Curtis Dahlgren
Can we really reverse Global Cooling, continental drift, moral decline, and Galloping Socialism?
By Curtis Dahlgren
June 8, 2009

"The diversity crowd doesn't really believe in diversity. In fact, what they're really aiming for is conformity of opinion." — Linda Chavez (06/05/09)

LINDA CHAVEZ ONCE EDITED THE PAPER FOR A NATIONAL TEACHERS UNION. She left the union when newer leadership revealed their true agendas (conformity being the very most important one for them).

Personally, based on current trends, I could see the day coming when students may be sent to "Special Education" classes for not accepting the PC premise that the seas are going to rise 20 inches if we don't reduce "carbon emissions." Since the public schools started handing out calculators, I don't think the teachers can do math either anymore. Do these idiots have any idea how big the ocean is?

Besides that, a floating iceberg doesn't raise the sea level one iota when it melts, because the water it displaces is exactly equal to its volume when in liquid form. The only reason an iceberg rises above sea level is because water expands when it freezes. Sorry, but just the facts ma'am — even if that makes me a "climate change hysteria denier." Send me to the woodshed, or Special Ed, but facts are still stubborn things.

Speaking of freezing, I had to fire up the old wood stove again last night. This year is looking a lot like 1972, when it froze every month in the U.P. of Michigan. At this time of year, we can go from scraping frost off windshields to sunbathing on the same day. We learn to dress in layers up here, even when going to bed. Anything less than three layers of clothing is considered lingerie. It's the second week of June, but last night I had three shirts and three blankets on (just the way we like it up here).

By the way, that Linda Chavez quotation was referring to "diversity" in government jobs (she was denied the job of Secretary of Labor because she once took in a homeless Hispanic woman). But this column is going to jump around a bit because of all the crazy headlines/happenings of the past week or so. In 2009, it's hard to focus on one subject because the news is "a many-splendoured thing." For example:

- "Diversity committee targets talk radio"

- "Gay Pride party at U.S. embassy pub in Baghdad"

- "Wisconsin high school sued over graduation in a religious building"

- "Florida high school class recites the Lord's Prayer en masse — over ACLU"

- "President says we are not a Christian nation; proselytizes for Islam"

- "President apologizes for our foreign policy, but not our pornography"

- "Pravda editorial lectures our President on the new 'Era of Responsibility'"

- "Parking tickets pile up on van containing dead driver"

IN FACT, the bankruptcy of the world's formerly largest corporation, General Motors, was eclipsed by so many other stories, including the green light for Iran's nuclear power. But back to the topic of the day:


ONE OUT OF FOUR AIN'T BAD. The one we have the most control over is our own moral standards. The government no longer cares what you think, or complain about, but God cares what we think about. My point is mainly, MORALS MATTER.

Human Events published an interesting interview with Gerald Celente on the same day the Chavez column was published. Terry Easton says that Celente said:

"[We] have fallen into a moral vacuum. Look at how people used to dress. Smartly. Not like the cheap hoods of today. Fashion now copies the lowest common denominator. Our children wear clothes without belts, and shoes without shoelaces, to copy the styles of the violent criminals — who have these items removed by the police in prison so they can't be used as weapons. That's become the fashion statement of today's youth. Like rap music from the ghetto. We've become an underdeveloped nation."

In my 2004 book, I talked about how jaded we have become, and the implications of that. I said that we can walk past photos of naked women at the checkout counter without even blinking. In 2009, it's now the girl running the cash register who is half naked. "The pearls of great price have become a pig-in-a-poke," I said. If the clerk behind the counter is underdeveloped, I really don't want to know. But we have no "choice" anymore.

The only politically correct "offense" is if she's wearing a cross around her neck. Our homely and hapless lawyers of the ACLU claim great "emotional distress" is caused by "In God we trust" on the dollar bills she hands out, but if a Christian is forced to look at her butt crack, or any other cracks, that's TOO BAD. It's a cross we'll just have to bear, I guess. But woe unto any school that allows a prayer at an athletic banquet or something!

Tom Jefferson said that "it neither breaks my back nor picks my pocket if a man says there is no God, or 20 gods," but the ACLU and comrades have made Freedom of Speech a bigger crime than mass murder. The thing these Liberals know is that there's always a backlash to "hope" and "change" (so-called), which is why they and Congress and the Courts are desperately trying to ram through as much "change" as is quickly possible before the Honeymoon is over (you wouldn't know it if you read the mainstream media, but the President's approval/disapproval ratings are nearly evenly divided already).

The Left learned from their Russian experiences that if you can't baffle the people with BS, you can always manipulate the media into intimidating people. The American Left is going to leave no stone unthrown until they have complete control (even Hugo Chavez is a little jealous of their "progress").


THIS IS NOT RUSSIA. THIS IS NOT CUBA. THIS IS NOT VENEZUELA. The American people are descended from a special breed of pioneers. Our forefathers came here because they CHOSE to come here. God sifted them out from all the rest. The English speaking peoples capitalize the word "I" because we believed in the "I AM" God and His relationship with the individual.

America is not a mosaic, a collective, or a village. The pioneer life forced individual initiative upon our forebears. Their character and creativity invented the steam engine, the camera, the telephone, the light bulb, the airplane, and so on (not to mention baseball, football, and basketball). That tradition continued right through the invention of the transistor, the computer chip, and the Internet (which helped keep our economy and trade balance on track).

But now we have so-called "hope and change." Where are the Alexander Graham Bells or Thomas Edisons who will be willing to risk everything they owned for a new idea when they will only be demonized by the media and the government for making a "six-figure income"? Bill Gates made a lot of money, but he only got a few paltry dollars from each of us. He didn't point a gun at our head, or threaten to shut us down if we didn't buy his products (like the Feds are now shutting down Chrysler dealerships run by Republicans).

The point is that Americans are "different." We didn't buy the "metric code" — or "Free Health Care" in the 20th century. Don't tread on us, in other words!

We don't want to become the Wiemar Republic of the 21st century by wild spending and "funny money." And we don't want a bureaucrat deciding our fate when we get old or infirm like the Nazi "doctors" did.

As far as I can recall, there has only been one Cabinet meeting since inauguration day. All decisions are being made behind closed doors by a very small group of people (a group on a mission to "close the deal" on Socialism before the populace wakes up, before the pendulum swings back, before it's too late for them). They know that they must HURRY!

P.S. We can't do anything about Global cooling, continental drift, volcanoes, magnetic polarity, or the levels of the seas, but we can still pray to the God of our forefathers before it's too late for US — before they say to us:

"Hold thy tongue, for you may not make mention of the name of your God."

PPS: That's what passed for "hope and change" some 780 years before Christ (the book of Amos). Seriously folks:

"Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord."

[Kudos to the kids in that Florida high school for bucking the trend.]

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in southern Wisconsin, and is the author of "Massey-Harris 101." His career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton... (more)


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