Stanley Zir
Identity Theft: Obama's final solution to reduce America to a has-been nation, Part One
By Stanley Zir
July 12, 2014


The following op-Ed appeared on the site of the Unity Coalition for Israel in January 2014. Three months later, Russian President Putin invaded the Ukraine and the invasion of Iraq by ISIS came to pass.

The devastating effect that President Obama's foreign policy has had on America and the free world over the past six years has been summarily dismissed by the GOP as they almost exclusively focused on Obamacare. They believed that if they could get the United States' finances in order, America could then move forward as a nation. They were wrong! Their priority should have been to focus on Iran and her Sharia protocol, which threatens our Constitution, our freedoms and our prosperity.

As I wrote in 'Hello Iran, Goodbye America' in 2013, "While we are still being overwhelmed on the domestic front by the disaster that is Obamacare, it still can be repealed. A failed state is guaranteed if we do not overcome the damage done by Obama's foreign policy and its threat to the world order."

By tolerating an Iranian madman armed with nuclear devices, America faces a watershed event. Awaken American citizens, our leadership and our government to the fact that the security and prosperity of our nation is not simply a domestic affair. Our politicians, who continue to battle Obama's Draconian domestic policies, must face the reality that Iran is the epicenter of a global threat that will topple our nation, our economy and the future of America.

Relentless pressure, even stronger than the campaign launched against Obamacare, has to be exerted on President Obama to successfully overcome the fatal effects of his foreign policy. Failure is not an option.

If Iran gains nuclear capabilities, the world will become Ground Zero. Iran, the greatest enemy of freedom, will have tested and broken America's resolve. Who will be left to prevent the globalization of tyranny if America's identity as the Advocate of Freedom is vanquished? We must never let America be decimated by a foreign policy that would give victory to Iran and radical Islam over our nation and the Constitution. When there is an imminent threat to our nation and Constitution, the threat must take top priority. That imminent threat is the creation of a nuclear Iran enabled by Obama's foreign policy.

It is now July 2014, more than seven years since my op-eds have been foretelling the fatalities to America, Israel and the free world by a failed foreign policy. Our leadership has yet to face up to the fact that Iran is the biggest threat, not simply one among many. Incredibly, not one of the pro-Zionist Jewish and Christian organizations, not one political pundit, not one politician has demanded the destruction of Iran's nuclear Holocaust war machine!

It is the lack of understanding America's mission that has led us here. In a nutshell, her reason for existence is to establish, support and defend freedom in the world. When we do not honor her purpose and believe in her greatness, the outcome is predictable.

As it is, according to a recent poll of FOX News, only 28% of American citizens believe that America is exceptional among the nations!

As I have repeatedly professted if we continue to disregard our priorities with complacency and stagnation, America will experience a meltdown of biblical proportions. She will lose her identity as the Advocate for Freedom and inherit all that she fought against since the birth of this exceptional nation. Nothing will then be able to undo the carnage that will descend upon our country, the free world and our future generations. The very concept of liberty will be ripped from the pages of history. Preventing such a cataclysmic occurrence necessitates replacing the old guard with a new victorious America initiative. Please visit neveragainisnow,net to take action!

Here is the article as it appeared in January 2014 for the Unity Coalition for Israel.

Identity Theft, Obama's final solution to reduce America to a has-been nation

By Stan Zir

January 10th, 2014

First a note from the author Stanley Zir. This is a part of a larger work called "Identity Theft, Obama's final solution to reduce America to a has-been nation," to be released shortly.

One after the other of our most savvy political pundits and newscasters continue to insist that the major focus of the year 2014 will be Obamacare, but I disagree. This will be the year when the disastrous effect of Obama's foreign policy will take center stage.

I am proud of the fact that for years on end; I alone have been promoting the idea that it is Obama's foreign policy that will ultimately bring our nation to ruin. This assertion was never made more clear than in the article I wrote in 2012, "The RNC Convention, A Sharia Compliant Affair." What was noted there would bear fruit in March 2014 as people are finally now starting to talk about the disastrous effects of Obama's foreign policy and its threat to the world order when Putin launched his attack on the Ukraine.

Quote from the article: "The scope, size and damage of Obama's foreign policy leveled against America, Israel and the free world, is now reaching critical mass. While we were distracted by Obamacare and the rise of his entitlement society the transfer of world leadership to rogue enterprises was being accomplished without notice.

In the movie "Jaws," when police chief Brody sees the size of the great white shark that they will have to face, he turned to the shark hunter, Quint, and said, "We'll need a bigger boat." Likewise Obama's foreign policy is now about to trump America's domestic concerns. We are about to be swallowed whole by Obama's political behemoth.

We need to reassess our position. The defining moment that will challenge the very foundation of Western civilization has come like a thief in the night.

The threat from Iran, as a nuclear armed terrorist state, to American citizens is no less foreboding than Iran's supporting cast, Russia, China, and the UN, all of whom are taking over world leadership from America. This global threat is imminent as the life lines that connect the nations of the free world continue to be severed around the globe by these totalitarian hoodlums.

The ground we have gained though the spilt blood of America's patriots is now being retaken by Russia, which has reemerged with a vengeance and along with a modern day re-tooled Communist China, both have aligned themselves with the Iranian Jihadist conglomerate (Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) to impose their will on America, Israel, and whatever is left of the self-deluded European Union.


America has confronted many decisive battles that determined the future of our nation and the rest of the world.. The enormity of the Iranian issue that we are now facing and our response to it, is one of those defining moments that will determine the very survival of a truly free America. Without a strong and resolute America, who will be left to prevent the globalization of tyranny? Who will our enemies fear?

No matter what Obama has done thus far and no matter what financial burden we must bear, we cannot permit him to bargain away the soul of our nation by embracing a foreign policy that compromises our Constitutional and its stance against tyranny.

We must not stand by and let Obama give victory to radical Islam and worldwide tyranny. If you think you can ignore your responsibilities as a citizen when there is an imminent threat to America's Constitution and one of our closest allies, Israel, and still remain free, you are sadly mistaken. Please join me by visiting and take action.

Thank You.

Stanley Zir

© Stanley Zir


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