Stanley Zir
Part Three: Israel & America's shared destiny
By Stanley Zir
May 5, 2018

Written during the Obama years

The purpose of this essay is to establish the indisputable connection between Israel and America that was born from a Biblical / American Constitutional point of departure It is here we find the moral imperative that reveals the essential components that are critical in lifting the cloud of deception that has descended on all the people of the free world and has prevented them from seeing the root cause of Israeli Arab Palestinian conflict is a biblical depute that reflects on ongoing historical conflict between people and nations who occupy lands to bring a reign of tyranny down upon their own citizens and humankind, and those who occupy lands to spread peace and prosperity throughout the world.

It is this insight that provides the critical information that is needed to form the strategy that is indispensable in gaining a crowning victory over the Dominion of Tyranny that has subjected the human sprit to the most ruthless contenders of power since the days of Abraham

The Obama Administration is currently making a big push "to achieve the goal of two states, a Jewish state in Israel and a Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security" as it was described on the foreign policy page of President-Elect Obama's interim website, CHANGE.GOV OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT-ELECT. Taking the above history into account, and the fact that the root of Arab hatred towards Israel and the Jews continues to exist to this day, the idea of a so-called two-state "solution" has many serious practical problems. Many within the Israeli Parliament, including myself, believe that its implementation would result in the eventual demise of Israel, as it would bring thousands of Arab terrorists within 10 miles of all of our main population centers, including Ben Gurion Airport.

There are also other major concerns with regard to the two-state 'solution.' Would Mr. Obama be able to end the inculcation of multiple generations of Arabs, of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic propaganda dispensed to them in the schools, mosques and media of the PA and certain Arab countries?

What would the "fulfillment" of President Obama's goal translate into for the more than 300,000 Jews in the West Bank (Judea & Samaria)? It would likely mean tremendous suffering for them – much, much more than that experienced by the 10,000 expellees from Gaza and northern Samaria during the "Disengagement." Most of the expellees are still without permanent housing, more than 3½ years after the mass expulsion.

And, how would it affect the entire Jewish People and the world-at-large, since the two-state "solution" necessitates the breaking of the Covenant with G-d regarding the Entire Land of Israel?

To answer the above question, we need only see the effects that the Jewish People's Covenant with G-d had in providing the moral and ethical foundation upon which a new nation, America, would emerge from the swamps of hate and oppression to snatch liberty from the jaws of tyranny's grip.

It is this same Covenant that served as a spiritual compass when the founders of this new nation launched their odyssey of freedom, an odyssey whose eternal declaration of war on tyranny's evils stamped her nation's identity and defined her global mission.

Because Israel and America are joined at the hip in this joint venture, it alerts us to the fact that while the Arab-Israeli conflict is a biblical dispute, it also reflects an ongoing historical conflict between people and nations who occupy lands to bring a reign of tyranny down upon humankind, and those who occupy lands to spread peace and prosperity throughout the world.

Now the question becomes: "What would happen to the Jewish people and the free world if America were to falter in her obligation to take action against those who vowed to destroy Israel thru nuclear annihilation, or willfully endorse a two-state 'solution' with those bent on Israel's destruction? The result would be the worst of all possible scenarios. America will lose their identity as the advocate for the advancement of freedom in this world, and inherit all that she has fought against since the birth of her nations. Then, no tears of regret will be able to disperse the carnage that would descend on the nations of the free world by those intent on raping her soul and entombing her spirit in an ever-increasing spiral of darkness, until the very notion of liberty as a way of life is literally ripped from the pages of history's accounting.

The following video clip is very graphic. It definitely is not for children. (Choose between these two videos: or

After playing the selected clip, please say:

Ya can't make this stuff up. Tragically, this is what all of us in the Free World are up against.

Incredibly, even as Israel faces the threat of an Iranian nuclear attack, many of the leaders in the free world still think they can avoid conflicts and keep their freedoms when confronted by nations whose people are willing to die to end them. These are the false prophets of peace and the greatest threats to Israel's existence. It is the absence of those who would stand up to fight against any who would bring down a reign of tyranny on humankind that is the greatest threat to our liberties. The threat is certainly not from the heroes among us who would be willing to die to protect against such fiends, as our detractors would have us believe.

This is why we call on the people of the free world to unite and stand together with Israel in order to protect the nation that keeps the sacred covenant with G-d intact. For, it is this covenant that produced the laws that became the foundation of an ethical imperative, without which the consummation of liberty's documents could never have been actualized.

It is this spiritual bond encoded in America's documents of freedom that binds Israel and America to a common endeavor...the ongoing quest to secure a world free from the forces of tyranny and oppression.

As your ally in this endeavor, America, the people of Israel are not only grateful to you for your unflagging support of our nation, but also to your patriots, who have given their lives in endless conflicts against global fascist movements in order to secure the inalienable rights which all free people throughout the world enjoy today.

Israel can never repay the debt we owe to your brave solders, and to our own who died fighting on our battlefields protecting such a noble undertaking. This is why we, like yourselves, are obligated to consecrate the lives of these fallen heroes with our pledge to protect the freedoms they gave their lives for, so that every future generation may be free from tyranny's hateful grip.

Yet, Israel, unlike any other nation in the world, has another obligation she must honor which is no less noble in purpose and no less sacred in its decree that serves liberty's just cause. It is the pledge, that never again will the Jewish People be victims of a holocaust perpetrated by those whose mandate of hate would cause them to abandon their own humanity in their pursuit of world domination, that we must honor.

This is why Israel, in the name of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, and as a freedom-loving people, will never bound herself to any agreements which would hand over lands inside her borders to anyone; especially, to those bent on our destruction, or adhere to any requests from those in the international community who would ask us, in the name of peace and restraint, to stand pat with a dead man's hand when there is a nuclear bomb on our horizon.

Despite Israel being on the right side of history, and despite her being the victim of endless acts of terrorism, many in the free world who are afraid of provoking a war with the Islamic people falsely claim that Israel is the culprit in the Arab-Israeli conflict, or, at the very least, is equally culpable in this affair. Therefore, Israel has been offered no other choice but to acquiesce to their request to sign peace agreements with those who wish to destroy her, in order to arrest those fears.

The time has come to put to rest the insidious notion that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the underlying cause for ever-increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States, and that its resolution will bring peace and economic security to the West. Such a patently false notion puts us all in harms' way.

Truth be told – Religious Tyranny in the Middle East is the real threat to world security – not the presence of Israel! Let me make this perfectly clear: People who give allegiance to their sacred dogma above and to the exclusion of people's inalienable rights are the culprits in this conflict.

It is the presence of the all-pervasive Mosque and State tyrannical governmental structure in the Middle East that has been providing its people a diet whose staple of hate and oppression is responsible for creating a terrorist beast in that region for more than 10 centuries. It is these oppressive enclaves which have fostered the terrorist offspring who now attack and threaten Israel with impunity. If Israel is to survive, it is time for her to put to rest the deadly myth that there are moderates in religious tyrannies, because, in these nations, both fundamentalists and moderates, alike, openly praise G-d through acts of treachery and oppression.

Here we find the root cause of the evil that now germinates the plague from which the disease of terrorism flows. It is this malignant cancer, spawned in the Oil-Rich Mosque and State Terrorist Cooperatives of the Middle East, that are responsible for the lies and propaganda that have been eating away at the notion of Israel's right to exist. Here we find the nests from which the terrorists feed and the Oil Revenues that keep their quest to destroy Israel, alive. This is the tyrannical governmental prototype that needs to be dismantled if we are to be free from the plague of terrorism and the dementia that has created it.

And, when we trace the footprints that America's odyssey of freedom left on history's landscape, the enormity of this task comes into view.

From an historical perspective, these Mosque and State terrorist cooperatives and their Secular totalitarian counterparts are both branches on the same tyrannical tree whose roots America's Founding Fathers promised to dislodge when they crossed the bridge to freedom and brought the world into the constitutional era.

From that point forward, the given right of any individual to defend themselves against any force or system that would subdue their inalienable rights was activated, and, with it, the conflict between a new nation of democracy and nations which embraced religious and secular totalitarian systems of oppression was set in motion.

Thus, in the scheme of things, as America's and her allies' presence in the world grew, they would obviously become the ultimate threat to nations that ran such tyrannical enterprises.

How could it have been otherwise – one system sustains freedom, the other, submission. One supports an open market of ideas, the other, persecution and murder for dissent. One achieves peace and unity through a democratic Constitutional balance of power, the other mocks these virtues through the absolute subjugation of the individual human spirit to the will of the most ruthless contender for power.

Therefore, if we can establish a common DNA between the two types of tyrannical systems of oppression that are at a cross-purpose with liberty's decrees, the true identify, nature and size of the conflict that Israel and America are now facing is revealed.

Upon examination, both religious and secular totalitarian states share the common objective of eliminating the very sources that trigger national prosperity and secure the integrity of the state – free choice and protection of people's inalienable rights. Thus, the open market of competitive ideas that is needed to bring prosperity and wealth to a nation is absent.

It was this political ideology that embraced the idea that in order to serve some higher ideal, sacrificing one's personal freedoms and personal wealth was necessary for achieving unity in order to fulfill the national goal of a fair and equitable society. This ideology ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

With the oil-rich Mosque and State cooperatives of the Middle East appearing on liberty's radar screens after 9/11, and with the re-emergence of the secular tyrannies, emboldened by their own influence on world oil markets, the free world finds itself at a critical juncture – where our capitalist system faces threats of collapse if we do not acquiesce to the demands of those who hold the freedom-loving people of Israel and the free world hostage by withholding oil. As we had learned in 1973 with the Arab oil boycott, economics must never be permitted to trump liberty's decrees.

That is why America and Israel must stand together as one in order to consummate the greatest experiment in the history of civilization that was launched by America's Founding Fathers 200 years ago – the quest to forever lock the door on the full menu of tyranny's evils to any and all who would release its deadly venom into the hearts of humankind.

One must remember, America, that it has been your stance against tyranny that is responsible for the development of the free market system of competitive ideas that has continued to sustain the free world's hope for economic prosperity through the best and worst of times.

It was this same stance that enabled America and her allies to make the sacrifices needed to withstand the economic burden that was levied upon them from an endless parade of saber- waving fascists in both World Wars.

It is this steadfast commitment to a free market system that has given rise to the ingenuity in people to adapt to and overcome any economic adversity which has proven time and time again that the starving horse called tyranny has always finished last in its race to overtake liberty's decree.

This is the point of reference America and Israel must use in order to expose those who have fabricated the lie that western imperialism is the cause of the Israeli-'Palestinian' Arab conflict and the worldwide economic crisis – not their ill-conceived ideologies – in order to divide us against ourselves at a time when we must all unite in order to defeat an enemy of deceit which now knocks on liberty's front door.

It is this understanding that must take center stage in our war against terrorism if we are to lift the cloud of confusion that now prevents the people of the Free World from recognizing that the Arab-Israeli dispute represents much more than a regional conflict; but in fact is part and parcel of a much greater battle in which not only the survival of Israel lays in the balance, but where the survival of democracy, itself, is on the line.

As I asked earlier in this speech: "What would happen to the people of the free world if America faltered in her obligation to take action against those who have declared war on any of her allies; especially, Israel, her most ardent supporter?" The result would be the worst of all possible scenarios. America would forfeit her identity as the advocate for the advancement of freedom in this world, thus inheriting all of the evil she has fought against since the birth of her nation.

Despite being surrounded by governments whose goal it is to destroy the Jewish State, and despite being forced to devote huge amounts of resources for her defense, Israel has provided the world with a wealth of treasures in her short 61 years as a modern State. I leave you with images of the real Israel. Thank you, and G-d bless:

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