Sam Weaver
The Big Lie (Große Lüge): Part X
By Sam Weaver
April 6, 2012

This final installment of "The Big Lie (Große Lüge)" is dedicated to Andrew Breitbart.

Part IX of this series did not comprehensively answer the questions or fulfill the promises of Part VIII. Neither "Liberal bias" nor "John Dewey: the father of progressive education" fully explain how we got here from there. However, Andrew Breitbart's Righteous Indignation virtually does. I urge you to read this book! If you lack either the time or the resources to read Righteous Indignation, please, at the very least, read this article.

Andrew Breitbart spent the first part of his all-too brief adult life on this Earth learning that he was living in a world of lies. He employed the second part of his adult life searching for truth and for the source of those lies. He dedicated the third part to exposing both the lies and the liars.

He made many enemies along the way. I am told that no one who knew him personally would — or even could — call him an "enemy." May God bless and rest his soul. May the Holy Spirit bless and comfort his wife and their four children! May the Word of God enlighten his "enemies"!

Within hours of his passing (and within minutes after the news of his passing broke), Breitbart's "enemies" filled their blogs — along with every social media outlet known to man — with the most heartless, hateful, vile and banal rhetoric. What was the theme of all this vitriol? "Breitbart was a hater and a liar. We are glad — even elated — that he is dead."

Now, who are the real haters? I would suggest that anyone who could hate a woman so much that he would rejoice in her husband's death just might qualify as a real hater. I'd say also that the term "real hater" might apply to someone who would feel the same way about four young children who had just lost their father. Perhaps I'm being unreasonably harsh. Maybe they are not haters; they are merely thoughtless and inconsiderate in a moment of passion. However, I think we can all agree that anyone who could revel in another man's death has far more hate in his heart than he has love!*

Who are the real liars? Breitbart's critics (haters) base their claims that he is a liar, primarily, upon one edited tape. True to Saul Alinsky tactics, they project this one "big mistake" (a mistake that was not, at least according to Breitbart, made by Breitbart himself, but, rather, by Glenn Beck**) upon all his other work. Breitbart's haters claim that he used deceptive tactics to propagate his idea of truth. Surprise!! They are at least somewhat correct in this claim.

Andrew Breitbart was human. As all humans, he did not have an absolute grasp on Truth. As all humans, he made some mistakes. However, Breitbart realized that the "Progressive 'Left'" was skillfully and methodically undermining Liberty and Justice in the United States of America. He resolved, fairly early in his short adult life, that "Progressives" (modern liberals) were at war with the traditions, principles, values, aspirations and institutions that made the USA a great and exceptional nation.

He made the choice — with courage, boldness and perseverance — to engage the "Left" in this crucial war. He fought tirelessly and relentlessly on virtually every major front (Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace). He understood the tactics and strategies of the enemy. He fought fire with fire, so to speak, by expropriating a few of the enemy's tactics. "Gotcha" (i.e., sensational, hit-and-run) journalism was one of those tactics that now have the "wolf criers" crying wolf and the "kettle callers" calling the proverbial kettle "black"; not to mention the liars calling a brave truth-teller a "liar."

Like Thomas Hobbes, Andrew Breitbart was onto something big; really big. His work and his legacy will change history. This time, it will be for the better.

Why will it change history?

Breitbart understood profoundly that we are engaged in an internal war [Warning: there is an utterance of vile language at the end of this link!] here in the United States of America. The outcome of this war will determine whether the USA will remain an exceptional nation anchored in Truth, Liberty and Justice; or will descend into a state of anarchy, dependency and tyranny — or, at best, mediocrity. Breitbart knew that we must confront the enemy on every front — on every battlefield; and that we must recapture every stronghold. We must meet every tactic with an equal or greater tactic and plan an equal or better stratagem for all maneuvers on all fronts. His driven efforts, his insights and his courage (bravado?) showed everyone who was watching (even from afar) that all this could be achieved. Breitbart was a great general.

This is why he was hated. This is why he was called a liar. It is why they celebrated his death. He threatened the Ivory towers — the fortified strongholds of conventional wisdom; the bases of "progressive" power, influence and control.

Breitbart's work is secure in the very capable hands of Benjamin Shapiro and Joel Pollack. With the help of countless others (e.g., Jason Mattera, Michelle Malkin, David Horowitz and the great folks at The Daily Caller and The Patriot Post), Breitbart's legacy will be preserved and enhanced. History will be changed. Ultimately, though, the degree to which history will be changed depends upon you and me — ordinary moral, educated and informed Americans.

How eager are you to stand up for Truth? How interested are you in preserving Liberty and Justice for your posterity? Are you willing to fight and, if necessary, even to die in the war against Große Lüge**? Are you a brave American patriot, or have you fallen for (believed) the Lie (II Thessalonians 2:11)?

I will end this 10-part series by stating several more of the "lesser lies" (in no particular order) that make up modern "conventional wisdom" and Große Lüge. These and countless other lies are designed and propagated to suppress your Liberty and to make you dependent. The goal is tyrannical, totalitarian control by the "enlightened elite" over the "common, unruly masses."

If you believe that all, most, some, or even one of the following statements are declarations of truth rather than lies; then please contact me at (or at the comment section below) and tell me why. I could be very wrong. I want very much to learn from you! Oh, and please don't hesitate to drop me a line or post a comment if you agree with me.

Following is my short list of lesser lies:

It is a legitimate (if not a moral) duty of government to empower some members of society by taxing the wealth and property of other members.

Abortion is simply a matter of choice.

A fetus is not and should not be considered a "person" under the law.

Science is determined by a consensus of "experts."

Evolution is a proven scientific fact.

Scientific evidence indicates that human activity is leading to global warming (or climate change). Therefore, government is obligated to regulate (or to limit) human activity.

"Occupy Wall Street" is "the Left's" version of (and answer to) the Tea Parties.

Labor unions exist primarily to help the working people of this country.

The political spectrum can be accurately represented by a simple line segment.

Capitalism is an inherently unfair economic system that exploits "the masses" and disproportionately empowers the rich.

One person, one vote [The "right" to vote is inherent and unalienable. Every person is entitled to the "right" to vote in every election.]

Case law (and judicial precedence) in determining judicial decisions is superior to the Constitution and the original intent and meaning of the Constitution's framers.

Homosexuality is and must be considered an acceptable "alternative lifestyle 'choice.'" You are a bigot if you disagree.

All cultures (with their diverse religions, political systems, economic philosophies and technological methods/achievements) are equal and must be considered equal.

Tolerance ("Judge not, lest ye be judged." Matthew 7:1) means that every belief of every culture and every lifestyle of every individual must not only be tolerated, generally by a society, but also be assumed equal to every other belief and lifestyle of that society.

The federal government (i.e., Congress, the President and/or beaucracies, and the Supreme Court) can run most or all things better than the free market and/or the States and the People.

The education of children must be provided for collectively (by government) and must be administered by trained "experts."

The U.S. Constitution is a "living and breathing" document that must evolve with and adapt to changing times and "popular 'mores.'"

*I readily admit: I was elated when I heard the news that Osama bin Laden had met his demise. I was very happy that justice had been served. However, I used neither this column nor any social media forum to rejoice in Osama's death. It always grieves my heart deeply when a person dies without knowing his Savior.

**For Andrew Breitbart's version of the infamous "edited tape," please see here!

*** Große Lüge literally means, in German, "the big lie." It is a phrase coined by Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf. It was a propaganda technique that, if implemented "properly" and adroitly, would be used to subdue (and eventually, to control) the "masses." Let's not get bogged down in semantics. It is true: the US was never, technically, at war against "terror" (or "terrorism"). And we are not, technically, at war against Große Lüge. But if we refuse to stand up and defend ourselves, our Liberty, our way of life, our allies, and our posterity against those who use these techniques and tactics to subdue, control or destroy us, then we deserve to be subdued, controlled and/or destroyed.

Vital links:

Wes Vernon

Breitbart Tribute

The true story of the so-called "edited tape"

War (Viewer Warning: Bad language near the end of this clip.)

Frank Salvato

John Duncan

Robert Meyer

Let us all — conservatives, libertarians, independents, moderates, evangelical Christians, Catholics, Jews, etc. — who love Liberty and Justice place our political and doctrinal differences aside for now. We MUST UNITE and focus our efforts on preserving Liberty and Justice (and economic solvency) for our children and grandchildren! We MUST realize that there are those who want to take Liberty and Justice away from us and to control us in their image — according to their will! We can only defeat them if we engage them on equal (and equally passionate and organized) terms with a united, full-fledged effort! Stand up for Truth, Liberty and Justice! Defeat the Big Lie (Große Lüge) of tyranny and control! United we stand, divided we fall. We cannot and must not allow our grandchildren to grow up as subjects or slaves in the shining city upon the hill — the beacon of Liberty — that the USA once, not very long ago, was.

© Sam Weaver


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