecution of a people?

Seventy years later, there is no such excuse. Modern media instantly streams live broadcasts from Israel's neighbors, including Iran, the new peace partners of the United States, promising "death to Jews" and avowing "Israel will be abolished" – even exclaiming to cheering hoards that they are going to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. The cold, brutal facts are staring us right in the face and we are still not doing anything.

There should have been enough hatred and vitriol spewing all around to have started a firestorm under every Jew and every supporter of Israel. It was time to take up the fight, in an unrelenting campaign to demand that the US government run to the aid of Israel, its only true Middle Eastern peace partner, instead of placing the ingredients of a nuclear bomb into the hands of a tyrannical Iran.

Netanyahu pleaded with the American Jewish and the Christian Zionist leadership to speak out and recognize Iran as the greatest threat to Israel, but his words fell on deaf ears as leaders refused to make it their top priority. They simply caved in and moved on to the next item on their bucket lists after the deal was done. America preferred a wait and see attitude. The Government leadership failed us, our Jewish leadership failed us. And now that the deal is done, we sit Shiva for Never Again.

After the Passover holiday, as we have for the past sixty-five years, we make plans to remember the six million victims of the Holocaust on Yom Hashoah. We honor those victims and commemorate the darkest period in human history. We have constructed magnificent museums, monuments and other works of art to pay tribute to the Jewish martyrs, and have held tens of thousands of ceremonies to honor them.

Ironically, despite these Draconian efforts and our gut-wrenching two-word creed, Never Again, American Jewry is doing next to nothing to prevent an impending second Holocaust!

It cannot be possible that Jews don't see the similarities between a Judenrein Germany and Iran's construction of death chambers where nuclear bombs will replace Zyklon B. Read the writing on the missiles! Yes, the deal is done but that doesn't mean there's no more to do. Instead of renewing our pledge to Never Again , we console our hearts by building bigger monuments or lighting bigger candles.

At the Harrow School in October 1941, while referencing the threat of Nazis during World War II, Winston Churchill spoke, "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." There's a leader.

Take a lesson, Jewish and Christian Pro-Zionist organizations! Let me remind you that Never Again means one thing only, and that is under absolutely no circumstances, not for political pressure, not for the sake of peace (or the illusion of peace) should we, the Jewish People ever yield one iota, not one inch to any group who aggressively pursues the extermination of the Jewish people.

In fact, let me remind you, that today, there is no other race of people on this earth who face the threat of the extinction of 6 million (the number of Jews in Israel) by a nuclear holocaust.

And while North Korea continues to play with their big missiles, receiving barely a slap on the wrist by the UN and the International Communities who support Iran's nuclear build-up,Israel continually gets berated, shamed and sanctioned, having their hands tied while Obama agrees to give the green light to Iran, thumbing his nose directly at Israel.The Jewish community remains silent.

In 2011, I wrote that G-d forbid Russia would threaten Israel if Israel tries to protect herself from Iran. Well, here we are in 2016 and that is exactly what has happened. We watch Iran shake hands with Putin who promises to back them should Israel attack their nuclear sites. Even more perverse, it was reported in 2014 that Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes if Netanyahu attacked Iran, a fact that the US administration flatly denied, but the planned Israeli attack never occurred.

And Trump? If elected,he will have to deal with Iran. Trump has already conceded that "when those restrictions expire, Iran will have an industrial-size military nuclear capability ready to go.." Perhaps his most telling statement is that he would re-negotiate the Iranian deal, as if he believes there is an actual possibility to talk logic with Fascists, whose goal is to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth.

Here's the biggest problem that no one is talking about. Our illustrious leaders and leaders-to-be are proclaiming that we should just wait out the eight months until the next US President takes office, and implement their foreign policy, Really?

For sure, Iran, is not sitting idly by for the next eight months. Instead they are amassing equipment, testing rocketry right under our noses, fully backed by the additional economic benefits and having now attained financial legitimacy on the open global trading market.

We need leaders. Fearless leaders who are unafraid to stand up to our government and the world and the joke called the United Nations. Trouble is that Jews in America have been looking for Moses in all the wrong places. First it was Jews for Palin, then Jews for Bachman, then Jews for "Come for me first" Glenn Beck. Why are these so-called Pro-Zionist leaders not unapologetically calling for the immediate destruction of the Iranian Nuclear Holocaust War Machine? They too have capitulated. Where is our Moses to lead us away from those whose mandates of hate have promised a second holocaust against the Jews? Who will guide us with passion, with vision and commitment?

Let's take a lesson from a modern day Moses, a little known hero of Jewish legacy. David Silberman, a mild mannered survivor from Riga, who was the central figure in the historic two-day sit-down hunger strike that took place in the Kremlin in March of 1971. With a petition in hand for the Secretariat requesting that his fellow Latvian Jews be permitted emigration to Israel, David, along with 55 other Latvian Jews stood together against military threats and KGB bullying, finally receiving permission to leave Russia, emigrate to Israel, and thereby opening the door for the exodus of Russian Jews to make Aliyah. David refused to abandon his dream to reach the Promised Land.

The introduction to his forthcoming coming book "I Saw That" provides the reader with David Silberman's first hand written account of the survivors of the Holocaust living in Latvia, it also chronicles David's life as a Jewish activist. In his diary, "Two Days" David wrote, "Skliarov (Director of the hall of the Presidium at the Kremlin) tried to persuade the Jews of Riga to go home. "Our home is Israel! Let us go home!" – could be heard from various comers of the hall. After a few more encounters, Skliarov . .left and the light was put out. It began to grow dark outside..But the people in the Secretariat did not disperse."

Suddenly Senia Nakhimovsky rose from his place and said "Dear friends, Jews! The evening is approaching. I congratulate you on the occasion of the Feast of Purim, the feast of the miraculous delivery of our people!" Stormy applause in the hall followed. A young man in a skull-cap, Boris Lofis, rose from the table holding a prayer book in his hands, said "Jews! I will read to you in the language of our ancestors, Ivrit (Hebrew), a few excerpts about the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt and will translate them into Russian.

This story has a direct connection with us, with the events that are now taking place here."And then the sacred words of the ancient writing flowed from his lips: "And the Lord said to Moses: Go, tell the Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, to let go the sons of Israel out of his land." Unintentional tears appeared in the eyes of men, women, young and old. As David remarked in his diary, "These were some of the greatest moments ever lived through by Soviet Jews." Great things happen when men (and women) stand by their convictions and don't lose hope or give in.

As George Washington stood alone against all odds with his rag-tag army to gain a monumental victory over British tyranny in the War of Independence, he set the stage for America's protocol when it came to facing threats to human freedom when confronted by tyrants and fascists. This is the DNA of the American warrior. We do not waiver or give in to tyrannical enemies. We look them in the eye and defy them. Nothing is more sacred than our freedom and our right to a safe nation.

As victims of the most heinous crimes ever perpetrated upon a group of people, it is incumbent upon all Jews, especially American Jews who have been twice blessed with the Covenant of redemption and the Constitution protecting our freedoms to lead the charge that will end the Iranian nuclear threat against world peace, especially as it relates to Israel, to America and all nations that value their citizens and their freedom. Thus we Jews are indivisibly bound and obligated to protect humanity from the scourge of tyranny.

That is why it is the mission of American Jews to ensure that the United States, the leader of the Free World, never embraces a foreign policy that gives legitimacy to a nation that declares a Holy War Jihad against America, champions a nuclear Holocaust against Israel, and negotiates any deal that uses American troops or partners as bargaining chips.

We must demand that our leaders be true heroes and refuse to capitulate to the useless Obama containment doctrine. We must never honor this deal

In the famous story about American Brig. General Anthony McAuliffe, the Commanding Officer who was approached by four German soldiers waving two white flags bearing a note from the German Commander demanding the Americans surrender. At first McAuliffe was confused asking clarification that it was the Germans wanting to surrender. He was told, "No sir, they want us to surrender." McAuliffe ordered a written response typed: "To the German Commander" with one word. "NUTS!" The Germans, unsure of the meaning, asked, for a definition. The answer was simply, "Go to Hell." Leaders don't give up, and neither should we. Say "nuts" to those who are waiving the white flag of surrender now that the deal is done. Never Again Jews never surrender

I encourage you to turn your backs on those who call themselves Jewish leaders if they are still not calling for the immediate destruction of the Iranian Nuclear Holocaust Machine. Shun them; withdraw your support and your funding. If your Rabbis and Synagogues are not calling out for the immediate destruction of Iran's nuclear capability, I say withhold your membership dollars. Never Again means Never Again!

Our leadership has got to stop being derailed and diverted, jumping from one crisis to another trying to put out fires while the forest is about to be burnt to the ground around us. Instead, we must demand that they focus on the realistic threat which is Iran, whose Supreme leader is a mad tyrannical extremist, who will have a bomb in his hands, aimed first at Israel and then the rest of the free world. It won't really matter which bathroom any transgender person uses, or which particular groups' lives' matters when we fall under the unending threat of Nuclear Jihad.

The fact is that our immediate focus must be on stopping Iran from becoming a legitimate nuclear terrorist enterprise. On this Holocaust Memorial Day, we must resurrect Never Again. We must embark on a course to stop Iran now. We cannot wait for our Government, or certainly the next administration to act. It is in our hands to demand that the Iranian deal be scrapped,

Who will stand up the day of Yom Hashoah and speak for the six million people whose voices that no longer have a voice?

Who is going to speak for the six million people now living in Israel?

Once Iran is transformed into a legitimate terrorist nuclear state, the world as we know it will change, forever. Never Again needs to be resurrected for Never Again is Now

© Stanley Zir


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