Paul Cameron
How homosexuals convert others to homosexuality
By Paul Cameron
December 19, 2022

The adult Sunday School class was a-twitter.

Almost the whole class played softball – with their kids in the stands cheering. Class participation in the city’s softball league was so high it was almost part of church activities.

But this Sunday, the class learned that one of the many lesbian softball players had not only fallen-in-love with one of the class wives, but had just moved into her home! The husband had been pushed out, and the kids were to be raised by the new couple! Since the church was Evangelical, there was no doubt about where members were supposed to stand on homosexuality – yet the class had just lost one of its leading couples to it!

Ace and his wife were part of the class and avid softball players. Yes, the softball league was "full" of lesbians – so what? That’s the way most U.S. softball leagues are.

They knew the shattered couple well: had been out to eat with them, had them over. Ace and his wife’s pillow talk over the next few weeks seldom failed to include the circumstances of and their reactions to the shattered couple’s divorce. Ace asked his wife what she felt about the situation a couple of times, and whether she might be tempted. She was "shocked" he’d even asked. “No way,” she exclaimed, “I am repulsed by what lesbians do. No way. Yuck, UGH!”

As it turned out, the class learned that the shattered marriage began with a lesbian softball player calling the wife and chatting. Over about 6 or so months, somehow the wife had fallen in love with the caller. And, well you know the rest of the story. Of importance, all the Sunday School couples were alerted to lesbians’ phone calls and what might happen.

A few weeks later, a lesbian on Ace’s team called – him. All she wanted to do was talk with him! About the team, about sports in general (they were both avid sports fans). Time after time, she called to talk with Ace. Time after time, they chatted about sports and man-type things. Every time, she asked for Ace. After a few months, he "forgot about it," he wasn’t worried.

But Ace wasn’t always home. Sometimes, only Ace’s wife was home….

I testified in court to the dangers to the children, as Ace tried to save access to his kids and his property. His wife was in love with the lesbian caller now (she snuck in a few more calls than he’d realized, and the wife’s "meetings" with "friends" were somewhat different than she said). When the dust settled, he retained primary custody and his house, but had to give his wife (and her new lover) a chunk of his wealth and partial custody of his kids.

"How could this happen?" You might ask. Ace KNEW what had happened just under two years ago to his friends and the apparent power of "innocent" lesbian calls. But he had asked his wife about lesbianism, and she said she was repulsed. He was in control of the calls (he thought). Since they had a good sex life (at least as he saw it), he had no concerns. Plus, his wife was a dedicated Christian who knew homosexuality would be bad for their kids. Obviously, he controlled much less than he thought. And wives don’t always tell the truth (or change their minds).

Two other cases also were "too unbelievable to use as the basis for a TV drama." These featured Christian fathers whose pastors told congregants to reach out to homosexuals. Both were professionals – one Catholic, the other Baptist. Both discovered lesbian couples lived near them. Following pastoral advice, they invited the couples to dinner. And they encouraged the friendship that ensued. While neither couple became "fast friends," within a few months both husbands found their wives more friendly with the couples than they had imagined possible. Alas, within a year, both were in court trying to save access to their children and retain their property. For both, a lesbian quit her "life partner" and fell in love with his wife. Each husband lost primary custody of their kids and had to move out of their homes to make room for the new couple.

Why should these lesbian "victory stories" concern you? Six children were involved and not only were all of them disturbed by the divorce but (statistically speaking) one or two of these kids likely went LGBT. And these cases occurred in the mid-1980s-early 1990s – when society was still "tilted against" homosexuality (and only 2% of the electorate was LGBT, instead of 2022’s 8%). Today, all U.S. kids are subjected to media-driven pro-gay propaganda [every cartoon or drama must have a LGBT character], and classrooms increasingly trend "either homo or hetero is just fine."

The war between homosexuals and straights. Homosexual literature claims nothing is quite as "satisfying" as getting a straight to try homosexuality or turn gay. Results of sex surveys suggest boys are especially vulnerable to seduction/rape by those of their sex (both Kinsey’s 1940s and FRI’s 1983-4 surveys suggest that a third of boys whose first experience is homosexual will engage in it in adulthood). Girls and women seem most influenced by real or virtual friendships with lesbians (just as a divorced friend doubles a wife’s risk of getting a divorce, a lesbian friend or teacher accelerates the danger of a girl or woman going LGBT).

Homosexuality associated with child molestation was indexed in the U.S. and U.K. from 2012 through 2021. When "child sexual abuse" was used as the search term in Google News, of consecutive U.S. news stories where the sex of the perpetrator and sex of the victim was revealed, 33.1% (872 of 2,632 perpetrators) violated 52.2% ( 2,965 of 5,679 victims) homosexually. In the consecutive UK stories, 44.8% (326 of 727 perpetrators) homosexually violated 89% (6,031 of 6,779 victims). Journalists – who wrote the stories brought up by Google News – said homosexuality dominated sexual molestation of kids in both countries. Both my and Kinsey’s research suggests perhaps a third of the molested boys will engage in homosexuality as adults.

Homosexuality also casts a dark shadow in the tribal societies of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Even though homosexual activity is illegal, a 1997 study of the Pashtun region by the National Coalition for Child Rights reported that “23% of adults are proud of man-boy sex, 14% see it as a symbol of social status, and 11% do not consider it wrong.” [1] Indeed, Pashtun commonly intone "women are for children and boys for pleasure." [A saying and widespread belief that is very hard for those who believe "sex tilts toward what is natural" to account for. Indeed, the durability of this slogan strongly supports the notion that sex is learned – what is "natural" about being attracted to the elimination and sexual organs of boys? I spoke at length to a Christian missionary to Pakistan 10 years ago. She decried the frequency with which even Christian boys watched "boy dancing" on their phones – watching it was ubiquitous across Pakistan]. In both countries, “Rich elderly men are known to keep boys for sexual gratification….”[2] In every Pakistani town, “homosexuals and transsexuals live together communally” and generally prostitute themselves. [3] Many of these are men, who were once kept boys, were discarded after growing hair.

At the 2009 child abuse conference in Lahore, Punjab Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Rana Sanaullah, said “people should be educated about the menace of child sexual abuse” asserting that the “majority of children admitted to Madrassas to get religious education were abused.”[4] 94% of Pakistani Madrassas students are boys, so most of this abuse is homosexual and sustains its homosexual tilt.

The numerous disruptions of society when homosexuality is accepted and widespread is also illustrated by prostitutes murdering “clients who refuse to be sodomized in turn (e.g., in a 1999 case, four men, victims of child sexual abuse, confessed to 14 murders and 150 homosexual rapes and robberies, told police part of their motivation was "revenge” for their treatment by society).”[3] I talked about the Madrassas teacher-pupil molestations with a Pakistani official at the UN. He said his government was desperately trying to reduce the power of the Muslim clerics so that many fewer boys would be raped and turned into homosexuals in the Madrassas. At least as of four years ago, he said the government had utterly failed to accomplish its aim.

Children are "naturally" homosocial: kids must be taught to despise the addition of sex to their homosociality and see sex as only interesting and appropriate with the opposite sex

Even in preschool, kids tend to play with their sex and by mid-childhood, the sexes are generally homosocial across almost all voluntary activities. We are "comfortable" with our sex, not so much with the opposite sex: it thinks and reacts differently to almost everything. That’s part of the reason why homosexuality must be stigmatized lest it is added to interactions with one’s own sex. Indeed, sexual components are often involved in interactions with any member of the opposite sex. That’s part of the reason why "innocent" cross-sex contacts often develop into sexual attachments. Billy Graham and Mike Pence famously acknowledged this principle by refusing to be alone with any woman to whom he was not married.

Sex differences never cease, often leading to marital conflicts. And if a lesbian outsider’s efforts "hit" at the right time, unsettling feelings could arise in the wife (especially if her heterosexuality and revulsion at homosexuality weren’t sufficiently "baked in" during childhood).

As seen above, homosexuals have powers to convert others to their taste: the two sexes may be "made for each other" and their personalities complimentary for raising kids. But they not only have different bodies but mentalities different enough to make it challenging to:

1) become pre-heterosexual (accept that sex is wonderful but only with the opposite sex) and inoculated against homosexuality (believe homosexual sex [if they even hear of it] is nasty/ugly/obscene/disgusting/wrong) as a pre-teen and beyond;

2) socialize comfortably with the opposite sex (couples segregate into male and female clusters at almost any voluntary occasion); or

3) stay reasonably happily married.

LGBTs generally know the above – that is why they want to teach the "equality" of sexualities, trans v. non-trans, etc., in every classroom and in every media presentation possible. As well, LGBTs want to legally enforce this notion in every political jurisdiction [the passage of the Marriage Equality Act will accelerate the already rapid growth of homosexuality in the U.S.].

In non-tribal societies as the U.S. or U.K., LGBTs have no more than half the number of children required for replacement. Further, LGBTs strongly homosexualize the children they parent or care for. Thus, the eventual decline of any modern society that accepts them is assured – without kids the earth goes dark. This demographic lack is in addition to the epidemics [think Monkeypox which started and flourished in among gays in 2022, and which appears to have long-term biological consequences for at least some sufferers], disproportionate child molestations, violence, and criminality associated with LGBTs.

Homosexuals don’t always win. After all, many lesbian leaders have fallen for men and lots of straights find homosexuality nauseating no matter how much they are entreated, shamed, or paid. Further, some gays do "quit" and go straight. But, at least in my experience and the examination of national polls, today’s traffic leans homosexual. And as the media bestows normality as well as "unjust victimhood" on those who engage in homosexuality, the speed of the traffic is accelerating. As such, my advice is the same as with illegal drugs – society should strongly censor any information youth get about both illegal drugs. Kids should be told they are dangerous and to never "try them or it." When it comes to depictions, it is dangerously foolish to allow children to be told that homosexuality and heterosexuality are "equally acceptable" – whether it comes from family members, the LGBT-saturated media, classrooms, or Fox News.

When it comes to your kids, don’t expose them to homosexual friends, acquaintances, visitors, or where you can help it, any homosexual professional, or family member. With rare exceptions, those with homosexual tastes are evangelical, and, as seen above, they wield powers to convert.


[1] Rajabali A, Khan S, Warraich HJ, Warrich MR, Khanani MR, Ali SH. (2008) HIV and homosexuality in Pakistan. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2008;8:511-515.

[2] Kennedy, M. Open secrets: In Pakistan, sex between men is strictly forbidden by law and religion. But even in the most conservative regions, it's also embedded in the society. Boston Globe 2004, 7 November:16.

[3] Burke J. Pakistan police caught in killer transvestite trap: Lahore police untangle a web of sexual abuse. Guardian 1999, 7, November.

[4] International News 2009, 20 November.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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