Stanley Zir
D-Day for Deplorables, Part II: A political psychopath on the prowl
Stanley Zir & David M. Brodsky
By Stanley Zir
November 3, 2018

The Ancient Mariner is approaching, rounding the bend; the light of liberty that launched his vessel into the sea of darkness is casting its first shadows. This gate-keeper's bell is ringing, but is mocked by the smugness and arrogance of those among us who still give their allegiance to ignorance and folly, just as the tide that launched our odyssey of freedom is coming in.

Look closely; the waters of liberty are swollen, pregnant, and in full term, driven downstream by a furious deluge, they can be held back no longer. Hidden in the murky waters, a mammoth water wall approaches; there will be a reckoning, the dam of ignorance is about to implode, and like Joshua at Jericho, a new warrior trumpets that call, and with it the wall of ignorance is about to fall, opening up the floodgates of freedom; those who have been clogging the tributaries that carry the water to the river where the currents of liberty's decrees flow, will be swept away, for the final Restoration of liberty to its rightful throne begins that day. Make no mistake about it, this November is a Patrick Henry moment; we must avoid the despair that will descend on the American people should they awake and realize our documents of liberty have been compromised because we failed to get out the vote, then it will be all uphill from there.

It is obvious that our nation has reached a crossroads; our Constitution is being threatened to be usurped from within, by those whose joint antipathy towards both America and Israel is relentless and unending. In order to preserve our union and bring honor to the nation our Founders conceived in their darkest hour – in their struggles to overcome tyranny – we must repulse the advances of those among us who are desperately trying to deny us our birthright.

To turn the corner in this battle against those who would deprive us of our freedom and prosperity, the greatness of America must be our campaign. The more we talk about the history of our nation and our place in the world as the nation among all nations that can put an end to the scourge of world tyranny, the more Obama and his cadre of racist anti-American Marxists will be on the defensive. It is like sprinkling holy water to exorcise the demon that has possessed his soul, sending him on his unholy quest. Because Donald Trump, having declared war on the forces of tyranny that threaten our nation and the world, it is only he who can be that exorcist.

He's Back

The Democrats were heaving; breathing their last fiery breath. The die was cast. Ice-blue blood ran cold in their veins. New patriots had gathered on freedom's rock, their eyes – like the eagle defending its territory – were uncompromising and all-consuming. These are the warriors destined to wield the Scepter of Liberty in this world.

Preoccupied with their arrival, the ageless tyrant and his minions had become transfixed, shivering in fear, pondering the eternal fury that was about to descend upon them, that would finally turn their deceitful souls into dust.

Enter Obama, the King of Con, their Chief Social Justice Warrior, the Great Deceiver, to save the day. Obama and Trump; it could not have been any other way as they go down to the wire, Liberty's Commander-in-Chief against Tyranny's Deceiver-in-Chief.

Obama was back. After the Trump election, why was he was left free to roam? What should the penalty have been for someone in that highest office who attempts to destroy the very foundation upon which this nation rests, upon which the world relies to keep them free from the acolytes of tyranny cropping up everywhere? What could be worse?

But Obama dodged the bullet. How did he make his escape?

Many years ago, I watched an episode of the Twilight Zone called, "The Howling Man." I found it very amusing at the time, but little did I know how prophetic it would turn out to be. In the episode, a traveler on a stormy night seeks refuge in an old castle. The monks who have taken it over for a monastery at first refuse him assistance, but eventually take pity on him when he faints from exhaustion. When the visitor awakens, he hears a howling from somewhere inside the castle and, upon investigation, finds an unkempt man in a cage. The man tells him that the monks are zealots that have kidnapped him. The traveler takes issue and threatens to inform the police.

At this point, the order's leader tells him the story of the howling prisoner: he is actually the Devil Himself, found by the monks, and imprisoned by them using the "Staff of Truth," belonging to their leader. The traveler takes no heed of this unbelievable tale and, despite being watched by the brothers, he eventually removes the staff from the cell door, releasing the bedraggled man.

Released from his prison, he waves his hand, throwing the visitor across the room, and walks out. As he does so, he transforms into what is revealed as his true demonic form. The traveler, because of his lack of belief, has indeed released the Devil into an unsuspecting world.

With only a few minor changes, this story could easily apply to Barack Obama. Sadly, we never punished Obama for the damage he did to this nation. He's been left free to roam.

And He's At it Again!

The Obama con is always on.

With just days to go, and now that Obama is back, we must be ever vigilant and repel the constant attacks that he levels against the American people, as he continues to divide us along the cultural, class, and ethnic lines of the pre-Constitutional era. With our liberty in the balance, we must relentlessly attack his positions and expose his dictatorial mandates, because the media has been delinquent in demanding frank and timely answers to his behavior and its lethal effect on the survival of all mankind.

He is an eloquent speaker who uses his words to trick us. He manipulates the facts and keeps us off balance. He knows how to cover the tracks of his failed policies and push his Marxist agenda forward. He is a master of deception – a chameleon in stealth mode – co-opting our Founding Fathers' dream for a more perfect union, as if the Founders were born to fulfill his dream. He knows just what to say, so even the so-called intelligent among us are left spellbound, gasping for breath after his speech.

The only way to defeat this con artist is to remain constantly alert, to stay three or four steps ahead of the scam.

Because the classics provide insight into the full range of human behavior, I often use them to clarify critical arguments and as a reference in many of my essays. A case in point is Homer's Odyssey, containing Circe's warning to Odysseus about the Sirens – because it is a warning to us about the nature of our battle with the community organizer from Chicago.

In Book XII, it provides a warning to us about the overwhelming power a deceiver has, when we fail to prepare ourselves for his onslaught. In the Odyssey, Circe warns us of the malevolent power that the deceiver possesses that enables him to lure people into his devil's den and the devastating results that ensue, which can be chronicled from when Barack Obama occupied the Oval Office:

You will come first of all to the Sirens, who are enchanters of all mankind and whoever comes their way has no prospect of ever coming home . . . You must drive straight on past, but melt down sweet wax of honey and with it stop your companions' ears, so none can listen; . . . if you yourself are wanting to hear them, then have them tie you hand and foot on the fast ship, standing upright against the mast with the ropes.

How many of our congressional representatives and religious leaders visited the White House with good intentions only to be beguiled by Obama's charm, and, once ensorcelled, were no longer capable of serving the people they represented? The numbers over the years of his presidency were staggering, the situations endless.

Even the best representatives of the media repeatedly fell victim to Mr. Obama's unending deceptions and allure, whether they were made when he was losing favor or in the public's good graces. This was the birth of fake news.

The threat is clear, but will we Republicans respond in time? That will depend entirely on whether the president's supporters, Republicans and Independents, believe that the existential threat posed by this enemy is real.

Dracula Lives!

A very courageous person, a true freedom fighter, once gave me a tremendous, and amazingly relevant, insight into the nature of evil, and it would benefit Mr. Carlson and the rest of his "conservative" cohorts to internalize this point, and make it the crux of this year's election campaigns. She explained to me the true meaning of Bram Stoker's famous novel, Dracula, as a cautionary tale aimed at those who do not believe in the existence, or manifestation, of evil. In the book, the various characters find it utterly unbelievable that a creature could exist that, in drinking one's blood, would turn one into a vampire – a being living by night, fully immersed in evil. In reality, she said, the book presents a metaphor for evil going undetected and gaining power, as people continue to refuse to believe in it because it so offends their commonplace sensibilities. Therefore, the book's eponymous monster succeeds because the threat he poses remains unknown.

The fictional Count, furthermore, has tremendous powers of seduction, reeling in his victims with false promises of eternal life, physical pleasure, and wish-fulfillment.

In all seriousness, the novel's vivid descriptions of Count Dracula "turning" his victims by drinking their blood are an obvious stand-in for the total destruction of the victim's free will – the transformation of human beings into empty shells devoid of compassion, willing slaves of a tyrannical master. His exotic, well-coiffed appearance and his hypnotic powers of speech serve to draw to him those through whom he wishes to continue his degenerate legacy – spreading his plague throughout humanity. He need only be invited in to begin his corruption of everything sacred. However, he can be stopped, but only with a wooden stake through the heart – a common, earthly object, penetrating to the core of his disease. And now the earthly object is a voting booth and when you close the curtain and pull the lever you make sure that he and his insurgency are left powerless.

We see that common sense, timely action, and intelligence enough to see past its well-groomed exterior can stop the spread of this plague of evil.

Make no mistake, just as with Dracula, the Left makes use of false promises and utopian ideologies to attract support, twisting the truth until, like the vampire's victims, we no longer know what's right and what's wrong. This brainwashing is exactly how terrorist organizations bring in new members. It also is just how cults operate.

It is no different from the propaganda machines of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. And, with a little salting from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, and a bit of pepper added by the Weather Underground's Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, it is exactly the same recipe used by Barack Obama and his "free-thinking" minions to hoodwink America and turn its citizens against themselves and each other.

The growing acceptance among our youth, and on our college campuses, of new ideologies for achieving peace and utopian visions by compromising our freedoms and rights has created a new common ground, embraced by even the most intelligent students – not to mention their professors. Our educational system is infested, and has turned into a breeding ground for the spread of this New Age plague. In these new movements, the definitions of what is evil, what is ethical, and what faith is, are dictated by the leadership with impunity. With the proliferation of "safe spaces," public debate has been shut down by the tyrannical dictates of the intellectual elitists who have created this plague, and their dedicated minions, who eagerly embrace it.

How is this possible? The manipulation of language and the control of the dialogue are utilized in such institutions based on the dynamics of a complete reversal of reasoning, to justify some higher ideal that in reality is being destroyed. Such an insidious process of deception is used in order to maintain complete control over the people they claim to serve, represent, or educate.

Those who obtain uncontested control, ultimately determine the outcome of discussions of major significance because they are in the position to define the only acceptable meanings of the concepts that serve as the basis for dialogue. By establishing a process where the meanings of words now go uncontested, the very language of reasoning is extracted from the interchange between human beings. This is the dynamics of deceit. This is the same twisted DNA that has given birth to every cult, every totalitarian state, and every tyranny that has ever existed. It is the same tool used by the Democrat Party today to energize their base. This is the tool wielded by Barack Obama as he stumps the country in support of his favorites. True, he was left free to roam, but we must stop his plague from re-infecting the country. November 6th is the day, the Constitution is the cure, and your vote is the delivery mechanism.

Coming Soon, Part III: Obama's Poison and Its Antidote

© Stanley Zir


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