JR Dieckmann
Obama, the game show host
By JR Dieckmann
June 22, 2009

Again last week, Obama had shown that he just can't stay away from the cameras and instant gratification of a live audience or forum. Of course his work in the White House of dictating his destructive policies to his czars and having them carry out his agenda, leaves him plenty of time on his hands for seeking out the praise of his misguided worshipers and supporters.

Did you ever wonder how the man in the most powerful job in the world has so much time on his hands for traveling around to townhall forums and giving speeches for the cameras? The answer should be obvious to anyone. He is not doing the job of president, someone else is from behind the curtain. Obama is simply the "front man" show host.

Jim Jones of the People's Temple had the same need for instant gratification from his adoring crowds and we all know how that turned out in Guyana. And now you know where the term "Kool-aid drinkers" comes from. Obama thinks he can get the whole country to drink his Kool-aid but more and more people are throwing down their paper cups and refusing to drink the poison.

Obama appears to be more suited as a game show host than a president. He is running the government like a game show. AIG, come on down; GE come on down; General Motors, come on down; Chrysler, come on down; UAW come on down; SEIU, come on down; Sierra Club come on down; ACORN, come on down. These are just some of his contestants and we taxpayers are the sponsors who provide the prizes. In the Obama game show, all selected contestants win, while we sit in the audience and watch our money being poured down the filthy drain of socialism.

Monty Hall couldn't do a better job of giving away jobs and money to his personally selected winners, but he could probably do a better job of running the executive branch of government. At least Hall knew something about capitalism, American industry and products, and running a business. That would give him the advantage over Obama if the two were applying for the job.

Obama's czars are running the country while Obama is playing game show host. Obama needs to stop this play acting presidency and resign from office on the grounds that he is not qualified, neither constitutionally as a natural born citizen, nor by executive experience, nor by an understanding of, and respect for, the Constitution. I'm sure they would welcome him in Hollywood where he could begin a new career in reality shows. I don't know how long our country can endure this amateur celebrity pretending to be a leader, who couldn't lead a dog to water or fleas to a dog.

"Well, I think our first role should be shareholders that are looking to get out." Obama says about the GM takeover. "You know, I don't want to run auto companies, I don't want to run banks. I've got two wars I've got to run already. I've got more than enough to do. So the sooner we can get out of that business, the better off we're going to be." He got the shareholders out alright, but without their money.

Of course he doesn't want to run these companies. He wants to own and control them, leaving his czars to run them. Obama is fully aware that he is not capable of running a Dairy Queen, let alone a large corporation. So what is he doing in charge of the U.S. Government? Or is he? Who pulls Obama's strings? We already know some of them, but that's a story for another day. We also know the consequences when someone annoys him or his friends. Just ask Rick Wagoner or Gerald Walpin.

I'll tell you what he's doing with this power; he's driving our country into bankruptcy and depression with his Marxist agenda which is all he really knows. What he is not doing is protecting and defending the Constitution and our personal liberties.

He isn't doing the work of the president, he has his czars and staff doing all of that while he spends his time traveling around with his teleprompter and making celebrity appearances for the cameras. To him, every appearance is a game show and the game is to see how many people he can fool with his doubletalk. Many of us see right through his artificial facade. Many of us aren't buying it. Many of us are demanding that he prove his constitutional qualifications for president or step down and vacate that office to someone who is qualified.

During the 8 years of the Bush Administration, how many times did we see George W. Bush out running around and getting his face in front of the cameras? Bush gave a weekly recorded radio address and that was just about it other than his annual State of the Union Address.

He didn't make career of playing celebrity game show host and constantly arranging for the adoration of his fans before the cameras. He worked hard most of the time doing the work of the president in the oval office. Even when he was away from the White House, he still worked on presidential business and was responsible to his position and the American people. And he didn't blame his problems and everything he did wrong on his predecessor, as the childish Obama does.

We don't need a community organizing reality show host in the White House. We need a real president and leader, especially now. Even now with friction escalating in No. Korea, and a revolution taking place in Iran, Obama is showing no leadership for the United States. He is afraid to take sides against the Mullahs in support of the Iranian people with any strong statement. He doesn't know what to say. Only after public pressure did he get someone to write a weak, noncommittal statement for him to put his name on, then the media lauds it as "He is so smart in the way he is handling the crisis in Iran!" Don't make me puke!

"We are excited to see what appears to be a robust debate taking place in Iran. Whoever ends up winning the election in Iran, the fact there has been a robust debate hopefully will advance our ability to engage them in new ways." says Obama.

While a revolution is taking place in Iran, Hillary Clinton said that Obama Administration plans for negotiations with Iran will continue. Does that mean that she and Obama expect the revolution to fail? With whom do they expect to be negotiating when regime change seems more evident in Iran day by day? Obama and Clinton may have to rewrite their plans for negotiating with terrorist supporting states.

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