Gabriel Garnica
Denial is the pro-aborts' favorite river
By Gabriel Garnica
June 2, 2013

The abortion lobby has plenty of experience when it comes to hiding the truth, twisting facts, and pretending to care, but never have these people been forced to display those skills and then some like they have in the past few weeks.

It was not easy to ignore the mass murder of innocents displayed in the Gosnell trial, complete with gory details including an infant struggling to survive in the toilet before being dispatched by this lobby's ghouls in short order.

It also has not been easy to ignore the Jennifer Morbelli death at the hands of Leroy Carhart which has been conclusively linked to her botched 33-week abortion. Despite clear evidence that Morbelli died as a result of Carhart's delays in providing effective care, he will not be facing any charges or sanctions. Worse still, other women have paid with their lives at the hands of Carhart, who was past links to the infamous abortionist George Tiller, a close ally and contributor of Kathleen Sebelius, then Governor of Kansas and now Barack Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services. What little media attention has been paid to the Morbelli case has expressed dismay or outrage regarding the violation of her privacy while brushing over her actual death.

It has not been easy to ignore the similar horrors inflicted by Douglas Karpen, who former clinic employees described as routinely twisting the heads off of infants' necks and ripping fetuses to pieces in a bloody mess when necessary. These employees also describe how Karpen would disregard his patients' safety, puncturing their stomachs and lacerating their cervix or uterus, and ordering that the troublesome ones who asked too many questions be put to sleep. Like Gosnell and the many other infantry soldiers of this despicable lobby, Karpen disposed of these tiny victims in landfills and other sewage. Countless other women have likewise paid with their lives in countless other unsafe, shoddy abortion clinics around the nation. Such cases are consistent with the testimony of former Planned Parenthood nurses who accuse the abortion giant of meat-market assembly line abortions more concerned with profit margins than the health and safety of women.

It has likewise not been easy glossing over the fact that the IRS scandal now demonstrates that the federal government has specifically targeted pro-life and other conservative groups because of their views, despite the government's pathetic pretensions that these tactics did not originate from the highest level. Similarly, evidence exists that adoptive families and others are grilled by the IRS while Planned Parenthood, whose accounting and financial practices have been anything but pure and spotless, goes unscathed. Speaking of Planned Parenthood, let us not forget that it is nearly impossible to avoid coming across some scandal, probe, revelation, or expose of Planned Parenthood misconduct over the course of any given year.

Despite solid historical evidence that the iconic women's suffragist leader Susan B. Anthony was staunchly against abortion, the pro-abortion group NARAL pretends that this great American woman would defend the very procedure she described as child murder. Such perceptive, intelligent, and cutting edge women like Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul espoused authentic pro-life feminism, recognizing the hypocrisy of building any group's rights upon the broken rights of another group. Admittedly, it would be rather foolish to expect the abortion lobby to respect historical fact when it refuses to respect any facts at all. After all, this lobby stubbornly refuses to admit that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, was a radical racist who saw abortion and birth control as blessings to reduce unwanted people and marriage, religion, and family as evils and spoke at a KKK meeting.

Statistics and reports show that abortion and Planned Parenthood disproportionately impact the African-American and Hispanic communities in numbers that would be considered solid evidence for racial discrimination if they involved hiring differences, yet are ignored by a leadership, party, and media which see minorities more as toys to manipulate and, apparently, discard, as needed.

Sadly, the abortion lobby is not limited to the Democratic Party and its present leadership, its fawning and passionately pro-abortion mainstream media, greedy politicians and doctors eager to cash in on legalized genocide, and liberal forces brainwashing our young people to buy the lobby's fiction. As a proud Catholic I must accept that this cancer has spread into the Catholic Church and other so-called Christian institutions as well, where radical groups posing as "progressive" voices of faith peddle the ultimate lie that Christ would ever condone such horror in the name of mercy. These groups either openly condone abortion or spread lip service while inviting pro-abortion speakers to their campuses.

Ironically, the tiny innocents which the abortion lobby so fervently tries to ignore, discredit, dismember, and dispose of are nevertheless the most visible victims of this lobby. Its most invisible victims, however, are the very women they purport to defend and support. Scores of studies showing the links between abortion and breast cancer, depression, infertility, and suicide are ignored by a media happy to report on races for a cure, why abortionists are saints, why Planned Parenthood is the messiah of women, and how people who oppose abortions are terrorists.

Ultimately, the pro-abortion lobby is built upon greed, hypocrisy, deception, distortion, manipulation, and victimization all wrapped in a pathetic veneer of concern for women's rights which flies in the face of historical fact, present revelations, and rational common sense. Its members are a motley array whose greed, hypocrisy, cowardice, and thirst for power at the expense of the very women they pretend to protect is stunning. Its arguments are nothing but scattered, tattered swipes of tragic irony.

First, they present abortion as the empowerment of women precisely by twisting women's most transcendent, noble, legitimate, and unique power, the power to bring life, into a selfish, illegitimate power to inflict death which is nothing but a surrender of womanhood itself to the false notion that women are at their best when they can be more like men.

Second, they wail on about a woman's privacy while inviting doctors, instruments, laws, and chemicals into the most private parts of her body. Nothing says respect for privacy like a needle or pair of scissors inserted in one's private parts.

Third, they speak about sincerity and purpose when all of the evidence shows that the only thing they are truly sincere about is hiding the truth, denying the obvious, and pretending to defend the very people they manipulate and victimize.

Lastly, they accuse their opponents of misogyny and waging war on women when their very actions and the bubbling evidence described above demonstrate that they are the ones using women as props, shields, and rationales for cashing in on blood money.

Just as too many cooks spoil the soup, too many culprits spoil the lie, for the fingerprints on this wrong and the holes in this dam are too numerous to fully conceal or justify. What we are seeing today is the overflowing sewage that is the abortion lobby, no longer able to contain the sheer rubbish that it peddles; an elephant in the room too large to ignore washed in a river of denial which merely hastens the slippery slope increasingly sinking any and all involved in this most detestable and despicable of crimes against nature.

Ultimately, the most ominous fact of all is that history is littered with regimes which decided that separating unwanted groups from personhood provided them with the easy excuse to exterminate them. Abortion and its associated evils are thus closely associated with tyranny, barbarism, and the total dissolution of a just, peaceful, and moral society. In the year before Hitler came to power, 1932, there were one million abortions in Germany. Simply put, the road to Hitler was paved with abortions. This makes sense because societies that justify and fail to protect the most innocent invariably dismantle into moral, social, and political chaos sooner or later. Margaret Sanger, the eugenics movement she supported and championed, and Adolph Hitler are all closely associated. In the final analysis, the abortion lobby and Planned Parenthood are more rooted in the inhumanity of the Nazi regime and Margaret Sanger than in any effort to improve women's health.

The greatest irony of all may well be that the despicable lobby, industry, and organization which pretend that Gosnell is an aberration know very well that he is just the tip of the sewage that is the abortion lobby and industry, a lobby which, like fish, stinks from the head down.

© Gabriel Garnica


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