Cherie Zaslawsky
Forget the vaccines – we've got a cure!
By Cherie Zaslawsky
April 10, 2020

Thank goodness we have some medical giants in this country – I refer not to the limelight-loving Dr. Anthony Fauci – who have been working around the clock to end the scourge of Covid-19. While Fauci would have us wait for a dubious vaccine, and recently all but gleefully announced that though the virus may abate during the summer, it will almost certainly return in the fall – thanks, doctor – our medical researchers have found a cure!

If you recall, the President announced this promising news about hydroxychloroquine in mid-March, but Fauci, true-to-form as a Never-Trumper who supported Hillary, threw a wet blanket over the President's optimistic and spot-on message. You'd almost think Fauci's mission was to scare and depress the American people and make Trump look bad.

Well, move over, Tony!

Our brilliant medical minds, precious few of which seem to reside in the CDC or the NIH, have found a plentiful and cheap cure for the much-dreaded Chinese Coronavirus, aka Covid-19: zinc! But before you rush out to buy this vitamin/mineral, which, by the way is toxic if you take too much, you need to know that simply taking zinc tablets or lozenges will not work. Why? Because the retrovirus that causes the illness does its damage inside the cells, and zinc can't penetrate the cell wall.

Enter the genius of our medical researchers – they figured out a way to sneak that zinc inside the cells where it can decimate the virus! They experimented with hydroxychloroquine, a drug successfully used against malaria for decades, as a conduit enabling the zinc to enter the cells. Eureka! It worked! It stopped the virus from replicating!

And now, thanks to President Trump for fast-tracking this cure and permitting its use now – without the cumbersome delays Dr. Fauci wants to impose – and thanks to our ally Israel, which is donating – yes, donating! – 6 million doses of this medicine to our beleaguered country, and to our President who has just purchased 29 million more doses for our hospitals and pharmacies, we have just won this war!

No more need for sheltering in place or shutdowns or lockdowns – if there ever was. And no, there never was. These tactics were used as an excuse for the America-hating Leftist globalists – many of whom masquerade as governors of Democrat-controlled states – to grind America into the dirt and to undo the prosperity Trump has brought to our nation.

Mr. President, don't wait any longer to reopen America. Listen to We the People! We want to work, we want to pray, we want to live again! Stand up for us now, so that, like the phoenix, America can rise again before even one more beloved Mom-and-Pop store closes for good.

Make this happen, Mr. President! Tell Dr. Fauci "You're fired!" Millions of Americans rejoiced at hearing you wanted to end the shutdown in time for Easter, hoping to fill the churches to give thanks to the Lord and to pray for healing for our land. And although we'll be celebrating Easter in isolation from one another this year, America is more than ready to open up for worship and for business and for normal, happy and healthy life! Make America Great Again!

© Cherie Zaslawsky


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