Jenn Giroux
The real Governor Sebelius
By Jenn Giroux
April 21, 2009

Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, President Obama's nominee for Health & Human Services Secretary, has been less than truthful on some very serious financial disclosures regarding not only her tax filings but her connections with infamous late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller. Setting aside her financial tax deceptions for a moment, a closer look into the Sebelius-Tiller connection raises the question of whether as HHS Secretary she would be willing to place her duties to make objective decisions for the good of all citizens above the needs of her political allies. She now moves one step closer to full confirmation.

It was reported last week that Governor Sebelius lowballed the amount of donations given to her by Dr. George Tiller. Was she trying to downplay her long standing affiliation with this man who boasts of having done over 60,000 late term abortions? Or could it be that Governor Sebelius understands that most Americans do not support unrestricted late term abortion right up to the moment of birth?

More importantly, is there proof that Tiller's money had far more influence in the political life of our pending HHS Secretary and that this coming to light could seal her fate in the confirmation process?

Unlike other states, Kansas is not under the strict McCain-Feingold campaign finance laws and as a result it's much easier to conceal who is giving money and where it is going. Sebelius did not need direct contributions from George Tiller or his PAC to personally benefit. Large contributions to the Democratic Governor's Association when she was chair, or to the Kansas Democratic Party and their various legislative PAC's were directed wherever Sebelius dictated and coordination of these funds were perfectly legal under Kansas law. Unlike other states, so called 'Independent Expenditures' in Kansas can be directly coordinated with the candidate and radio and television ads could be run on their behalf as long as the ad did not say "vote for" or "vote against." Such large contributions as these came from Tiller's ProKanDo PAC and Tiller himself. Further, Planned Parenthood coordinated independent expenditures in Kansas as well.

Sebelius was directly aware of such contributions and how those monies were expended but when she answered questions from Senators regarding contributions from Dr. Tiller, she was counting on the loose campaign finance laws to cover up what he really gave to her PAC and Democrats in the state, particularly those who were handpicked by her to run for statewide offices. Tiller himself boasts of infusing $200,000.00 into the Governor's race of 2002 in order to elect an abortion rights Governor. (See fundraising letter here). This letter was to encourage others to give in an effort to get Sebelius elected. This effort was successful as it was the first year that Governor Sebelius was first elected as Kansas Governor.

To disclose the entirety of the connection between herself and Tiller, the Governor needs to reveal the total political dollars provided by Tiller and his PAC to any organization which used those funds in a state campaign for the offices of Attorney General, Governor, or state legislative post of candidates that the Governor endorsed or directed the funds to be so used. If confirmed, Sebelius will have direct control over millions of tax dollars that will be doled out to the abortion industry nationwide at her discretion and the nation deserves to know her full affiliations with the industry.

Sebelius has spent her years as Governor making it her top priority to protect the profitable abortion industry and she accomplished this by successfully quarterbacking the entire game which took down the former Attorney General (Phill Kline) who was enforcing the late term abortion laws in the state. By using hundreds of thousands of dollars from Dr. Tiller and his PAC, Sebelius was able to purchase the Kansas Attorney General's office in order to make sure that enforcement of the late term abortion law would not happen and that her political ally would never be convicted. And what a celebration they had -Dr. Tiller and his staff were hosted at the Governor's mansion for a private party, cumulating in a photo showing Gov. Sebelius holding a T-Shirt which reads "Trifecta" as she points at Dr. George Tiller. This "Trifecta" indicated the successful accomplishment of winning the Governor, Lt Governor and Attorney General seats in the 2006 election. All are still in place today much to the chagrin of Tiller and his lucrative late term abortion business.

This is the real Governor Sebelius. She does what it takes to get the job done for her political allies. History will judge her as the Governor that secured under her watch the title for Kansas as the "late term capital of the world." Tiller's money was invested well.

The last thing America needs is someone who is willing to base decisions on political favors, especially when such important issues as healthcare, child protection and mandatory reporting of child rape for abortion clinics will fall under her jurisdiction.

Kathleen Sebelius needs to learn that telling the truth matters and that the Kansas press is not going to be around to protect what she does when she is manuvering money around to her abortion friends at the national level as HHS Secretary.

Here's a wake up call, Governor. You're not in Kansas anymore.

© Jenn Giroux


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Jenn Giroux

Jenn Giroux has been a Registered Nurse for 29 years, where she has witnessed firsthand the physical, emotional, and spiritual fallout of the women's movement, especially in the areas of contraception and abortion. In response, she has answered God's call to be a witness to the hidden truths on these subjects... (more)


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