Maureen Scott
Illegal can solve it this way, or you can shut up!
By Maureen Scott
July 6, 2014

Okay – here's a challenge for all who are clamoring that we/our government/our country should take care of the thousands of illegal immigrant children being dumped across our borders and that those children should not be returned to their home countries:

Whether you are one of the hypocritical Hollywood elite who lives the high life, yet expects others to sacrifice, or a wealthy "One Percenter," residing in luxury with no idea of the difficulties involved in meeting expenses, or simply living comfortably but on a budget; whether you are working, or retired; whether you are Democrat, Republican, or an Independent – it does not matter. This applies to everyone who is whining and advocating that Americans should be compassionate and responsible for the thousands of children that foreign parents have abandoned on our soil.

There are plenty of people who like to misquote the Bible and state that we are told to be our "brother's keeper," and that is why the government should provide all social welfare services. But they don't really understand what was meant. God did not mean that helping one another or taking care of the less fortunate is a job you turn over to the government. He meant that is a job for each an individual...should be helping. It does not make you a "good person" in His eyes when you just pass the responsibility onto others. That is simply a cop-out. That is not what God intended for us, nor is it honoring His word.

So, if you are truly sincere in your belief that we should house, clothe, feed, and provide medical care and even employment to the illegal immigrants – many of whom are sick, carrying diseases, do not speak English, have no job skills, and have no love of our country, but who have only come here for the "freebies" that they can gobble up from us – then:

1. Sign the form below and volunteer to take one of these children (or adults) into your home. If there is a mother with several children, take them all. Give up one or more of your own bedrooms, share your money, your home, your food, your clothing, your time with them.

2. Make it your job, not the taxpayers via the government, to help these desperate children who are migrating illegally into our country and sapping the time, money, and resources of our government employees and medical staffs.. In other words: Use your own resources to advance their well-being..

3. Agree to teach them English, take them to school, see that they learn a trade or viable skill, and most of all agree to help them to study, pay for, and complete the necessary steps to become patriotic, legal, naturalized citizens of the USA who will love this country and honor its traditions and flag.

4. Share this solution with your friends and those who say we should help these illegals and see how many others you are able to convince to join you and pledge their help in this manner and who sincerely believe that stewardship starts with the individual, not with the politicians in Washington.

5. Print and send the form message below to the President, with your signature and prove to him, and everyone else how compassionate you truly are and how much you are willing to forfeit in order to help another. Confirm that you are no longer copping out and simply passing to the government the task of supporting these children.

Yes, certainly compassion has to be shown for these abandoned children. There is not a person who is cruel enough not to feel sadness for their pathetic situation. But...compassion and responsibility have to start at home, with their parents – first. And if their parents aren't taking the responsibility to care for their own children, and simply dumping them over our borders – because "they say" they want them to have more opportunities, and a better life, and you feel compelled to believe that and support helping them – then get off your soapbox and your sofa; get out of your comfortable recliner chair, step out of your fancy home and away from your wide screen TV, and step up to the plate and volunteer to actually assume the role of caretaker, parent, teacher, and mentor. You now go do the job their parents have chosen to pass on to someone else.

Yes, the above solution is a sarcastic rebuttal to those who always want the government to solve every perceived social injustice or problem while they sit around in their own comfy homes telling others what should be done – and, while they, personally, never spend one uncomfortable day helping humanity. And this challenge might seem drastic, but it is not so far-fetched if you are truly a person who stands behind his/her beliefs. Many who expect the government to take on this new burden have continually mouthed the words that keeping these children is "the compassionate thing to do," but have never given a thought to personally sacrificing anything to accomplish what they say is important. So here's your chance. Time to give up some luxuries such as:

Your yearly winter trips to the ski slopes, or summer vacations to the seashore, your ocean cruises or excursions to Europe, your boat, your second home in that resort community, your fancy cars, your designer clothing, eating out in fancy restaurants, etc. Any or all of your luxuries that are not necessities could be eliminated so that you can validate your oh, so, true concern for the welfare of an abandoned immigrant child. You see, if you care so much, there is a way to prove it by putting your money where your mouth is.

Sure, you worked hard for all you have, and you want to enjoy it, but a truly "caring person" acts, and does not just talk. So your President has said..."share the wealth." You can't take it with you. And you shouldn't expect the government, via the taxpayers (many of whom are struggling themselves to support their own families), or the churches, or service organizations, to ease your conscience and do the good and difficult job of taking care of the needy.

Fill out the form below if you are a person who actually means what you say, and truly wants to show how important you feel it is that we do something to help. There is a place for you to commit to this task and sign your name.

Only then can you truthfully say that you are showing genuine compassion and not just hoping that others will think you are a virtuous and noble person because you support the government's idea of caring for these children, or because you expect the government to ease your conscience so you can go on with your comfortable life. You are hardly admirable if you remain disconnected from the job and unaffected by any of the costs or inconveniences connected with housing, feeding, treating, educating, medicating, etc. of the immigrants who have been sneaked into our country without following our laws and regulations for entry.

In the meantime, be prepared...because if we keep these children (and the adults) who have entered our country illegally – it will not stop. Other countries will send us theirs; more will keep coming and tugging at our heart strings. When will it end? How many of the whiners will open their own homes to help?

Assuredly it is a terrible situation! And no one wants to be thought of as being uncaring or wants to see a child homeless or suffering. But the only way to show that you really care is to do something YOURSELF! Stop pointing to everyone else and telling them it is their responsibility.

Otherwise, if you are not willing or prepared to be personally liable for these children in your house and among your family members and friends, then tell your representatives in Congress to get busy and stop the influx of illegals at the border, immediately! Tell Obama to stop his evasive tactics and to enforce the laws already on the books that he has ignored for the past six years. Tell our elected officials to get together, agree, and make a plan which both parties can accept, without the childish finger-pointing or accusations, from both sides...and to pass a bill that is:

1) First of all focused on the problem of immediately and successfully prohibiting illegal immigrants from crossing our borders and which prevents them from entering our country by any undocumented means or they will be subjected to serious penalties, quick and efficient deportation, or worse if they become difficult or aggressive.

2) Will not reward "freebies" of any kind to those who are already here illegally.

3) Will not give one minute of time on our soil to any illegals that have a criminal record and will return them immediately to their own country, and without legal counsel or costs related to hearing their pleas, or keeping them in jail for indefinite periods of time.

4) Will immediately return any illegal immigrant to their own country if and when they are found and if they have committed a crime here. Period. Again, without legal counsel or costs related to hearing their pleas.

5) Will not allow them to stay here if they do not, within six months, or as soon as old enough, enroll in classes to learn English and study the courses to become naturalized American citizens, work and provide for themselves, and not live for generations on our welfare programs. If they came here illegally, and do not have enough money to take the naturalization classes, and they do not want to learn English, then they should not be here in the first place. They are not entitled to the benefits and understanding that is offered to those who come here legally, are documented, and have demonstrated a true sincerity in becoming self-supporting and productive.

6) Will not let them take a job from an unemployed, needy American Citizen, or a documented immigrant who entered our country legally, or get a driver's license, or vote in any elections (local, state, or federal). And will penalize any employer to the full extent of the existing law who knowingly gives employment to an undocumented alien.

So, if you do not force the government to act on this issue and enforce our existing laws...or if you are not prepared to help and take personal responsibility into your own hands – stop telling others what you think THEY should do or accept. Stop being a hypocrite and passing the buck to everyone else while you degrade and criticize those who do not agree with you. You deal with these illegals...or send them back!

Now, if you want to demonstrate that you practice what you preach...copy and print the section below, sign it, and mail to Obama. Are you ready to accept the job you have been pushing off on others? Let's see how many of you who talk the talk...can walk the walk!


Dear Mr. President:

I am a concerned, compassionate American citizen who is willing to volunteer to personally help an illegal immigrant child. I agree to house and take total responsibility for that child for as long as it takes until such time that the child has grown and become a productive member of our society and a new, naturalized, American citizen. I do not expect the government, or any agency, or any church or organization, or any other American citizen to be responsible in any way to assist me or to show compassion or concern for the welfare of the abandoned child I welcome into my home and who has entered this country illegally, and through no fault of his/her own.

Print your name: ________________________________________

Your address: __________________________________________

Phone : _______________________________________________

Your signature:__________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________

Address: The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

© Maureen Scott


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Maureen Scott

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