Bryan Fischer
Flagrant anti-Christian bigotry at the Iowa College of Law
By Bryan Fischer
August 7, 2009

So much for the university as a marketplace of ideas and academic freedom.

Theresa Wagner appears to have been denied a position at the Iowa (University) College of Law because her social and political views were deemed unacceptable to a minority of the decision-making faculty.

Wagner served both National Right to Life and the Family Research Council before returning to Iowa with her family in 2006 and applying for a position as an Instructor of Legal Writing.

Sadly for Ms. Wagner, over 90% of the faculty at the Iowa College of Law are registered Democrats, and only one voting member — hired 20 years ago, apparently by accident — is a registered Republican.

Her main adversary in the hiring process was a professor who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun at the time Justice Blackmun wrote the now infamous Roe v. Wade decision, a professor who has since written in favor of abortion and has written laudatory tributes in Blackmun's honor.

As a consequence of being black-balled — despite impeccable credentials, including graduating "with distinction" from the Iowa College of Law and experience teaching writing at George Mason School of Law — she was passed over in favor of a candidate who not only had no prior law school teaching experience, but had never even practiced law, had no published works, and openly admitted he was not qualified for the job. His primary qualification for the post seems to be that he dislikes conservatives and "hates" Republicans and "right-wingers."

Unsurprisingly, he lasted just two semesters, while Ms. Wagner was told not even to think about applying again for an open position. Her faith and conservative social convictions were enough for this law school to permanently trash her First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech and association. No wonder a radically compromised Iowa Supreme Court — with nary a Republican on the bench — imposed gay marriage on the Hawkeye State through judicial fiat.

Ms. Wagner clearly has been unfairly and with evident animus deprived of a job solely because of bias, caprice and flagrant anti-Christian bigotry. You'd think the faculty of a school supposedly dedicated to equal justice under the law would know better, but political correctness trumps everything today, including merit, impartiality and the rule of law.

Wagner v. Jones Complaint

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