Stanley Zir
We the People are the 100%
By Stanley Zir
August 24, 2012

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, said, "Make no mistake, this campaign will be about jobs and the economy." Hold up, not so fast!

President Obama and his cadre of malcontents are already convinced that regardless of facts presented by the GOP. it is Wall Street and the rich, — the one percent — who are the culprits; and it is their fault we are in debt, and there are no jobs. They claim that they can get us out of debt and establish a fair and equitable society by embracing Obamanomics, and leave the greedy Republicans, the banks and Wall Street behind. The point is while they might care about the high rate of unemployment, they are on Obama entitlement bread line, and they believe if the Republicans get back into office it will get worse. So they are giving Obama slack, because they believe they can wait until Obamanomics kicks into gear.

Be careful, for these Kool-Aid drinkers are more plentiful and represent more ordinary people than you might think. Under the influence of the Obama administration, those who are on our side are still vulnerable to his antics.

Case in point: I was in a Stop-n-Shop supermarket, and as I walked down one aisle, a man of 40-something, an ordinary Joe, was stocking the shelves, but something unusual was occurring.After he emptied a carton, he would hit it in the middle, causing it to collapse, thus making it easier for disposal. What caught my attention was the force with which he collapsed the box and the sound it caused — like a gunshot.

As I made my way down the aisle, and passed him, he hit yet another box, with the same ferocity. It was clear that his purpose was to intimidate me — as I was to learn it was because I was wearing a business suit. I turned to him, ignoring his actions and giving him the benefit of the doubt, and said, "Boy, our taxes going to be high this year." He responded with arrogance, "Are you part of the 99% or the 1%?" My retort was immediate — I am 100% American — there is no 99% or 1% American. Being an American is an all-or-nothing proposition.

Startled, he stepped back, saying, "You are welcome to your opinion." I said, "My opinion? Here in America we can still have an opinion, Mr. 99. You should go to Cuba , where your 99% of the people live in poverty and people like Obama, Putin and Castro live like kings. If you criticize them, or any of the 99% who get their jobs, food, and inferior medical care from these tyrants, you would be hunted down by the 99% — the people's army — because your criticism threatens their society of entitlements, where no one loses his job even if they are delinquent, or gets financial reward whether or not they do a good job. And you wonder why everyone is broke and no one has the proverbial "pot?"

So while you may still think this election is about jobs, and not about ideology, consider this: A few days later, in the same store, another worker, a Romney supporter I had known for some time, was having second thoughts. He was questioning the greed of banks and the rich as the cause of our economic problem.

My point is we cannot be so cocksure that the issues of jobgs and economy will win this election. And even if it appears obvious and it should be the case, it might not be so, because many people are still blaming President Bush, the banks, the rich, and the Republicans for our economic collapse and the loss of jobs. The challenge that Obama has launched is, can America go down the road that Bush and the Republicans went down that almost led to economic disaster, or must there be a change in our system to prevent this from happening again?

As this debate rages on about which system best serves our domestic concerns, Obama's foreign policy, which is now a threat to America's national security, comes into play. The focus will shift to which party will be able to define America, what she stands for, who we are and our global mission.

The GOP victory will hinge on whether or not they can awaken the American people to the pride we had for our country before Obama took office and led our nation down the road to spiritual, moral, and financial ruin. Wake up the Sleeping Giant and we will win the election hands down.

This is an election year. We need to rally our base like never before. Americans are in desperate need of that vision of hope that once again presents a clear statement of our nation's Just Purpose. We're sick of eating Islamic crow — who the hell do they think they are, telling us what we can or cannot say? This is not Iran or Saudi Arabia — this is America. We are tired of being pushed around by tyrants at home and abroad. GOP, these are the type of statements we need to hear from YOU. Make us proud! Americans intrinsically rally behind leaders who stand up and take it to the enemy.

This will provide our people with the excitement and spirit to rise to the occasion and overcome this raging current of deception from Obama that has Americans pitted against each other. Only then can America retake the lead in the battle against tyranny that threatens Israel, save the soul of America, get out of debt, and change the course of history.

© Stanley Zir


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Stanley Zir

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