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Giroux: 'Brownback is a coward'; Are graphic abortion images effective?
By Matt C. Abbott
March 10, 2009

I received the following (slightly edited) e-mail from Jennifer Giroux, executive director of Women Influencing the Nation, in response to my March 7 column on the Senator Sam Brownback controversy:

    'There is so much more behind the compromise of Senator Sam Brownback that it pains me to see people like yourself and Father McCloskey provide political cover to a man who repeatedly betrays the unborn for political expediency and self preservation. Last year Senator Brownback was part of a political hit job on a man named Phill Kline, the former Attorney General of Kansas who is to date the only prosecutor in the nation to ever charge Planned Parenthood with criminal charges.

    'If he had been able to complete the case and obtain a conviction, Planned Parenthood would have had risked losing their federal funding nationwide — over $350 million dollars. Words cannot describe the public attacks that Phill Kline endured for taking on the abortion industry for illegal abortion and unreported child rape. When it came time for Phill to run for re-election, word got out that both senators from Kansas were thinking of endorsing the man running against Phill.

    'Many pro-life leaders from Kansas called to ask Senator Brownback not to do this. We let him know Phill was going to run. In fact, the man Senator Brownback endorsed is a Catholic who isn't even pro-life and had worked for the pro-abortion district attorney for 15 years. I'll spare you further details because I'm sure you see where I'm headed.

    'Senator Brownback endorsed the pro-abort, sent massive confusion into the primary, and Phill Kline and the criminal case were thrown under the bus. This was all under the same rationale Father McCloskey used in your column. And it is wrong. At that time, Senator Brownback cut a deal with the moderates under the fear that too many pro-aborts would come out to vote against Phill. Now it's, 'But think of what he can do once he is governor.' Well, I'm thinking of the scandal and the physical damage Governor Sebelius will be doing to the rest of the country — and it will be massive.

    'I suspect you and Father McCloskey are at a disadvantage in not knowing these details. I have held Father McCloskey in high regard for many years, and still do. However, I'm deeply disappointed he would be quoted with such a line as you headlined.

    'The bottom line is this: Senator Brownback is a coward. He ran from helping us fight late-term abortionist George Tiller for the last two years; he trashed a courageous man who has suffered greatly for the cause of life (Phill Kline); and now he is paving the way for confirmation without opposition for someone who will be deciding on aspects of all areas of our life for four years. No rationalization can justify this.

    'In the big picture, it does not help Senator Brownback one bit for anyone to affirm him in his compromise, because in the end, the only confirmation that matters is judgment day. In the overall view of your article, I'm not sure why you chose the title.'

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I heard about this story (from January 2009) courtesy of Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics; it's a doozy:

    'A 39-year-old Warren [Mich.] woman who helped kidnap an ex-boyfriend in a scheme to obtain money to pay for an abortion has been found guilty of five counts related to the incident.

    'The jury deliberated only 20 minutes before finding Holly Patterson guilty of two counts of extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment following a 2-day trial in Macomb County Circuit Court....'

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