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Defrocked priest arrested again; Sour, icky 'Milk'; Peter Yarrow and Jimmy Carter
By Matt C. Abbott
May 22, 2014

Not much in the way of good news for this particular column...

First, from the Chicago Tribune (May 21):
    A defrocked priest who had been convicted of abusing several children at his West Side parish was arrested today [May 21, 2014] after a warrant was issued regarding a new allegation stemming from a 2005 incident, police said.

    Daniel McCormack, who pleaded guilty in 2007 to multiple counts of criminal sexual assault and was sentenced to five years in prison, was taken into custody after a warrant for aggravated criminal sexual abuse was served, according to Chicago police ... The newest allegation involves a 10-year-old boy at his former West Side parish....
An interesting side note to this story: Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, Ariz., who was rector of the seminary McCormack attended, told the National Catholic Register in 2010:
    While McCormack was at Mundelein, a student commented to his counselor that when they were in Mexico studying Spanish, McCormick had been in a bar where they had been drinking and that as they were leaving the bar, McCormack had in public patted a person on the behind over clothing. When the counselor reported that to us, McCormack was called in and was asked to give an explanation. His explanation was exactly as was reported to the counselor by the other seminarian. Neither account indicated any sexual act or intention.

    In the course of that discussion, McCormack revealed that while at the college several years before he had had two consensual sexual experiences with peers while they were drinking. He assured us that he had worked this through with his spiritual director and that he wanted to live a celibate life.

    Nevertheless, because of the seriousness of his admission about behavior that had occurred in his past, he was sent for extensive evaluation to determine if he could live a celibate life and if there was any concern about his affective maturity. That evaluation indicated that the nature of the experiences he had related was experimental and developmental, although it indicated that drinking might be a concern because the experiences involved drinking. He was further evaluated to determine if there were any alcohol issues....
And, as the old adage goes, the rest is history.

Wow, that must have been some "extensive evaluation"! Perhaps it was inspired by the ghost of Harvey Milk. See below.

Harvey Milk is getting his own postage stamp and is being honored (again) by the Obama administration. Imagine that.

From (May 19):
    President Obama's White House will host a dedication ceremony for a new U.S. postage stamp commemorating Harvey Milk, the infamous homosexual activist who became the first openly gay elected official in California in 1977. However, friends and foes alike say Milk was more than an elected official – he was also a child sexual predator whose partners had a habit of killing themselves.

    The predatory nature of Milk's personal relationships led at least two of his young sexual partners to commit suicide – one of them Jack Galen McKinley, a 16-year-old runaway from Maryland.

    A biography about Milk written by his close friend and fellow homosexual Randy Shilts states that, in addition to the 16-year-old runaway, Milk had other relationships with underage boys as well, indicating that Milk was a statutory rapist....
And there's more.

From City Journal (2009):
    Nine days prior to Milk's death, more than 900 followers of Jim Jones – many of them campaign workers for Milk – perished in the most ghastly set of murder-suicides in modern history. Before the congregants of the Peoples Temple drank Jim Jones's deadly Kool-Aid, Harvey Milk and much of San Francisco's ruling class had already figuratively imbibed. Milk occasionally spoke at Jones's San Francisco – based headquarters, promoted Jones through his newspaper columns, and defended the Peoples Temple from its growing legion of critics. Jones provided conscripted 'volunteers' for Milk's campaigns to distribute leaflets by the tens of thousands. Milk returned the favor by abusing his position of public trust on behalf of Jones's criminal endeavors....
What a guy.

From a May 19 news release by Bill Donohue of the Catholic League:
    In 1970, a 14-year-old girl and her 17-year-old sister went to his hotel room after his concert to get his autograph. He came to the door naked and then sexually abused the 14-year-old in front of her sister. He was sentenced to a one-to-three-year prison sentence, but only served three months. Tonight he will be honored in New York City by the Parents Association of his alma mater, LaGuardia Arts High School (the FAME school). Al Roker and Deborah Roberts will co-host the fundraiser, and many stage and screen stars will perform.

    The child molester is Peter Yarrow, of the Peter, Paul, and Mary trio. Yarrow, who was convicted of 'immoral and improper liberties' with a minor, brushes off criticism by saying what he did was not uncommon....

    In 1981, he was pardoned by President Jimmy Carter, a man who has spent much of this year hawking his book on the mistreatment of women by the clergy. At the time of the pardon, Yarrow was married to the niece of Democratic Senator Eugene McCarthy. Yarrow wants us to take note of his pardon: 'With the mean-spiritedness of our time, it gets hauled out as if it's [his sexual assault of the 14-year-old girl] relevant. You don't get a presidential pardon if you're not doing great work, have paid your debts to society.'

    It just makes me want to reach for the vomit bag. Make that two vomit bags: one for him and one for those who will fawn all over him tonight.
Make it three vomit bags. One for me as well.

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