Sam Weaver
The Big Lie (Große Lüge): Part IX
By Sam Weaver
March 1, 2012

[Author's Note: I have three more books to recommend highly: Duped America by Richard Bernstein, Ameritopia by Mark Levin and last, but certainly not least, Mobocracy by Jake Jacobs.]

During his brief reign from 1621 until his death in 1623, Pope Gregory XV established a committee of Cardinals that would be charged with foreign missions. This committee was called "The Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith." [Officially (Modern Latin), "congregatio de propaganda fide."] This is the origin of the term "propaganda" as we know it today.

The "powers that be" in foreign lands quickly saw this as not only at least a potential threat to their power, but also as an affront to their people's culture. Reformists (i.e., Protestants) in Europe perceived it as a "popish" (or "popist") plot to spread Catholic doctrines, dogmas and rituals and to enhance/secure the authoritarian rule of the Pope throughout the world. [A 17th century "conspiracy 'theory'"?!] Needless to say, both the word and the concept — "propaganda" — achieved a negative connotation very early on.

If you are a Christian, please look carefully at Matthew 28:16-20. No doubt, Pope Gregory XV had this passage in mind when he formed his committee of Cardinals. However, for many reasons (just two of which are mentioned above), The Great Commission cannot and must not be carried out "by committee" (i.e., by the collective). Otherwise, political, doctrinal/dogmatic and/or material — rather than spiritual or even altruistic — motives will always, eventually, take precedence. Tyranny — often violent in form — will then crush every vestige of Truth and Liberty.

On several different occasions, Jesus spoke to great multitudes of people. Please notice, however, that He never spoke to the crowd. He never rallied the mob to His Cause. It is very clear to anyone who studies the New Testament and is not steeped in a collectivist mindset that Christ spoke only to individuals. Would He have been crucified otherwise? If His Cause had been limited to "Peace on Earth" and to things of this world, would not at least a hundred or so of His followers have shown up at Pontius Pilate's balcony to demand that He not be crucified? He spoke the Truth, because He is Truth! Jesus Christ was the only human in history Who was not capable of "propaganda!" [Or, with "apologies" to Bill O'Reilly, of "spin!"]

Jesus did not speak to groups or collectives. He spoke to individuals. Cities, states or nations (i.e., government; or "the collective") cannot, and must not even attempt to propagate the faith. Only Spirit-filled individuals, often, and preferably working together with other Spirit-filled individuals, can "propagate" (enact; fulfill) the Great Commission*.

Jesus said, "[Y]e shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." [NOTE: See this verse in its full context (John 8:12-59; with special emphasis, perhaps, on John 8:42-47). Also, see here.] True Christians understand good and evil. True Christians intimately know the Father of Truth and understand well who the Father of Lies is!

Propaganda is vital to every war effort. It is almost certainly accurate to say that in virtually every war ever fought, the side that lost the propaganda campaign ultimately lost the war. War is never desirable. Even the victors suffer horrible consequences.

In a perfect world, there would be no war. Everyone would know, love and respect Truth; and would love his neighbor as he loves himself. Sadly, this is not a perfect world. It is in the very nature of every human being at least to question — if not completely to reject — Truth; and to think of himself — at least in some ways — better than his fellow human being.

The United States of America has never been a perfect nation — far from it. However, she was a better nation, a far less complicated/confused/chaotic nation, and an ever-ascendingever-improving — nation when vast majorities of her electorate (and her cultural institutions such as schools, churches and families) believed in a (The) Uniform Standard of Truth.

How did we get here from there?

In Part VIII of this series, I said, "'Progressives' (modern liberals) heavily influence if not virtually control every modern American institution." I listed and described six of those institutions. I then added a parenthetical note with a promise.

As I penned that promissory note, I had all but totally forgotten about "Liberal Bias," an article of mine that was first published in this column on 20 May 2003. With a few updates and some context regarding this series, that article would have served very well as this one. I find it ironic, if not a tad eerie (a mere coincidence?!) that "Liberal Bias" was Part IX of my only other ten-part series of articles. Even weirder, I began this series with a discourse on irony!

Please read "Liberal Bias!" It at least begins to answer the question, "How did we get here from there?" It all but completely fulfills the promise of my first parenthetical note in Part VIII of this series. It also talks about "progressive 'educators'" and their crucial role in subverting the Foundation of the United States of America. "John Dewey: the father of progressive education (8 March 2004)" is a follow-up of "Liberal Bias." Together, the two links above are an almost comprehensive stand-in for this article. One way to make it a bit more compendious would be to mention gasoline prices — and how that subject was treated by the media four or five years ago (under President Bush) and how it is treated now (under President Obama).

There is something else that I had all but forgotten about (at least relegated to the back-burners of my mind, so to speak), until I read Dr. Jake Jacobs' great book, Mobocracy. Dr. Jake reminded me about the Fabian socialists. Please read Mobocracy!!

I recall my late, great Aunt "Shep" emphasizing to me the significance of the Fabian socialists when I met with her during the summer of 1985. Fabian socialists adhered to Franco-German (secular/atheistic) ideology. They were unabashed (and, by-and-large, admitted) communists. However, the Fabians parted ways with Karl Marx. Marx favored a violent overthrow of the "haves" by the "have-nots." Fabians anticipated this overthrow, but they wanted to bring it about incrementally — slowly, but gradually; by attrition, deceit and a bit of slashing & burning. (Thus, the name: "Fabian.")

What the Fabian socialists started in England, "Progressives" (esp., perhaps, "progressive 'educators'" such as John Dewey and Harold Ordway Rugg) expanded in America. Education is, indeed, the key! Achieve the power of propaganda — via organized, centralized control of education — over the youth of a nation, and slowly, gradually, you will gain control of that nation.

Truth is the Word and the Will of man's Creator & the Author of Law. Liberty and Justice cannot exist without Truth! I am not embarrassed — I'm confident! — to say that God is the Father of Truth!! I am not by any means ashamed to say that Satan is the father of lies! I'll be politically "incorrect" (oooh, sue me!), but I will boldly assert that "progressives" (modern "liberals") and Fabian socialists before them, are the sons of Satan!

How can I so assuredly assert this? Lies promote and propagate the words (ideologies) and the will (power and control) of man over the Word and the Will of God. The purpose of lies is power and control over other human beings. "Progressives" (most of today's Democrat politicians) epitomize this vile (evil) purpose. They are aware of Saul Alinsky's tactics. Witness their latest assault (via "Obamacare" and HHS) on not just the Catholic Church, but all who truly revere the sanctity of life!

Yes, obviously, I am once again "preaching to the choir." Again, I profoundly implore all non-choir members to study history!! Do not blindly accept what you are "taught" in school, told by programs on network or cable TV, or read in newspapers, magazines and websites! Study sources — ancient sources; "Enlightenment" philosophers; America's Founders and Framers and, yes, Saul Alinsky! Cherish Liberty and Justice! Get to know the Source of Liberty and Justice!

America will be great again when We, the (moral, educated and informed) People, stand up and speak out. Otherwise, the downward spiral into confusion, chaos and, eventually, tyranny will bring Liberty and Justice to the point of utter doom — total oblivion.

*Doesn't two or more individuals working together form a collective? No. A collective is an eclectic bunch — a society at-large. I never said that Pope Gregory XV's committee of Cardinals was inherently wrong (or evil); but how could he have ever assumed or expected that his committee would always be manned (or even dominated) by Spirit-filled Cardinals? Or be implemented by Spirit-filled Bishops, priests, friars, monks and nuns? Any collective includes both sons and daughters of Truth and sons and daughters of lies. Those not fully immersed in the Spirit of Truth are influenced if not guided by the spirit of lies.

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Sam Weaver

Sam Weaver

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