Ellis Washington
Magna Carta: 800 years of natural law
By Ellis Washington
June 17, 2015

To no one will we sell [no slavery], to no one will we refuse or delay right or justice.

Magna Carta

In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.

~ Jefferson

Prologue to the forgotten Magna Carta

In a recent Breitbart News interview of American Freedom Alliance President Avi Davis, the article opened with this remarkable statement regarding the historical and critical importance of the Magna Carta to civilizing the world – "The signing of the Magna Carta, 800 years ago, was one of the most monumental events in human history. Originally created as a compromise between British nobles and King John at Runnymede, near London, on June 15, 1215, this compact assured that the basic rights of British citizens could not be violated [= Natural Law, Natural Rights]. It would move the English-speaking world in a direction of putting law above men, even kings." This shows the foundational importance of not only the English Magna Carta, but the hundreds of derivative founding constitutions including America's founding documents – The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as being an enduring bulwark and shield against mankind's obsessive and recurrent tendencies toward tyranny and genocide.

One commentator named 'Skeptik' wrote from a skeptical viewpoint derivative of her name: "Who wants to read a bit of paper that's 800 years old? Really, this is 2015, we have all the knowledge and everything else we need these days – Constant government surveillance and interference in our everyday lives, Cultural Marxism, ceded control of the means of production to oligarchs, Crony capitalism (socialism for the rich). Indeed, I would expand Skeptik's views critical of Cultural Marxism, Tyranny of the minority, or what a recent writer called "Mass Delusion" has just in the past five years alone triumphed over society today destroying our most sacred and enduring institutions – God, the Bible, the Church, Natural Law, Natural Rights, Liberty, Freedom, Morality. Thanks to President Barack Obama, his perpetual war against the middle class, and his Progressive Revolution, the floodgates of moral debauchery and society chaos are now open.

Can America and Europe rediscover the transcendent, enduring moral principles of the Magna Carta in what writer Stella Morabito called the Age of Mass Delusion where the government illegally turns every perverted wish or desire into legally protected 'Rights' while concurrently turning our founding documents like the Magna Carta, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights into irrelevant relics of the past to be ignored or deconstructed by the Left? Discrimination Obsession is the insipid, ignorant, infantile worldview which has in just 5 years institutionalized and legalized Mass Delusion by conflating morality with discrimination, rights with wishes, reality with 'identity' (e.g., Same-sex marriage, Transgenderism, Rachel Dolezal's Transracial psychosis). A state of universal psychosis reminiscent of English philosopher Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan (1651) worldview – bellum omnium contra omnes ("War of all against all"), an existential existence where "life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short." America's Mass Delusion can also be connected to the radical ideas of French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Noble Savage worldview that was adopted by the proponents of the French Revolution (1789-99) and the modern Leftists to propagate the insane, genocidal and anti-Christian idea that, "The more civilized we become, the more corrupt we become."

Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism? It is the continuing process of abolishing all religions, traditions, governments, individuality, borders, languages, cultures, family, law and reality in order to restructure society in the future as a Communist utopia. This utopia will have no concept of God, morality, gender, traditions, or even family. The only reality allowed will be the omnipotent State. The Father of modern liberal fascism, Benito Mussolini famously said in a 1925 speech – Everything inside the State. Nothing outside the State. Nothing against the State.

Even though it was quite evident that Marxism didn't work in its first nationalist incarnation that overthrew Czar Nicolas II of Russia – Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution (1917), which in less than a year was universally viewed as an unmitigated disaster as Lenin desperately tried without success to control the Soviet economy which was in hyperinflation, therefore he and his successor, Stalin would resort to ever more grotesque and savage tactics to dominate and control the Soviet citizens; killing their own people by the tens of millions. For what? In the name of an insane political philosophy called Communism which the Democrat Socialist Party and cowardly conservatives in America today is promoting here under the perverted ideas of "fairness," "equality" "tolerance" and "anti-discrimination." Even on his deathbed would Lenin confess that "capitalism was the only true system in which people understand how to live with each other," nevertheless, Lenin understood that there were legions of true believers in Communism (Lenin called them "useful idiots"), Western dupes who slavishly continued to disseminate communist ideas throughout Europe, America and South America (largely though the Academy), even though Lenin knew that Marxism, Socialism and Communism were all abject failed philosophies... the antithesis of the freedoms and liberties guaranteed in the Magna Carta.

Returning to Cultural Marxism, it is the idea that the ideological base of the Democrat Socialist Party – Blacks, LGBT people, feminists, environmentalists, unionists, evolution atheists, illegal immigrants, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Millennials, and generally Leftists of every stripe, are seen as setting aside their ideological differences and working together on their united cause to deconstruct America's Judeo-Christian worldview and to project a militant, anti-discrimination worldview which concurrently establishes Marxism throughout America (and the world) under the pretense of multiculturalism and diversity while causing retrenchment of the Judeo-Christian worldview on both a national and international level.

Magna Carta = Kings aren't gods and must be chained to the Law

One enduring leitmotif I found in my reading of the historical Magna Carta is that it forever determined that Kings aren't gods, but mere men and thus must be confined [chained] to the Rule of Law as all men and institutions must be. 450 years later, many constitutional Framers including Thomas Jefferson, would use slavery metaphors to reaffirm the position of the Magna Carta applying it to America's Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. For example, Jefferson writing – In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.

Here is an important historical excerpt in the Breitbart News interview of American Freedom Alliance President Avi Davis:
    Breitbart News: For many Americans the Magna Carta may seem obscure. The time frame between the creation of the Magna Carta and founding of the United States is longer than the entire history of the United States. Can you explain what Americans in particular owe to this document?

    Avi Davis: The Magna Carta passed through several iterations before it became incorporated into English law at the end of the 13th century. But almost every king who ascended the English throne recognized its legality and felt bound by its tenets – which became better defined and changed according to the needs of the times. The Glorious Revolution of 1688, wherein in the last Stuart monarch was forced to abdicate his throne because he refused, like his father and grandfather before him, to accept the legislative supremacy of Parliament, was inspired by the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Rights of 1689, the forerunner of our own Bill of Rights, was drawn from the rights that had accrued under the Magna Carta during the preceding centuries.

    Scholars have for centuries declared the unwritten English Constitution, which, transformed the English monarchy into a constitutional monarchy, to have been drawn from and inspired by the Magna Carta.

    It is also unquestionable that the actions of the barons at Runnymede and the production of the Great Charter, inspired the American Colonists in the 1770s to claim their rights not to be taxed without representation. They made these claims not as Americans, but as transplanted Englishmen – British subjects – who had become habituated to exercising their rights as freemen and they invoked the Magna Carta constantly. The Declaration of Independence most definitely reflects these claims and the later U.S. Constitution only amplifies them.
"Natural Law," according to David Adams' book, Philosophical Problems in the Law, contains "principles and standards not simply made up by humans but rather part of an objective moral order, present in the universe and accessible to human reason." The Ancients like the Greek and Roman writers, frequently wrote of a "Higher Law" based on the laws of God that transcended the laws of Man and the laws of Emperors and Kings. Also, in a relatively recent law review article by Justice Clarence Thomas who wrote very beautifully about this transcendent Higher Law in its application to American jurisprudence. Thomas Jefferson, in his Declaration of Independence, summarized Natural Law philosophy established in the Constitution as "...the law of Nature and of Nature's God." The original intent of the Constitution's Framers understood that liberty, justice and Veritas (truth) could only be achieved when law and morality were indissolubly and forever integrated as the foundation of the rule of law. To separate legality and morality as Positive Law has done since circa 1900 has only led society and civilization into the abyss of chaos, anarchy and nihilism.

Epilogue to a Renewed Magna Carta: Reestablish Natural Law!

When my nephew Mark commented on my initial Facebook posting of the Magna Carta, he skeptically wrote, "If these rights are so natural why do you need a man to mitigate them"? Joseph Mazon, one of my former students at National Paralegal College answered, "...Because a recognition of individual rights does not automatically imply, much less confer a vehicle for their implementation. The Founders realized that people need to be protected from government, but also that government needs to be protected from We the People." Whether he knew it or not, Mr. Mazon's words here are derivative of Natural Law, the original philosophy of America's Pilgrims and Puritans of the 1600s, the American colonists, Founding Fathers and constitutional Framers of the 1700s, in addition to being the controlling legal philosophy and jurisprudence of the U.S. Supreme Court and all inferior courts from 1790–1937, or until the apotheosis of FDR's New Deal Socialist Revolution.

Regarding the inestimable importance of the Magna Carta to protecting the world's Judeo-Christian traditions and worldview, Winston Churchill wrote, "We must never cease to proclaim in fearless tones the great principles of freedom and the rights of man which are the joint inheritance of the English-speaking world and which through Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, and the English common law find their most famous expression in the American Declaration of Independence."

Winston Churchill also understood that the Magna Carta is the foundation of freedom for everybody in the world, yet as he personally witnessed a betrayal of the principles of the Magna Cart with the rise of Adolph Hitler, the Nazis, National Socialism and the genocide of the Holocaust during World War II. No doubt Churchill had Socialism in mind (in all of its diabolical incarnations) when he wrote, about "a new Dark Age made more sinister by the lights of perverted science."

The tragic irony of this 800 year celebration of the Magna Carta from where America's constitutional Framers derived many of their ideas on freedom, liberty, Natural Rights and Natural Law, is that We the People allowed the advent of the Imperial Presidency to kill Natural Law and replace it with the evolution atheism of Positive Law which separates legality from morality. The Imperial Presidency has killed the freedoms of We the People and killed the U.S. Constitution – from the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt (1901-09) to Barack Obama (2009-present), their fascist rule has reigned over us based not on liberty, but upon Liberal Fascism, Neo-Monarchy, Mass Delusion and Tyranny. Therefore, to me 2015 feels more like King George III's Revenge that sought to keep the American Colonists in perpetual servitude under England's tyranny, not 800 years of securing the Law as being above Men and Kings which the Magna Carta promised to civilization.

Therefore, let every lover of liberty in America and throughout the world understand your life-long mandate – First, establish or renew the Biblical principles of Magna Carta in every nation's Constitution throughout the world. Second, reestablish Natural Rights and Natural Law, which is the integration of legality and biblical morality, back into every legal code, Executive order, Congressional law, Judicial opinion, into every school and college curriculum and public policy in America. This is the only antidote to cure the deadly societal virus of Cultural Marxism established by the modern day Benedict Arnolds I call the Democrat Socialist Party and their lapdogs, the Cowardly Conservatives.

Book Notice

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Invitation for manuscripts

I am starting a new a program on my blog dedicated to giving young conservatives (ages 14-35) a regular place to display and publish their ideas called Socrates Corner. If you know of any young person who wants to publish their ideas on any subject, have them send their essay manuscripts to my email at ewashington@wnd.com.

© Ellis Washington


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