Maureen Scott
Congratulations Barack and Hillary...
Today's prize is your turban and burka!
By Maureen Scott
September 14, 2012

The terrorist actions and murder of four Americans in Libya; the attacks on our embassies and people in Cairo and Yemeni , and the alarming unrest spiraling throughout the Middle East now is not just in retaliation to some obscure, little film that Islamists found offensive. That pretext is just a cover. It has been advanced to get empathy for Islam from the bleeding heart Liberals. It is a convenient myth that the Muslim Extremists want the world to believe — and our complicit Liberal media has promoted that propaganda; adopted that rhetoric in order to divert attention away from this administration's failed Middle East policies.

It is obvious that these attacks have been formulated and planned for a long time, and to coincide with our day of mourning for the 9/11 attacks . Any fool knows they didn't just bloom overnight. The ignorance of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and their ineffective decisions, supported by Progressive idealists in this Administration, have paved the way for America to be inexcusably hoodwinked by people who will never forget their hatred for America. Our country has endured another tragic loss of innocent lives at the hand of vultures who have sat waiting in their vermin filled desert nests, anxious to pounce on the helpless at the first opportune moment. All was being planned and coordinated while Obama has been skipping out on almost half of the meetings of his Intelligence staff and winging his way from coast to satisfy his insatiable appetite for adoration.

Americans can recall all too well, and to our skepticism, that it was Clinton and Obama, who praised the "Arab Spring." Now that spring planting has produced this autumn's Harvest of Hate. This Administration has either been unbelievably naive, or purposely deceitful enough (depending on whether you think they were stupid or cunning) to try and convince us that if we supported the overturn of various governments in the Middle East over the past few years, that the U.S. backed leaders/governments, who conveniently pretended to be pro-America, would bring peace and a form of democratic rule to the area, terrorism would end, and we would all play "Patty Cake" in the sandbox. Instead, the Obama Administration, in its rush to declare the end of the War on Terror has weakened our nation, and left our people serving in these unfriendly territories, unprotected, unaware, vulnerable, and dead!

What Obama and Clinton ignored is the ugly truth that no terrorist nation is going to deter the extremist attitude, and no leader of those nations is going to oppose this powerful faction of fanatics in his own county. The zealous loathing they have for any whom they consider to be an Infidel has been simmering for centuries. It is even more potent today, producing new batches of poisoned, hate filled followers who are weaned on that brew. In counties where this hatred is manifested daily their leaders might, outwardly, feign opposition to terrorism (while they anxiously fill their coffers with the money our government doles out to them) — but within their realm, behind the sand dunes, they allow it to flourish and fester.

These deceitful leaders — Mohammed Maqrif of Libya, Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, and Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in Yemen among others, know, and have probably been part of that anti-American sentiment which is a fact of life in their countries. And much like our own politicians here who try to play both sides of the field, they are not willing to strongly discourage those who have put them in power, either there or supporters they have in Washington. They know, espouse, and, most likely in private, condone the animosity toward America, yet are not prepared to direct an official military action against us (at the moment).

However, they are also shrewd enough to know that if attacks aimed at Americas take place on their soil, but are not conducted by their government or the military then they cannot be considered "Acts of War." This allows these rulers to publicly state that they do not sanction the violence, while they do little to stop it. At the same time they can feel secure that their country will not be attacked by our armed forces because handfuls of dissidents have gone on an unsanctioned killing spree. Effective strategy.

And very effectively, as far as military retaliation is concerned, this has put our government between the "rock and hard place." We cannot go on a military offensive against a non-military general population that appears to be instigated by unruly mobs, or factions of discontents wildly committing atrocities against Americans in foreign countries even if they in the confines of "Embassy land." As long as the acts of violence and terrorism are not openly backed, planned, or initiated by governing entities, only the country's own leaders can initiate restraining and deterring force against them. So in these volatile areas the leaders accept that plans for Jihad will always continue, and even be carried out, while they offer veiled apologies and words of regret for the tragic losses of American lives.

What this says matter how much honey they use to sweeten their words, one thing is certain...they still hate us and will lie through their smaghs to fool us!

With all his soft-speak, bowing and kowtowing, Obama has not made a positive impact on the hearts and souls of the Jihadists. He has not convinced any of them to accept his unrealistic illusion that we can all live in a euphoric happy place where everyone is equally prosperous, content, and in harmony. His view of the situation is as much a fantasy as a desert mirage. Instead he has shown how weak and easily deceived our government can be. These people have bamboozled our government into a false sense of security and trust. They have thrown sand in our face again, and they will continue with their plans to destroy America...all while hiding behind a veil of platitudes and fictitious friendship.

How soon will it be before this Administration realizes that the radical Islamists have used our gullibility and ideological pipe dreams, and our adherence to the rules of military engagement, against us? How many more will be harmed, molested, dragged, beaten and murdered while we are caught in a strangle-hold that makes us unable to dispel this ever threatening danger? And many times will this Administration apologize for America rather than defend her?

Compounding the atrocities we have our pathetic Liberal media, which rather than denounce the milquetoast actions of our current Administration, foolishly supports the ideas that when it comes to deterring terrorists we would be more effective if we just "talk to them," throw money at them, coddle and give them a warm fuzzy feeling. The feeble-minded press continues to blame some obscure little film as the impetus for the coldblooded, brutal murders and attacks. Because, to admit what has really happened — to tell the truth about how our current policies have failed, and even encouraged the brazen attacks — would require the media to cast a negative light on and tarnish their golden boy, Obama, and Hillary for their roles in the frightening events unfolding daily the Middle East.

And that truth is something today's controlled and censored American media can never admit or promote as long as the socialistic, progressive idealists with pro-Muslim terrorist sympathies are Washington. Obama and Hillary should just as well be wearing turbans and burkas the next time they appear in public. They have earned them.

© Maureen Scott


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Maureen Scott

P. Maureen Scott is an ardent American patriot who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and retired to Richmond, VA, in 2000. Free from the nine-to-five grind of writing for employers and clients, she began writing political commentary to please herself and express her convictions... (more)


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