Stanley Zir
U.S. Veteran stands trial for displaying American flag
By Stanley Zir
April 17, 2017

"While we may never be able to repay the debt we owe to our military, we must ensure they do not serve in vain. That is why, "We the People," the recipients of their valor, are duty-bound to consecrate their lives with our eternal pledge to protect the Constitution,the foundation upon which our Free Republic stands. Only then can we continue to enjoy their hard-won and our guaranteed freedoms." This travesty of justice demands our full attention Make your voices heard

A Veteran our Flag and Our Rule of Law will stand trail on April 18th U.S. Courthouse Los Angeles, California 90012

"And the rocket's red glare, the bomb bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there" ...from our National Anthem.

These inspirational words written by Francis Scott Key were based upon his personal observation that after a massive 24-hour bombardment at Fort McHenry by the entire British war fleet, the American flag remained standing, propped up by the dead bodies of courageous, unrelenting patriots who refused to lower their flag to the enemy. The American flag has always, and will always, remain the consummate symbol of tenacity, bravery and valor, certainly to Americans who respect the free world, and to the veterans who fought to protect its honor.

For that reason, and so much more, the following story is so troublesome and requires to be brought to the attention of every freedom-loving American and every veteran who fought to secure those freedoms.

Every Sunday, for the past eight years, 74-year old Vietnam-era US Army Veteran, Robert Rosebrock spends his day standing in peaceful protest at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Park (GLAVA) to draw attention to the plight of the homeless and abandoned veterans by hanging the American flag on the entrance gate to the park, and until recently, hanging it upside down in a show of distress. In particular, Rosebrock is protesting the fact that over 700 acres of land in the pricey Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles zip code behind the gates, which through an act of the 49th Congress in 1887 was to be used exclusively for veterans in need of shelter and medical services, has been the subject of the most heinous illegal land grab fraud perpetrated by complicit elected California and US officials at the highest levels.

The land was given over by a wealthy California socialite Arcadia Bandini and deeded in 1888 specifically to be used exclusively for the care and housing of veterans who have served their country.

However much of the property is now being parceled out by the Veteran's Administration with illegal rental and share-lease agreements, in direct violation of the Congressional Act. Illegal agreements to non-veteran and for profit commercial entities, such as the posh Brentwood School, are bringing in millions of dollars in rent, none of which is even going to support veterans dealing with homelessness, hunger or medical needs; hence Los Angeles remains one of the highest ranked cities in the nation with homeless and under served veterans.

Shamefully, California senator Dianne Feinstein and US Representative Ted Lieu, US Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald and LA Veterans Affairs Director Ann Brown have all colluded to overturn these illegal leases under the guise that they will produce income to combat veteran homelessness.

However, there are already plans to make the park into a commercial profit-producing entity that would include an amusement park and sports complex, including a public dog park. This hijacking of exclusive veteran's land is the biggest land-grab fraud in the interest of commercial gain at the expense of needed and promised veteran shelter and medical necessities.

Intimidation tactics are being used to quell the protestors, including trumped up charges, violence and flag removal. Rosebrock is simply displaying the American flag on Federal property! As a result, he was falsely arrested on Memorial Day 2016 and now is facing trial on April 18th.

Still, Rosebrock remains undeterred. He shouldn't be on trial. It is the corrupt scoundrels of the Greater LA Veteran's Affairs who are trying to silence him and putting their greedy desires ahead of our veterans in need; the same men and women who put their lives on the line to secure American freedom from the abuse of power.

Our rule of law states that the law applies to all of us, equally, including our government, elected officials and all citizens. We are all subject to the same Constitution, irrespective of rank and class. This is the foundation upon which our free republic rests which secures our freedoms from the abuse of power from government offices who claim to serve the best interest of the people This is why they secured that flag at Fort McHenry to honor and protect the Constitutions rule of law.

Veterans from all walks of life have proven their allegiance to this country by taking an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In return for their dedicated service, millions of brave American men and women who have fallen on battlefields across the world and those who have returned with incurable battle scars have shamefully received inadequate care and support by our government. They do not deserve this final slap in the face for their service.

Ann Brown the director of the Greater Los Angeles Health Center of West Los Angeles recently declared the Veterans home is place of "peace, serenity, order and privacy" Our veterans in that area are homeless many are committing suicide while she is leasing their lands to a dog park. We have come to take back our lands promised to us not to dogs.

Gene Simes, President of the National Chairman of Operation Firing for Effect, along with Vice President Tom Pridell and Paul Dionne of Veterans News Today will be flying out to Los Angeles to meet with Rosebrock and offer their full backing and support.

For more information, please contact Gene Simes at 315-986-7322 and visit home

© Stanley Zir


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