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Perfect love casteth in kefir
Johnny D. Symon
September 9, 2013

Last week I wrote all about a man named Vasile Dahorea. He was an extraordinary human being, as those who read my account would no doubt concur. This week I . . .

The destiny game
Johnny D. Symon
September 7, 2013

With America's foreign-body secretary caught with his pants down over some Iraq photos he presented as "evidence" against the Syrian government, a further layer . . .

Life, liberty, and the pursuits of Vasile Dahorea
Johnny D. Symon
August 31, 2013

There's an old saying in Romania that roughly translates into English as, "No one knows where the shoe pinches, but he who wears it." Way back in the year 19 . . .

The strings of society
Johnny D. Symon
February 19, 2013

Just the other day as I was making a new batch of liposomal encapsulated vitamin C, I began to reflect on possible alikeness between molecules of ascorbic acid . . .

Collectivism, sociopathy, division and other cancers; The cure!
Johnny D. Symon
October 16, 2012

That gross folly of European unity under the banner of a single market is now laid bare. Open borders are closing. Economies have collapsed and are collapsing. . . .

Barmitt or Rombama means vote for Gary Johnson, Nov 2012
Johnny D. Symon
September 7, 2012

I finally broke my hiatus due to three news items of late, namely Archbishop Desmond Tutu's demand that George Bush and Tony Blair stand trial for crimes . . .

A tale of the unexpected
Johnny D. Symon
June 17, 2011

Had I cared to do so, I'd have read that book on "How To Win Friends And Influence People," but the truth is that friends and the power of influence are of no . . .

Donald Trump?
Johnny D. Symon
April 18, 2011

As a possible candidate for 2012 Donald Trump's credentials are impeccable, and his origins unquestionable. He qualifies in all respects. And for me, dagnabbit, . . .

The Devil's Kitchen, USA
Johnny D. Symon
March 18, 2011

I guess that my scribbling history says it all. I have nothing but respect for those brave enough to read my thoughts on any given subject, always reminding . . .

On the rocks of Cabal-cadence
Johnny D. Symon
March 5, 2011

From October last I embarked on several projects that seriously required steep learning curves. For me the process was far from unusual, but this time my chosen . . .

Government: everybody knows that it makes no sense, and everybody knows that it costs too much money!
Johnny D. Symon
October 26, 2010

As we approach the perennial witching hour known as Halloween, most of us are without doubt fixed on another event a few days on that could change America's . . .

Johnny D. Symon
September 23, 2010

I watched an interview recently with Merlin Froyd, a 28-year old Republican candidate standing this fall to take Hollywood by storm, or so we all hope. I was . . .

Muskrats, mosquerats, lets call the whole thing off!
Johnny D. Symon
September 8, 2010

A long ways back, 1821 to be precise, a man named Heinrich Heine delivered the following assurance; "He who burns books, will, in the end, also burn people." . . .

A pasquinade of foolishness
Johnny D. Symon
July 2, 2010

Having studied law myself, I felt this week the compelling urge to watch the Senate Judiciary's Committee's tête-à-tête with Elena Kagan. I say tête-à-tête . . .

The darkest art of Zarg-chasm
Johnny D. Symon
June 25, 2010

Way back in September, 2008, I read an excellent interview with Ángel Lafuente, "Profesor de Técnicas Verbales" ... Professor of Speechifying. Simply put, he . . .

On the downs
Johnny D. Symon
June 18, 2010

I spoke to an old English friend some days back on subjects all and sundry, and yes indeed we spoke on the old chestnut, world politics. After so many years . . .

This way of life we're bound upon
Johnny D. Symon
June 11, 2010

The Spanish city of Granada, famous for its Moorish Palace, the Alhambra, a very popular tourist attraction, is commonly regarded as the capital city of the . . .

The Bewilderbergs: History in the masking
Johnny D. Symon
June 4, 2010

With the Bewilderberg session underway in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, an event chock full of wildly rich people and entities, the Spanish taxpayer is about to . . .

The Caligulam Vitae and Sublic Pervants
Johnny D. Symon
May 28, 2010

As yet another month of May draws to a close in our lives we are reminded yet again, as if we needed reminding, that time takes no vacations, it moves and works . . .

Judgment on serpent's scales
Johnny D. Symon
May 21, 2010

My whole adult life so far, generally speaking, has proven to be a wrestling match involving my sense of judgment, how I judge myself, others, entities, and the . . .

To Amityville in a handbasket
Johnny D. Symon
May 14, 2010

Three days short of the British General election, a news team stopped to question a number of English people as to their voting intentions. I grew frustrated . . .

On some creepy similarities
Johnny D. Symon
May 7, 2010

For the first time in one and a half years, Spain's Zapatero met with Conservative leader Mariano Rajoy at Moncloa Palace last Wednesday. Basically the meeting . . .

Hubble bubble western trouble
Johnny D. Symon
April 30, 2010

A few weeks back I had a colorful conversation with a Spanish business friend over his country's compounded ills, the usual stuff, for everything, politically . . .

Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Johnny D. Symon
April 23, 2010

This week the IMF placed Spain back of the line, shoulder to shoulder with Haiti, on economic recovery, and while they had slightly improved their synopsis for . . .

On wings like the eagle
Johnny D. Symon
March 29, 2010

(First published October 25, 2004) Country music star Tim McGraw has sold near one million copies of "Live Like You Were Dying," yet it's been out just two . . .

Faith over reflection
Johnny D. Symon
February 5, 2010

Yesterday late morning, I sat at breakfast to watch The Fellowship and invited guests at their very own breakfast shindig. To be quite frank I hadn't paid them . . .

A fabric of evil weave
Johnny D. Symon
December 11, 2009

During those weeks of absence from my space on the bridgehead over fallen politics where a further torrent of unpalatable water had passed under, still little . . .

Language: The people's vehicle
Johnny D. Symon
October 2, 2009

Something conveyed to me by an anthropologist just two days ago in respect of the power and efficacy of language, is possibly the keystone to my thoughts for . . .

The witch behind the fly
Johnny D. Symon
September 18, 2009

When I was younger, so much younger than today, as the song goes, I never needed anybody's help in any way. At a tender age I was informed on more than one . . .

The lowest rung and the infinitely wrung superiors
Johnny D. Symon
September 4, 2009

In retrospection I reckon that a balanced media ended in Spain around April 2002. It ended with the closure of Telecinco's "El Informal." It's host, Javier . . .

The Rap
Johnny D. Symon
August 21, 2009

Just three days short of a half decade since The Rap reached light of day, and here we are again. I full recall the reasoning behind my strong sentiments and . . .

Of evil good, and the good man
Johnny D. Symon
August 13, 2009

For nigh on 6 months I've followed an ongoing Spanish saga, or shenanigans, named "el caso Gürtel." Basically it spins out like this: Spain's corrupt . . .

On par with relevant history
Johnny D. Symon
July 24, 2009

The past two weeks of my life have been a revelation, a time involving trips down memory lane of events that have firmly remained with me ever since, all of it . . .

The "seeth" syndrome
Johnny D. Symon
July 10, 2009

Two nights back I watched a Spanish TV Documentary called "75 Minutos." The entire show dealt, in every respect, with the lifestyles of the ultra-rich, and when . . .

On the gumption of consumption
Johnny D. Symon
June 26, 2009

With the wonders of digital TV, last night on hearing the news of Michael Jackson's untimely death, I cranked up my notebook to peruse a hoard of new TV and . . .

Till ...
Johnny D. Symon
June 12, 2009

What rests within my latest gabble requires just a little prior explanation. If someone strode up to your mailbox as you studied a new day's mail, and pulled . . .

From evil to the glorious inevitable
Johnny D. Symon
May 22, 2009

I believe the late Democratic Senator, Patrick Moynihan, once penned the following: "We are each entitled to our own opinion, but no one is entitled to his . . .

The dark side of the human psyche
Johnny D. Symon
May 9, 2009

I've had so much workload thrust on me the past two weeks that I've felt like a 100-year old grizzly with an aching head. As one project neared completion yet . . .

Politics: Another late night TV shopping
Johnny D. Symon
April 24, 2009

The last time I tricked myself into believing that I was interested in politics was two weeks ago last Thursday night, when I watched "La hora de Federico." . . .

G20 and the art of deception
Johnny D. Symon
April 3, 2009

Early last Sunday morning in Spain, and way ahead of the G20 meeting in London, national TV screens flickered a little, then revealed the motley and undynamic . . .

Zapatero's marginal arts
Johnny D. Symon
March 27, 2009

Toward the close of last week, Spain's loon regime began to self-destruct. Typically they performed their usual monkey tricks. Zapatero, who currently sits in . . .

Tribute. But to whom?
Johnny D. Symon
March 13, 2009

It's nigh on two years since I gave account of my effort to right a wrong on behalf of a mature English lady. Maybe it's time to recap on this, because last . . .

Zimzum and the ailing patient
Johnny D. Symon
February 27, 2009

I took what was for me the unusual step of time out, a time away from the grit, grind, and gripe, emanating from our so-called world economic crisis. And for a . . .

Morality's the spice of life
Johnny D. Symon
February 13, 2009

Lately, and quite possibly owing to my awareness of how many years I've survived on planet earth so far, I began to suspect that the term "soul-searching" had . . .

The portion of blame is always the same
Johnny D. Symon
February 6, 2009

February in Spain is the month for "chirigotas," a kind of parody festival performed by yokefellows of the general public. I've written all about this festival . . .

Economics and western messianics
Johnny D. Symon
January 30, 2009

When French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, first entered office on a large mandate, many French voters saw him as their new hope, the savior of their day. Though  . . .

Of bloodlines and birthright
Johnny D. Symon
January 23, 2009

In the preface to his excellent book, "The Disinherited. The Exiles Who Created Spanish Culture," Professor Henry Kamen wrote, "I have benefited from the . . .

To paint a thousand years
Johnny D. Symon
January 16, 2009

I well recall years back a situation where I found myself dandering off into a Spanish Burger King. The folks behind the counter were most friendly and the . . .

Ecology: A primal soup kitchen
Johnny D. Symon
January 9, 2009

I received an email back in November from a boy new to the American way, he took exception to my metaphors and part content of "Global sickle cell anemia." So . . .

The Source of wisdom
Johnny D. Symon
December 23, 2008

During five weeks of absence from the busy bee-dom of Renew America, I spent some time studying the world and all that is therein. Never in my life have I . . .

Global sickle cell anemia
Johnny D. Symon
November 15, 2008

After declaring my wildest and woolliest imaginings last week, I kind of figured to turn my attention elsewhere and take care of some long-outstanding business. . . .

Will the circle be unbroken, by ... and Biden, by, and by?
Johnny D. Symon
November 7, 2008

As I watched Barack Obama's victory celebration live on Tuesday night, I confess that my initial interest was on the personal security aspects of the show. . . .

The age-old crisis
Johnny D. Symon
October 24, 2008

The Argentinian government temporarily overtook George Bush as most despised by the Spanish government and left-wing media last Wednesday, as it made plans to . . .

National first aid
Johnny D. Symon
October 17, 2008

Crisis on the world's financial markets is something we've repeatedly been reminded of over the past few weeks, and whether it's a genuine crisis or not is for . . .

Credit where credit's due
Johnny D. Symon
September 12, 2008

I sat through this week's Spanish Congressional cross-talk in Madrid on Spain's economic crisis, taking careful note of the government's proposed "measures," . . .

Toil and double trouble
Johnny D. Symon
September 2, 2008

With Barack Obama last week confirmed as Tweedledee to fight Tweedledum for this November's "More Of The Same, But I'm Not To Blame" show, my little brain began . . .

Money speaks louder than words
Johnny D. Symon
September 1, 2008

(First published April 11, 2005) With the death of Prince Rainier III of Monaco last week, Prince Albert, his son, takes his place as head of one of the two . . .

The Chamberlain Syndrome
Johnny D. Symon
August 19, 2008

I've studied most carefully events in Georgia over the past few days, and for me Georgia's plight at the hands, or paws, of that great Russian bear, was simply . . .

Paradox lost?
Johnny D. Symon
August 8, 2008

For most, summer equates with sun, sand, sea, mountain, lakes, and songs sung and tales told around the campfire. However, none of this is part of my life. As . . .

The Franklin test
Johnny D. Symon
July 25, 2008

I've given Spanish politics a wide berth recently, a very wide berth, mainly I guess because I was more than disappointed with last March's election result. . . .

Ban the bozos
Johnny D. Symon
July 18, 2008

Since I'd already published my views on negotiations with Iran, way back in September 2006, in an ed entitled "Terrorism; The Authentic Big Picture," where I . . .

Terrorism: The authentic big picture
Johnny D. Symon
July 17, 2008

(Originally published September 8, 2006) With the latest suicide bombing, or so it appears, against the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, — where an . . .

Dominion--the whole duty of man
Johnny D. Symon
July 4, 2008

"If society fits you comfortably enough, you call it freedom." — Robert Frost Today is a day of independence, or so we're told, but surely independence is a . . .

No means no
Johnny D. Symon
June 21, 2008

On a personal basis, I've never been prone to writing two or three part eds. In fact I've never done it. But last week found me the victim of time and chance, . . .

Fiat, don't fail me now!
Johnny D. Symon
June 14, 2008

With the US Supreme Court's latest ruling on terrorist suspects, that will now open the floodgates and allow detainees to pursue their case in US Courts, . . .

Of time and chance
Johnny D. Symon
May 31, 2008

I watched the final of The Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday night, not because I was looking for entertainment, for if that was the case I would have . . .

The toxic waste of world politics
Johnny D. Symon
May 23, 2008

The Spanish government made two very important announcements last week. The first came on Monday morning, stating that the cost of electric would rise in the . . .

Moonlight, and The Price is Right
Johnny D. Symon
May 3, 2008

So much interesting water has flowed under life's bridge during the past fortnight that I experience a little difficulty in choosing my favorites, the ones I . . .

Living between Flanders and Winehouse
Johnny D. Symon
April 17, 2008

I've suspected for many a long year that there are others, round and about on dear old planet earth, who think and act like myself. I discovered yet another of . . .

Let he who is without sin?
Johnny D. Symon
April 5, 2008

A curious occurrence took place last month when the Christian calendar reversed itself. Normally Easter would coincide with the Jewish Passover, meaning that . . .

Life: from here to absurdity
Johnny D. Symon
March 21, 2008

Since I've been out of the usual fray lately, and heavily involved in another fray elsewhere, I failed to write an ed last week. It's not due to there being no . . .

Beware the 9th of March
Johnny D. Symon
March 7, 2008

Last week I alluded to a situation involving an empty Spanish government Pensions Fund, discovered to be so in 1996 by incoming President, José Maria Aznar. The . . .

Lies, more lies, and the truth of it
Johnny D. Symon
February 29, 2008

With Spain's general election looming, I've spent a little time searching out the inevitable anti-American ploy from the present incumbents. Those incumbents, . . .

Laws of the wild
Johnny D. Symon
February 8, 2008

"And Samson went and caught three hundred foxes, and took firebrands, and turned tail to tail, and put a firebrand in the midst between two tails. And when . . .

Universal Power Syndrome
Johnny D. Symon
January 29, 2008

Early last Friday morning I began to write a new ed, but this particular Friday morning found me in Southern Spain. Next month is Carnival time, something I . . .

Israel: right off the map!
Johnny D. Symon
January 25, 2008

(First published August 22, 2005) Last week a thought entered my head, and try as I might I just couldn't get it to leave. It dominated my mind and had me . . .

Thoughts on demonocracy: Lincoln's baby
Johnny D. Symon
January 16, 2008

The Spanish holiday season culminated on January 6 with "Three Kings" (Los Reyes) festival. The fun started on December 6th, then the 8th, and on to the 25th, . . .

"Goal, Frank-incentives, and Mirth!"
Johnny D. Symon
December 13, 2007

I wrote a belated response to a good old English friend recently. It was a simple shootin' the breeze type of letter in which I included my personal thoughts on . . .

Farewell America
Johnny D. Symon
December 7, 2007

There are two Muhammad Ali's that hold a special place in my heart. The first was undoubtedly the founding father of modern Egypt, a man of great insight and a . . .

All the world's a staged
Johnny D. Symon
November 30, 2007

As some of you are already aware through reading some of my earlier editorials, one of my lifetime passions is the study of human behavioral patterns, chiefly . . .

Political pantomime and the Good Samaritan
Johnny D. Symon
November 23, 2007

On my travels recently I happened to meet a man and woman who live in Southern Spain. In fact they've lived in that part of the world together for 17 years. He . . .

The business of service
Johnny D. Symon
November 15, 2007

I began to write an ed two weeks back, then found myself getting whisked off to other parts. Hastily I published an old archive then headed out to do life's . . .

March of the hutheads
Johnny D. Symon
November 2, 2007

(First Published December 5, 2005) The Spanish Canary Islands were hit by a tropical storm last week. Trees were blown down, power lines cut, roads blocked. . . .

Florida ... goad damn it!
Johnny D. Symon
October 26, 2007

A good friend jarred my memory a little recently as she conveyed her experience of reading the autobiography of English photographer Cecil Beaton. I've never . . .

The three pillars
Johnny D. Symon
October 19, 2007

Not so long ago, while I was working in the big city, I dropped into an Asian takeaway shop to buy a tub of vegetable curry and rice. I felt like eating . . .

Liberty, property, and no stamps
Johnny D. Symon
October 11, 2007

While leaving aside for the present a possibility that Christopher Columbus was not the first to discover America, we at least know for sure that few went . . .

Biofuel, the opiate of the people
Johnny D. Symon
October 3, 2007

During the recent global warming/climate change conference held at the United Notions I noted a brief encounter involving G W Bush and Spain's Meanderthal man, . . .

Intelligence analysis vs. Harka
Johnny D. Symon
September 21, 2007

(First Published October 17, 2005) Last week the CIA released documents that claimed to have forewarned President Bush of a possible civil war as a result of . . .

Let 'em eat crude!
Johnny D. Symon
September 14, 2007

In all matters of living I've rarely thought of something as cut and dried, until I'm certain that I could strike a match and set the thing alight, and I reckon . . .

Skin deep and deeper still
Johnny D. Symon
September 7, 2007

This week's edition looks pretty much to me a space in which I'm getting absorbed in some kind of "sands of time" musings. Life has never been fuller, so full . . .

Of flesh and truth
Johnny D. Symon
August 31, 2007

As I put down the final lines of last week's ed and continued to ponder on all facets concerning the right to own and apportion personal property, I also began . . .

Writing wrongs or rewriting rights
Johnny D. Symon
August 24, 2007

Some time back I alluded to a close encounter that occurred in my very own back patio, and in a funny kind of way I now see said patio as a now famous location. . . .

A landscape of knowledge
Johnny D. Symon
August 17, 2007

I guess the past three weeks or so has for me reinforced an old adage that life is what you make it, and due to my volunteering to help a very close friend with . . .

Joy is freedom
Johnny D. Symon
August 14, 2007

(First published March 21, 2006) I've recently spent some time reflecting on my many experiences in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. It is our . . .

Unlocking the truth
Johnny D. Symon
August 3, 2007

The past week for me has proven to be a break-the-personal-mold session, as characteristically I spend much of my spare time talking to and sounding out the . . .

Zwitterbug for President, 2008
Johnny D. Symon
July 27, 2007

As this week began over in sunny Spain in earnest, the world famous city of Barcelona received a rude awakening when one of the main power center's conduits . . .

On backseat drivers' urban legends
Johnny D. Symon
July 20, 2007

Where is this ever changing world we're all told exists? What exactly is changing on good old planet earth that somehow fails to attract my attention? . . .

Pardon me: Make my deity
Johnny D. Symon
July 13, 2007

A few days ago I granted myself the rare luxury of a day out, a day away. I excused myself and took a day off work. My wife, a close friend, and yours truly . . .

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of ... you
Johnny D. Symon
July 11, 2007

(First Published August 15, 2005) Five year ago I lost an old friend whom the local Spanish called "Pedro el Americano." As the years rolled on he became . . .

The lying tongue and the stolen mind
Johnny D. Symon
July 6, 2007

I've been gathering together a series of personal experiences alongside events that have occurred in other parts of the world recently. I discovered that each . . .

He who sees fears diddly-squat
Johnny D. Symon
June 28, 2007

I've just woken from experiencing a long and interesting dream last night. I've always taken a keen interest in the dreams of others, the Bible notwithstanding . . .

In Vlad we're trussed
Johnny D. Symon
June 22, 2007

For anyone out there who noticed that last week's ed failed to surface, I offer the following: All my life I've been known as the guy who cracks funnies, even . . .

Anonimity and the vintage years
Johnny D. Symon
June 8, 2007

Time and its passing is nothing more than an illusion. When Adam and Eve sauntered through their own private paradise pre-original sin, time did not exist. . . .

East, West, and the crisis of ignorance
Johnny D. Symon
June 1, 2007

Yesterday another of life's little mysteries rubbed up against my person when I took my usual weekly visit to Lidls supermarket in Sotogrande, Spain. Lidls, as . . .

Lybrel: A GM contradiction?
Johnny D. Symon
May 24, 2007

On returning from my travels earlier this week, my wife conveyed the belated news that a friend called José ended his life several weeks previously, during a . . .

Can a leopard change his spots?
Johnny D. Symon
May 17, 2007

Spain's Regional and Autonomous elections will be held on the 27th of this month, and shall prove to be the first major test of public opinion on more than . . .

When the eagle is known from the owl
Johnny D. Symon
May 11, 2007

I began to suspect very early on this week that I was contracting that age-old condition named world-weariness. Maybe I was stuffing my gray matter with too . . .

Conflict and coward control
Johnny D. Symon
May 2, 2007

I guess by now we've all heard about Boris Yeltsin's passing away recently. He received the usual fineries that world elder statesmen have received since time . . .

Spain: Radical Islam's West Bank
Johnny D. Symon
April 27, 2007

In "Murder and the Numbers Game" last week, I made allusion to the Islamic State of Al Andalus. Al qaeda have recently promised to re-take the region and re . . .

Murder and the numbers game
Johnny D. Symon
April 20, 2007

Yesterday was yet another day in the life for Spain: Two women were murdered by their husbands, one in full view of her young child. A Chinese man was knifed to . . .

Freedom and other age-old myths
Johnny D. Symon
April 11, 2007

I have to confess to not visiting political websites of any persuasion. I don't read anybody, therefore, to my way of thinking, I can't fall into the trap of . . .

On hedonism and holy cows
Johnny D. Symon
April 4, 2007

Spanish "holy week" (semana santa) is well underway, and while it's a general Christian event the visual drama is performed mostly by the Catholics. I watched . . .

Ignorance is blitz
Johnny D. Symon
March 30, 2007

The Spanish TV company, TV 1, made history last Tuesday night through broadcasting a live show entitled "Tengo una pregunta para usted" ... "I have a question . . .

The Peeker's Principle: power to the people
Johnny D. Symon
March 23, 2007

For those of you who habitually browse my Knight Gothic archive dungeon, the latest entitled "Zappo, Goering and other Amusements" lies ready and waiting. Here . . .

Albert of Europa
Johnny D. Symon
March 16, 2007

(First Published April 4, 2006) As we all head out into yet another working week, I've started mine on an even more positive note. I feel that life's . . .

Sandcastles and a Dead Sea stroll
Johnny D. Symon
March 15, 2007

Just the other week I realized that I'd clean run out of laser print paper. I headed off in the direction of one of the few Andalusian suppliers of this . . .

On invincibility and true neighborliness
Johnny D. Symon
March 8, 2007

This week on several occasions I've begun to write an ed, and on each occasion I felt the need to stop and do something else. It's the first time in about two . . .

Seasons of Solomon; SOS!
Johnny D. Symon
March 2, 2007

There's been quite a hullaballoo going on in England over a little fat kid named Connor McCreaddie. At the ripe old age of eight the little brute has swollen up . . .

Kleinatic change
Johnny D. Symon
February 23, 2007

It's commonly accepted by most in the military that the situation in Afghanistan is on Red. It's a war situation. Opium production is on the up and up. Women . . .

Terrorism and politics: Twenty-first century bedmates
Johnny D. Symon
February 16, 2007

During the course of my last few eds I've covered the situation of the hunger-striking ETA terrorist De Juana Chaos. In fact I made a prediction back in October . . .

Al Gore's baking my patience to death
Johnny D. Symon
February 7, 2007

There's quite a debate going on throughout Spain this week concerning an editorial posted up on the British newspaper, The Times online. Somehow a Times . . .

Liberty and the acting bug
Johnny D. Symon
January 31, 2007

About two weeks ago actor and producer Tim Robbins gained an award in Madrid, Spain. He stood to be photographed with several VIP's, one of them being the Mayor . . .

World peace: My master plan
Johnny D. Symon
January 18, 2007

I have to admit that for a spell last week, I swung my feet up onto the desk and began to laugh and rub my hands; Russia's Gazprom had announced a huge price . . .

The disease behind the ailment
Johnny D. Symon
January 2, 2007

As Islam continues growing throughout the world at an unprecedented scale and can justifiably be called the world's fastest growing religion, another religion . . .

Let them eat hake
Johnny D. Symon
November 8, 2006

Last June a famous Spanish lady, named Rocío Jurado, passed away, and the funeral ceremony matched that of a passing Royal, or a Head of State. The society . . .

Iraq: Pinning down that mule
Johnny D. Symon
October 30, 2006

Last week I bought a new flashlight. It was a type I've been looking for for some time. It's a little different to the traditional as it does not require . . .

In chaos they trust
Johnny D. Symon
October 16, 2006

Last week an ETA terrorist, called Juana Chaos ... (Chaos by name, chaos by nature, despite the fact that his surname is actually pronounced Cows) ... ended his . . .

To solve the big mystery!
Johnny D. Symon
October 10, 2006

There's something that never ceases to amaze me, and that is the short term memory of the vast majority of the human race. We constantly get fooled by those at . . .

The good and bright world
Johnny D. Symon
September 19, 2005

On the back of recent edition of Europa Sur (an Andalusian newspaper) was a photo of a whale beached in South Africa. Why whales end up in this condition is . . .

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