Kevin Fobbs
Why liberals ignore DACA amnesty plan's harm to black Americans
By Kevin Fobbs
January 20, 2018

When former President Obama created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program did he or his bastion of liberal pundits and mainstream media care about the harm to black Americans? Of course not, and not even civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson or race baiter Al Sharpton raise a finger in protest. But according to Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, they should have and this is why.

Kirsanow sent Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), who is a current DACA amnesty supporter, a letter detailing how a DACA amnesty plan will be "disproportionately" harming working-class black Americans," according to Breitbart. He said that without a border wall, end to chain migration and other security protections the agreement will increase the real harm working-class and poor black American are suffering.

For many black Americans in cities, counties and states around the nation, upward mobility, decent jobs and higher educational attainment are severely challenged. Breitbart reported that Kirsanow agrees with this premise. He indicated that, amnesty for illegal aliens would continue to increase the burden that both illegal and legal immigration currently has on African-Americans. He emphasized that liberals only focus on increasing the entry of more and more DACA eligible illegals, because they are potential future democrat votes.

But what about the real negative impact which this and other liberal policies which administrations like Obama have used to weaken protection of the border. Kirsanow emphasized, "Such grant of legal status, without serious, robust immigration enforcement, ... will likely make it more difficult for working-class and poor black American to obtain employment and depressing their wages when they do obtain employment."

Unlike the so-called "Dreamers," black American children, their parents and families are Americans. Yet, the aspirations of these illegal immigrants have been used by the mainstream media and anti-border enforcement leaders to jettison the futures of black American children back to the back of the bus. Famed civil rights leader, Rosa Parks would be alarmed and possibly horrified.

In Chicago tens of thousands of young black children's lives have been decimated due to black on black violence and death has become an all to welcome occurrence. Meanwhile those young DACA illegals are given more headlines and support because liberals there and across the nation want them to be their new "reliable plantation voter block."

The harsh reality is clear. Despite the race-baiting claims of the group "Black Lives Matter," in this nation, liberals like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) never utter a single word of concern for how numerous studies and congressional numerous hearings demonstrate the alarmingly negative impact of illegal immigration on unskilled and low-skilled American workers. Do they care, of course not?

When these two condemn so-called "fat cats" that are against Americans, they really are talking about themselves. They are the millionaires who live off of and profit from their own swamp filled with millionaire supporters in the entertainment industry and billionaire internet tycoons. They are the ones who drape themselves in the veil of "Resist" efforts to build a wall to protect the southern border. These are the same culprits who created the doctored liberal lies which protect illegals who stripped away jobs, educational opportunities and livelihoods from the black community without a single moment of concern for the harm it continues to inflict.

While the DACA legislation is being debated in Congress, real civil rights leaders who are deeply concerned about the future of black American children and all unskilled low income American families should look at the 2008 Civil Rights Commission Report testimony findings. The testimony offered at the briefing revealed that illegal immigration disproportionately affects the wages and employment opportunities of African-American men.

The time to remain silent to the deadly impact of illegal immigration and any DACA Amnesty compromise without robust immigration enforcement is over. Black American citizens who felt that for a century and a half they have been treated as second-class citizens are in danger of becoming third-class or even worse: invisible. Continued silence is not an option. Silence is Betrayal!

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