Stanley Zir
Wake up! Fight back! We are being duped!
Systemic racism embraced by America today? Or systemic racism embraced by Sharpton and Obama? You decided
By Stanley Zir
June 20, 2020

First Appearing in my Facebook June 1, 2020

Grab a cup of coffee. It is long but necessary in order to fully understand the greatest threat that undermines America’s sovereignty since our founding



I spent thirty years standing up to the Farrakhan’s and Sharpton’s of this world on their own turf, I am asking for 10 minutes of your time to read what is written here. To understand why we are anything but a racist nation, it is import you read this post.


Wake Up! Fight Back! We are being Duped!

Systemic Racism Embraced by America today? Or Systemic Racism Embraced by Sharpton and Obama? You decided

It is my contention that Obama’s “Slavery is American Original Sin Doctrine” was nothing more than the opening volley that he launched across the bow of Liberty’s Ship. His intentions could not have been clearer.

The result of his diabolical condemnation of our nation, namely America's Original Sin of Slavery Doctrine morphed into the Hate America Doctrine, which was then taught in schools and universities throughout our educational system.

White Americans were indoctrinated to hate their own race while all people of color were then taught to resent the white race. Moreover, and more importantly, all races were taught to hate and disrespect America. Obama’s esprit de corps, liberal educators, infused in the minds of young Americans that they are the beneficiaries of an inequitable white-privileged, free-market economy to which African Americans have been denied entry to because of racism.

This would become their new and only acceptable version of American history. Thus, the process of erasing America’s glorious history through rewriting a revised history that, as NY Governor Cuomo recently exclaimed, “America was never that great” created a false narrative that replaced the true account of our nation’s 250+ year glorious histories.

This skewed narrative began with pockets of left-wing radicals being formed throughout our nation and then crept up into our educational systems and reached up into our very liberal institutes of higher learning.

This set the stage for the detrimental strategy to bring America to her knees perpetrated by Obama and his posse, that included Sharpton, Farrakhan, and the entire Democratic Party/

Obama's "Slavery is America's Original Sin" Scam Doctrine

In 2008, as I listened to President Barack Obama give his “A More Perfect Union”, which was nothing more than a racial tirade about America’s supposed original sin, I became incensed to the point that I promised that if I ever had a chance to expose this ‘carnie-sideshow barker, scam artist’ who would go from town to town selling America’s disillusioned youth his cure-all elixir, thereby turning them into leading advocates for a “hate white America mandate,” I would not pass it up.

It’s time to close the curtain on the latest Obama sideshow and run his toxic Kool-Aid cure-all wagon out of town, along with the horse he rode in on. (Disclaimer: The preceding is a metaphor, meant in political terms only.)

Americans must throw off Obama’s “Blame and Shame America “campaign. He and his posse, continue to cast aspersions on America by focusing on her past inequities that imply that America is not, nor ever was a “fair-shake nation,” thus casting doubt, in the minds of our impressionable and naturally rebellious youth, as to whether our nation has ever served a noble purpose, in this world.

When Obama proclaimed that slavery was America’s original sin, he branded us a nation of evildoers unworthy of Liberty’s just cause. Who could doubt what the first Black American President espoused about America was true or not true? It was time for reconciliation between races and that is why he was elected.

How does one lift the smokescreen that has been cemented in place by those peddling such a false narrative?

Those “good and bad guys now marching in our streets en masse, who believe that America has always been, and will continue to be a bigoted, racist nation?

The false claims compare America to the violent South African Apartheid, who was eventually voted out after a massive protest against racism in their streets, the same marches that are being emulated by Americans today. The difference is, is that we are not a racist nation.

It’s a myth.

It is now the task of every American patriot to protect our free republic from those who have branded America as a Black-Hate Nation.

Our quest is to keep the lamp of liberty lit so that every generation, so, every American can survive the onslaught of those who promote the hatred of American values as the land of great opportunity.

The rebuttal of this absurd and deadly assertion that Slavery is America's original sin is very simple.

Slavery did not begin in America.

However, it did end here, in this glorious, freedom-loving country. The fight to end prejudice against people of color has never stopped.

The U.S. Constitution was penned with a distinct mission to overcome thousands of years of bondage. This, our greatest living document was written by a couple of newly relocated Caucasian Americans with the sole purpose of forming a peaceful and equitable government for the coexistence of all nations, and of all people regardless of race or skin color.

The entire liberal Left and their cadre of self-loathing, white-hating, blame, and shame American Racists, have chosen to disregard this basic truth.

In writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights, our Founders created a mirror that exposed their own sin of slavery. Those same documents would be the conduits that put asunder all the sins and transgressions committed by all of our forefathers.

That includes every race, every nation, every tribe, every creed; white, black, and every person of color. That’s right Mr. Obama. That includes your African forefathers, too, who also continuously waged war amongst and against each other in tyranny’s name in the post-Constitutional era.

The proof of this is that our citizens have chosen to honor the principles of our Constitution, as the staple to nurture America’s cultural ethic for over 232 years. Time and again, in the history of our country, we have been able to rise out of the ashes of our own inequities (slavery, segregation, etc.) by using the Constitution’s unrelenting mirror of justice.

We have been richly rewarded for such idealism with a renaissance in each generation, despite the tyrannical naysayers’ predictions of our impending doom and accusations of our greed and decadence.

Thus our stance against tyranny, with which the Constitution Rule of Law provides us, is the perfect solution to bridge the racial divide that is about to devour us all.

It is time for all Americans to reconnect with the original mission of our Founding Fathers, which is, was, and will always be, to free the world from the fear proliferated by the disciples of tyranny. It is in her DNA and is what makes America exceptional in the world.

This mission, to stand up and abolish tyranny, is what drives our 200+ year history. It underlies every battle we have fought since our inception. The Founding Fathers fought the tyranny of the British Monarchy.

The Civil War was the result of the incompatibility between our mission to ensure that all men are created equal and the tyranny of slavery that denied citizens of color their American liberty for far too long. In the twentieth century, our grandfathers fought the tyranny of Fascism; and our fathers fought the tyranny of Communism, just as their sons and daughters now fight the tyranny of Islamic terrorism

Very simply, America is the defender of liberty and stands unapologetically in direct opposition to those whose nations embrace tyranny and hatred as their rule of law.

Does this sound like the land that continued to embraces Obama America Original Sin is Slavery Declaration

What exactly are Obama, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and the rest of their America/Jew-hating posse talking about?

In WWII, Americans of all colors, from varying descents, including Italian, German, and Japanese Americans, side by side along with a half-million Jewish American soldiers, joined together to stop the spread of Fascism, ensuring the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Are they talking about those who died in our Civil War, fighting against slavery? Or maybe they are speaking about those who have sacrificed their lives, in the civil rights movement? How about the Americans veterans who fought and died since the foundation of our republic to keep us free?

Would you label our courageous freedom fighters as the by-product of Slavery- America's Original Sin? I don’t think so.

These heroes are the by-products of America’s stance against tyranny, our Constitution's Rule of Law that guarantees all our citizens the freedoms that protect us from Fascists and Totalitarian who are intent on denying all of us our God Given Rights.

God know them you know them the fallen ones, the rebellious, the by-product of humankind's Original Sin who instead of honoring the sovereignty of God, their mortal power laud over and represses all people, demanding allegiance to him instead of to God.

Such governments that embrace tyranny as their rule of law are dehumanizing and hateful. All peoples God Given Rights are denied.

(The part in red and blue has been copyrighted because it portrays the amazing effect that my original rendition of our Constitution Rule of Law when applied, as you see in the paragraphs above, affirms the proposition that Thomas Jefferson asserted when his said“ “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits”)

This is why the Greatness of America must be our Campaign

Who in their right mind would describe the achievements in of those who fought for our freedoms the outgrowth of America's Original Sin? .

They are the Jew Haters, the terrorist sympathizers, the shamers who label everyone as racist, and the rest who bring dishonor to those who fought for their freedoms.

In fact, these are the new fascists whose plan is clear, to establish a New America, one that will reject the Constitution and abolish our sovereignty as a free nation.

They are condemning America as a white stronghold that threatens the lives of African Americans daily thus, justifying the establishment for new sovereignties within our nation, within our cities, with no respect for our rule of law.

They want to replace our “"repressive and racist system” with one that can protect their people and provide them with the security they need. Who do you think will be replacing the police and providing security? Just ask Farrakhan, the Leader of the Nation of Islam, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and Sharpton. Who will claim only they are qualified to provide this service.

Do you really want these fascist groups to protect their families? Do they believe they would distribute their protection equitably?

The Democratic Party, like the sheep they are, has totally bought into this deceptive movement with no objections. Their declaration of war on American values states America's unjust treatment of minorities is systemic and irreversible.

Thus step by step they are separating themselves from American sovereignty, which has been their plan all along, regardless of whether they win the upcoming election or not.

I say to these charlatans, Sharpton, Obama, and your fellow Democratic lackeys, we are on to you. Be courageous enough to look in the mirror of the righteousness of unchangeable truths that our Constitution provides and see the millions of American patriots, of all colors, who are looking back at you. We are determined to keep America free from all the hateful edicts that are spewed from the mouths of the ignorant.

Sharpton, it is time you and your sheep to rise from your knees to thank President Trump for all he is doing to end poverty and joblessness in your communities; the issues you and your fellow Black Leaders have failed to address, and that your left-wing radicals created.

It’s time for all African Americans to take a knee for the failure of Black leadership to adequately address the truly systemic Black-on-Black brutality in your own communities

That far outweighs the regretful action of the handful of rogue and unprofessional police and the false claim that all police are racists I do not want to marginalize what happened George Floyd there cannot be any doubt about changes that must be made to weed out the racist's cap that dishonor all their fellow offers and that are also branded as racists because of their actions.

Sharpton, how can you label President Trump as a racist when his focus is on elevating the African-American community by developing Opportunity Zones that would bring them out of the victimized mentality and instead, incentivize economic growth, education and job development, especially for Black businesses and investments? Racist? Really?

For over thirty years I fought against people like Franken and Sharpton on their home turf. I was there, in the thick of it. I did all I could do to rebuke their claim that America was a racist nation policed by racist cops. While I don’t deny there were, and still are, racists cops, racism in their community was not systemic, then or today.

The residents in those devastated areas were very thankful for the cops that protected their community from the hoodlums, the thugs, and gangs that tried to take over their community. I was there watching Sharpton and his cronies play the race card that only perpetuated the victim mentality, encourages government dependency, and thereby denies the youth their chance to achieve the American dream.

I watched Mayor Dinkins, A Democratic, turn New York City into a lawless enclave where people were free to defecate in the streets, pee on windshields, assault peaceful residents and publicly defy rules of common decency because he, like DeBlasio and the rest of the Democratic party today, believed that all cops are racists and cannot be trusted to protect these communities.

It is now 10 years later since my days working with the youth in Harlem encouraging them to peruse the unlimited opportunities that American has to offer to live to its fullest, and I still see Sharpton, no different than before, doing nothing to change these communities, but spouting his rhetoric about America being an inherently racist nation.

I watch thousands of sheep marching in the street buying this crock. I am crestfallen because I have, for years, tried to expose charlatan Sharpton and his group that has deceived the Black communities and the liberal sheep that swallow his slop. But I’m not giving up. I never have; even after I was stabbed for standing up for America and recognizing Sharpton for the snake oil salesman he was and still is.

I’ve turned my focus on emphasizing the greatness of America, keeping her great, free, and solid.

I support President Trump because I admire his leadership, his focus on building up our economy for all Americans (in spite of the Democratic three-year pie-throwing contest and his recognition of the American spirit that made us the greatest nation in the world, with only a 250-year history.

To that end, God willing, our East Stroudsburg Republican Club will be hosting the largest gathering of Patriots since in the modern era in Pennsylvania, the Keystone State and birthplace of the U.S. Constitution.

Thank God we have Donald J. Trump as our President. Under his visionary leadership, America is completing her original mission that was established when our Founders launched the greatest experiment in the history of the world;

"The quest to secure liberty as the foundation to eternally ensure the protection of all peoples’ God-given rights, to forever lock the door on tyranny and all who would release its deadly venom into the hearts of humankind”.

So the question Systemic Racism Embraced by America today? Or Systemic Racism Embraced by Sharpton and Obama?

My answer I implore you to get out and vote. We need a landslide in 2020 to:

Keep America free

Keep America great

Keep America safe and

Make America even greater still…

Under the leadership of President Trump

Thank you for your patience

Stan Zir

© Stanley Zir


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